Friday, April 23, 2010

Well, well. Somebody else has noticed the LaRouchies. And guess who's sitting at Alex Jones' table?

Mascot of the Lyndon LaRouche organization and, apparently, Alex Jones.

My thanks to Threeper Brutus for forwarding this piece at by Tom DeWeese, entitled "Freedom Movement Faces Dire Threats From Within." It is in two parts and may be found here, and here.

A snippet:

This is a warning to the Freedom Movement: the growing anger and suspicion is being planted in order to destroy the most important grassroots effort in American history. Forces led by Lyndon LaRouche and, in my opinion, Alex Jones, are working deep inside our movement to see it implode into fights, caused by distrust and hatred.

Another snippet:

. . . This is right out of the LaRouche playbook of double-speak. The purpose is to get followers and gain access to a movement and discredit it in the process.

Alex Jones has even used his bully pulpit radio show to shout down anyone who seems to disagree with him. In February, 2010, he stormed into a Tea party rally in Dallas with bull horn in hand, shouting down the speaker who was in the middle of his presentation. He stopped the rally, pushed and shoved organizers who tried to quiet him. He then told his radio audience that he was shouting down agent provocateur- radicals who were trying to infest the freedom movement. Incredibly, he was describing his own tactics and blaming it on others.

Of course, his charges were simply not true. I personally know and work with the organizers of that rally; Catherine Bleish, Executive Director of the Liberty Restoration Project and John Bush, Executive Director of Texans for Accountable Government. I served with both of these passionate patriots in the Continental Congress 2009, held last November. Since then, they have spent almost every waking hour traveling to government-run fusion centers to investigate and expose possible violations and threats to personal privacy rights and government surveillance. They are outstanding and dedicated freedom activists – but Alex Jones chose to attack them. Why? Perhaps they are too effective in the cause of liberty. . .

The result of Jones’ attacks and LaRouche’s manipulations has been a growing paranoia among the freedom movement about who can be trusted. Jones presents himself as the perfect patriot, accusing other movement spokesmen of being traitors, “neo-cons,” and infiltrators if they don’t toe his line. That “line” entails acceptance of conspiracies, hate and suspicion and leads to discrediting the movement and ultimately to its own destruction.

And DeWeese doesn't even mention the recent brouhaha of the LaRouchies' stampeding of the Oath Keepers' board to withdraw from the 19 April Restore the Constitution march, the role of the Committees of Safety Walter Reddy, the denouncing of me as a British agent, etc.

As I said before, this is how the LaRouchies work. They are consummate intelligence gatherers, cunning tacticians and exhibit long-term strategic thinking in the placement of moles and agents provocateur -- all in support of a twisted worldview that makes sense only to them, and changes with the divinations of their Dear Leader's most recent bowel movements.

Pursuant to Reddy's denunciation of me and attempt to use me to kill the RTC rallies, on Wednesday ole bald-faced liar Walter received this message from Larry Pratt, who kept his nerve, refused to be stampeded and spoke eloquently at Gravelly Park:


I must request that my name be withdrawn from the Committees of Safety Board of Advisers. I did not agree with your characterization of Mike Vanderboegh with whom I have worked for nearly 20 years. I hope that the time will come when you will make whole what was done to Mike.

Larry Pratt

As of this morning Walter Reddy has yet to remove Larry's name from his website. I am still awaiting word on whether Devvy Kidd or Edwin Viera intend to do the same.

Stinking LaRouchies. They are like the love children of the cult-of-personality Moonies and the Czarist secret police. As they say in Massachusetts, "bahkin' moonbahts," the lot of them. But they are barking moonbats with a wicked intelligence and sharp teeth. So tell me, why do we tolerate them and their provocations?

Alex? Walter? Devvy? Edwin?

That question is for you.

Mike Vanderboegh


Anonymous said...

Vierra? Jones? La Rouchies? Not hardly. I think this post of yours is part of the problem. Patriots keep one-uping the other with little child like tirades that only accomplishes more division.

In defense of Jones and the Tea Party take over. Jones speaks a lot of truth as for the Tea Parties being taken over by the "neo-cons".

