Monday, April 19, 2010

Event report: Proof of concept established.

Exhausted. More later.



Dan Galena said...

Thank you Mike for your support of this event and your spot-on comments during the rally.

MPA dragon said...

Just glad everyone there made it home and in one piece! Funny how little national coverage there was all day. Had Fox News on most of the morning and saw nothing mentioned except a piece about BC and his statement Friday.

Again, glad that you are "only" exhausted.

TJP said...

Boy, the HuffPo loves you.

rah45 said...

Hahaha! I love it! Farside!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it all went well.

pdxr13 said...

``This rally is not about guns. It is so much bigger than that,'' Eric Stinnett, a 39-year-old engineer from Alabama, speaking to a few dozen pro-gun, anti-government protesters who showed up to belittle Democrats, moderate Republicans, ``socialism,'' Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, health care overhaul, school lunches, and -- well, pretty much any elected official or program that didn't leave Americans alone to do as they wish.
With their guns, of course.

This is as moderate as dead-tree reporting gets.

I'm glad that everyone had a good time, and that the counter-snipers were bored.


Anonymous said...

So thats where boneless chicken comes from! Cracked up when I saw that cup! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Good Job fellas! Glad to hear that the lack of MSM coverage is all we need to be worried about. Hope Ms MadCow (you sure about that Ms. part?) left a brick in the john.

Scott J said...

"Eric Stinnett, a 39-year-old engineer from Alabama"

Met you in passing at the Jan. gun show. Congrats on making it, man.

Anonymous said...

Alinsky rules :
"only 75 protesters"
"they did this on OKC anniversary"
"don't they have jobs?"

According to comment's off the Drudge
yahoo link.
Well done!


bander1643 said...

The Los Angeles Times also has just posted a new report on the rallies in Washington.

To which I commented:

The LA Times mouths a world view for people, a percentage of the American populace who can not seem to live in harmony with the misrepresented worldview of the people featured in this article. We just want you to leave us the heck ALONE!

I'd rather have the old Democrats back. They may have disagreed vehemently with your point of view, but they had enough respect for free thought not to sink to sophmoric ad hominem arguments.
You hated it when they denigrated the Vietnamese insurgents as slants and gooks, the Jews as less then people, the Palestinians/Iraqis/Afghanis as rag heads, and justly so, but now that you are the ideological imperialists, you revel in it. Pave the way for genocide LA Times. God help you.

Have the courage to read at the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership --Never again!

Up the Republic!

Posted by: Tom III | April 19, 2010 at 06:22 PM

I was notified my comments would be moderated, to which I commented again:

I will notify your ideological counterparts that I submitted the above post for moderation. Act wisely, and demonstrate that you are still the Fifth Estate.

"You grasshoppers have a nice summer," a la Bugs Life

We are everywhere
Posted by: Tom III | April 19, 2010 at 06:26 PM

Put SipseyStreet as the URL. We shall see.

Thanks again to all of you who made the sacrifice to go to DC. You suck, I hate you! (bummed it didn't work out for me to go!)

Lets do it again 4 July, and rub shoulders with the Ron Paul folks. Then all the guys who are crying in their beer about missing this one can come FLOODING in.

Mike, can you top MLK's " I Have a Dream"? We'll top his audience if your in the bullpen.

God save these united States.

Republic of Texas
City of Fort Worth

Ooo Rah!

(Ok, I was a little jazzed by the Austin rally. Absolved & SSI have helped recalibrate the CPU. Praise the Lord!)

Anonymous said...

It was great to be at the rally, to hear the speakers, and to meet everyone who came from near and far to be there.

Anonymous said...

Seems like there were maybe a hundred people present with many of them reporter types. Mr. Rhodes and the fabled Oath Keepers really shi...te on the event, with their horror of Mike's, Mr. III-Per his own self, in the government's face attitude and support of 'violent' confrontations... I went by their web site for the first time in months, and noticed that while no names were mentioned Mr. Rhodes said they have to beware of 'agent provocateurs' - obviously referring to Mike and others.

I am quickly coming to the opinion that while I will not argue about the presence of provocateurs, Mr. Rhodes seems to fit the role of a mole whose goal is to undermine the patriotic movement in this country by effectively promoting a 'do-nothing' goody two shoes attitude while the crooks openly loot the country and burn it down on our heads. To talk about Oaths and Duty and then stand by passively without taking the action required by your Oaths and Duty is ludicrous. By saying his organization has to be circumvent so as not to irritate government agencies and officials he is telling folks that national sovereignty rests not with the People but with whoever holds office.. he is an idiot - which is about the nicest word I can think of for this moron.

One percent of the population is somewhere around 3 million people; just one per cent could turn this whole mess around in a matter of weeks. But Mr. Rhodes and his goody two shoes compatriots won't have any of it, even though it is a Constitutional Right and Duty. Like you militia types who simply think about hiding out in the boonies, they are perfectly content to see the destruction of this country instead of getting out there in the streets and taking it back. Lord love a duck, folks, the people of Thailand, which has no history of individual freedom or republican government can put thousands in the streets and hold the military at bay for weeks and months even when assaulted in mass and demonstrators are killed. But the greatest country in the history of the world, can't do more than put a pitiful handful into a park for a few hours. Pitiful is a good descriptive word for how I feel about this pathetic state of affairs and my fellow countrymen.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add that if this country if ever to be saved from the mess it is in, it will be through the actions of those who share the patriotism, dedication, and willingness to sacrifice exemplified by those who organized the rally, the speakers, and the men and women who attended. God bless you one and all.