The neo- conservatives, or, if you will, the "NON-conservative, Big Government worshiping, military industrial complex loving, GOP first, constitution ignoring fools" -- Like Sarah Palin, SHe endorsed John McCain, a known socialist. Who else did she endorse? Oh yeah, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas! A PRO-bailout, Ex-Al Gore campaign chairman, closet socialist, globalist, and Trans-Texas corridor promoter.... over a favored and REAL Constitutionalist TEA PARTY CANDIDATE. And how about Newt "the global socialist and wannabe elite" Gingrich, he spoke at the Austin, TX Tea Party on 4/15.

Lets not forget Glenn Beck. He is for the NON-transparent and hidden V.A.T. tax (Value Added Tax). Yes, this is the ultimate form of taxation if you WANT BIG unaccountable government(like all of socialist Europe). Beck is a con-man, he is controlled opposition.

Jones is right about The Tea parties being taken over by conditioned (as in Pavlovian), GOP worshiping goons.


Anonymous said...

LaRouche afficianados are invincibly ignorant. Jones is a shameless self promoter and several pieces short of a full place setting. Case closed.

Anonymous said...

Infighting like this seems to be what the elites would want. It takes our mind out of focus.

MikeH. said...


Now I don't want to create any unsubstantiated conspiracy type theories here but, there is talk in certain circles alleging FEMA is mixing LSD into Jones' daily Thorazine regimen.

Of course, I am convinced that it's something more of a communicable nature passed between Jones and his very close buddy, Jesse Ventura.


Dutchman6 said...

Brave Anonymous says:

"Vierra? Jones? La Rouchies? Not hardly. I think this post of yours is part of the problem. Patriots keep one-uping the other with little child like tirades that only accomplishes more division."

The LaRouchies are MASTERS of division and collectivists to boot. Alex Jones has embraced one of them and softly repeated their slanders.

Need I remind readers of Jones' comment that if I was not arrested for calling for the "Window War" that it would be proof positive that I was a "government agent"?

Just who and what are you defending, Anon? Should we stand by in the face of bald-faced lies, in the face of obvious provocations designed to divide us, to discredit us, and SAY NOTHING? And do NOTHING?

Who, sir, do you serve?

The LaRouchies and Alex Jones, as evidenced by the plain lies and disinformation that they spin, are servants of the Father of Lies, old Scratch himself.

And again I ask -- Who, sir, do YOU serve?


BrianF said...

I always thought that the Larouchies had that "Moonie" or "Krishna" look to them.
Bye the way Mike, to correct your Boston accent, there would be no "g" in bahking. It's properly pronounced bahkin'.

Pericles said...

The irrational element will always get the notice of the media.

They ignore the rational element and the message at their peril. I generally keep a low profile, so that when it comes out how involved I am in this, it forces the others to conclude that I am either a kook, or there is something here worthwhile, or otherwise I wouldn't be involved.

J. Croft said...

Alex Jones wouldn't have reached the celebrity status he has now if what he puts out didn't have (some, most?)truth in it. The probelm comes when he leverages that patriot cred to do the things he does:

*Attack William Cooper, his one time competition, dead from a raid.

*More than a few dirty dealings with other Patriots, like the band Pokerface. According to radio host and former friend of AJ Jack Blood Alex would have people sign his autographs for him, would employ sycophants to monitor his own site and other patriot websites, dealing ruthlessly with any dissent. I was banned TWICE-first time over a photo of a SWAT trooper holding a MP5 over a 5 year old boy as he took a whiz. The 2nd I'm still trying to figur out why but I suspect I vented about AJ doing what he did with Deborah Medina and the Austin Gun Rally.

*Yeah; giving Kanye West lessons in usurptation when he bumrushed the Austin Gun Show Rally.

*Yeah; attacking Deborah Medina right before the Texas Primary because she decided to deny 9/11 was a government job... like Ron Paul did-but AJ never attacks HIM.

Alex Jones uses a mix of fear, anger, his own bulldog persona, and yes a lot of truth to form a cult. I was a member but having seen AJ attack our own-no. Certainly going after myself didn't help him... funny thing is, he would quote me-if you ever hear him use the term "tin badge gods" or "ringer"... that was from me. Not bragging just stating.

AJ is useful at times and he's a voice but he has no regard for the movement beyond what it can do for him and his servicing his 700,000 dollar mortgage.

And how did he get the retainer of the same law firm that services the billionaire Bronfman family of Canada?

Lots of smoke-wanna bet there's fire?

Dan said...

Dutchman, I hope you know where I stand, but being from MA, I gotta' ask ya'; do we really sound that fuckin' bad?