For the Republic!


The Hunter said...

Good work.

I see comments about both the lack and/or quality of coverage and the "low" turnout. Don't let either bother you. Getting a hundred or so patriots to show up at an event like this in times such as these is more of an achievement than many can boast of. Especially on a work day.

You were noticed. Probably moreso than would make most of us comfortable if we knew the full nature of the statist's regard. ;) Leviathan does not take kindly to those who refuse to worship at his feet.

Yes, unabashed warnings from armed patriots make even many in the loosely aligned "freedom movement" uncomfortable. And send the MSM into hysterics. But it is essential to remind the "Men Who Would Be Kings" that we're out here. Simple Pavlovian training; we want to make sure that any time a tyrannical impulse crosses what passes for a mind, they have uncomfortable visions of armed, determined patriots dancing in their heads.

TD said...

Wow, I'm not even sure where to start with this screeching imbecile:

"This isn't mainstream dissent. It is not some courageous stand on principals. We don't even have a responsibility to respect these ideas. These are nothing but violent delusional fantasies."

I really wish I had the time to rip this whole "article" apart.

Anonymous said...

Lets also be reminded of the 2 faces for the reason OK'ers pulled out:

From Rex McTyeire...

"It had gotten to the point that it would be dangerous to attend," said board member Rex McTyeire, citing an escalation of threatening rhetoric online from some participants. "There are people out there willing to do anything to create chaos in an uncontrolled situation, and [the event] is wide open for disaster."


From Stewart Rhodes...

"We received very reliable info from a federal law enforcement officer that the political powers that be in Washington DC are not at all happy with our mission of outreaching to the current serving military and police about their oath (wow, what a surprise), so the marching orders have come down for at least one federal agency to “make Oath Keepers look like a militia – like the Hutaree.”

Well, for whatever reason, TPTB won a major propaganda coup.

I find it amusing that OK'ers are aghast to be seen with a bunch of guys keeping and bearing arms ... peacefully.

I know the Founders would have been aghast!

Anonymous said...

bacsi: You're confusing the hell out of me. Make up my mind.


Dedicated_Dad said...


I'd estimate attendance at ~200 Patriots - not counting the propaganda-ministers and others.

As to the rest, I am disappointed in Rhodes'/OKs' actions - personally I view them as driven by their own sense of shame. When they pulled out they were ashamed of themselves (as they SHOULD be) and acted like most people do when confronted with their own misdeeds: they sought someone else to blame.

It's far easier to say "they're over the top!" than it is to admit "I chickened out" - it's among the most basic defense-mechanisms of our species.

That said, I believe OKs serve a valuable purpose by presenting a face that the could-be-jackboots AND the sheeple can accept.

Let's face it: None of us were BORN III-pers, we grew into it over time as a result of observation of the stark reality of what is happening. Further, we began with a general sense of "this ain't RIGHT!" and - over time - learned so much more that we now understand the ultimate reality.

If - at the beginning - we'd been forced to choose between nothing and Mike's "in your face" approach, you might have been driven away.

OKs gives such people a much less malign (from their POV) face for our movement, and many folk will - after becoming comfortable with OKs, grow into agreement with us as well.

For these reasons and more, I believe they're a good thing - even when they disappoint.



straightarrow said...

I applaud all who went. I didn't agree that this would be a significant event in terms of outcome. The facts bear me out.

But the other facts speak ill of me and others who did not go. Whatever our reasons. Many of us simply couldn't afford to go. Some like me have surrendered hope that political action can cure the problem. Others didn't go because chickenshit filled the spaces in their souls where they said were their oaths.

Whatever our reasons, though, our betters went and we should respect them for that.

Anonymous said...

It was a great thing yall did, Now its just time to try and get more people educated and involed in things like this.

aughtsix said...

bacsi, I couldn't agree more, with both your comments.

Let's roll. The Republic and the Constitution will not be restored without bloodshed.

When I take into account the degree to which every aspect of our society has been suborned and subverted by the Enemy, and how many generations of the young have been, there is no other word for it, brainwashed... I can only counsel an unshakable resolve to do the unthinkable. The burden will be all the more terrible to the exact degree that we have allowed this to happen, to have let things come to such a pass.

No one will be unscathed and we will be called upon sacrifice everything to give hope to generations yet unborn for a life of Liberty, in a land of plenty.


rexxhead said...

I think Hunter nailed it: this was a good turnout for a workday in tough times where some might have had to travel thousands of miles.

For me, I just had 4 surgical screws taken out of my foot, so I'm hobblin', but I was thinking about it...


Anonymous said...

Well, an armed rally was held on a work day without the predicted incident (notice the left-provocateurs didnt show up - they have always been all talk) and got 75-200 attendees.

The media response was really a non-response - meaning there was no newsworthy issue there.

Congrats - we just normalized open carry. Expand!