Sunday, April 11, 2010

To be denounced by Loon-don LaRouche is, well, an honor.

"It is better to be despised by the despicable than admired by the admirable."

"Democratic Party leader and statesman Lyndon LaRouche"

Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche, Jr., born September 8, 1922) is an American self-styled economist, political activist, and the founder of several political organizations known collectively as the LaRouche movement. He has been a perennial candidate for President of the United States, having run in eight elections since 1976, once as a U.S. Labor Party candidate and seven times as a candidate for the Democratic Party nomination. He is the founder and contributing editor of the Executive Intelligence Review, and has written prolifically on economic, scientific, and political topics, as well as on history, philosophy, and psychoanalysis.

He was sentenced to 15 years' imprisonment in 1988 for conspiracy to commit mail fraud and tax code violations, but continued his political activities from behind bars until his release in 1994 on parole. His defenders believe the prosecution was a politically motivated conspiracy involving government officials and a mass-media brainwashing campaign. His appellate attorney, Ramsey Clark, a former U.S. Attorney General, argued that the case represented an unprecedented abuse of power by the U.S. government in an effort to destroy the LaRouche movement.

LaRouche provokes sharply contrasting views. His supporters see him as a political leader in the tradition of Roosevelt and Martin Luther King, Jr., and a brilliant thinker who has been unfairly persecuted, while critics regard him as a cult leader, a conspiracy theorist, a fascist, and an anti-Semite. -- Wikipedia.


Count me as one of the latter. I first ran into LaRouchies in the early 70s. They were known as the "Moonies of the Left -- fanatical, glassy eyed and devoted to the cult of personality of the one and only "Lyndon." If you want more info on the wandering ideological story of LaRouche and his merry felonious band, go to the Wikipedia entry and read it in full. I was in the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party at the time LaRouche claims to have been attacked by them. In truth, you couldn't find a more namby-pamby bunch of leftists at the time than the Trots. Whatever they were, they weren't street fighters. That's why I left them to join the Progressive Labor Party. In retrospect, they most resembled the eternal struggle between the Judean People's Front and the People's Front of Judea in Monty Python's The Life of Brian. All of us did, in one way or another, but the LaRouchies? They were in a class all by themselves.

For if there was anybody who was willing to argue, or fight, at the drop of a hat about how many proletarian angels could dance on the head of a dialectical pin, it was the LaRouchies. They were the Judean People's Front Crack Suicide Squad.

Over the years the LaRouchies principles have wandered all over the collectivist map depending upon where Lyndon, in his egomaniacal travels, drops his latest philosophical turd. But one thing is for sure: Lyndon is deep into conspiracies of all kinds. Here is his latest, in which I have a starring role.

I will have comments ad seriatim throughout this latest piece of Loon-don's bizarre performance art of crazed simian excrement flinging.

This article appears in the April 9, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Stop the British Assassination Plot Against President Obama!

by Anton Chaitkin and Nancy Spannaus

April 2—"Within the wave of justified outrage against President Barack Obama's British-sponsored Nazi health bill, the British themselves are using their assets to target the President for assassination," charged Democratic Party leader and statesman Lyndon LaRouche March 25. "This British criminal operation must be identified, and stopped.

"The tell-tale sign that a violent operation is being planned against the President appears in a current diatribe by 'former Alabama militia member' Mike Vanderboegh, who is being pointed to as the individual who called for bricks to be thrown through the windows of Congressional offices," LaRouche said. While nominally eschewing assassination, Vanderboegh identifies himself as a hater of Abraham Lincoln, whom he accuses of having caused the death of hundreds of thousands of Americans by waging the Civil War, and of doing untold damage to the U.S. Constitution. "It is clear that Vanderboegh is indeed calling for Obama's assassination," LaRouche continued, and "his appeal to the British-created Confederacy is a clear marker that we are dealing with a British operation."

"He don't know me very well, do he?"

Uh, huh. If LaRouche's sycophants had done their homework, they would have discovered in my writings the following facts:

a. My great-great grandfather, Jannes Cornelius Vanderboegh, enlisted in the 21st Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment and later joined Battery G, 1st Missouri Light Artillery. He fought as artilleryman at Perryville (without distinction) and at Stone's River, where he was wounded and captured at The Slaughter Pen as he was helping drag off the 10-pounder Parrot gun over the rocks after all the horses had been killed. I am rumored to have had Confederate ancestors from Kentucky on my Mother's side of the family, but none that I have ever proven to my satisfaction.

b. As anyone who has read the chapters of Absolved posted on the Net knows, I am partial to the history of Southern Unionists such as Aunt Jenny Brooks.

c. If they had read anything of my stuff on history at all, they would know that I believe that while the Confederacy had the right to secede, it was to a great extent driven by the planters and mostly in their bad cause (slavery) and that they in any case gave up what little moral high ground they had left when they fired on Fort Sumter.

d. As he concedes, I have repeatedly spoken against the idea of assassinating Barack Obama, but somehow, in LaRouche's fevered mind, this is just a ploy. That's Ole Loon-don for ya. His take on collectivism has changed, but his illogic and sloppy methods are still the same.

e. My Internet battles with racist "neo-Confederates" such as the FBI snitch Kirk Lyons and his racial collectivist comrades in the new post-coup leadership of the Sons of Confederate Veterans as well as the League of the South are easily verifiable.

f. Finally, I do not "hate" Abraham Lincoln. However, the South was sacrificed upon the twin altars of his ego and the planter class' stupidity and hundreds of thousands of his fellow countrymen were killed. Had he not been assassinated, the country might well have a far more objective -- and far less forgiving -- opinion of his Presidency.

A LaRouchie engages in his beloved guru's favorite past time -- a giant flying leap of logic.

The current focal point of the mobilization of militia and other groups from the terrorist milieu against Obama, and the republic, is an "armed march" on the Potomac called by Vanderboegh, scheduled for April 19, the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. That march, which has now been endorsed by veteran right-wing provocateur Larry Pratt, is clearly aimed as a provocation, in an attempt to build an atmosphere conducive to the assassination of the President. It occurs within the context of a national Tea Party mobilization, which is bringing people to Washington, D.C. on April 15.

"Veteran right-wing provocateur Larry Pratt"????? Larry is the mildest of mannered men. This is typical LaRouche though. Just because he says it, it must be true. "All Hail, Caesar!" And then: "an attempt to build an atmosphere conducive to the assassination of the President." This not only an Olympian flying leap of logic, but one with a double back flip ending in a belly smack.

Not surprisingly, this so-called "right-wing" action has been mirrored by announcement from "anarchist" networks threatening to disrupt the Tea Party events. Such a gang/countergang phenomenon is a well-known British intelligence modus operandi.

Boy, does this guy have Britain on the brain, or what? But describing the Tea Parties as "gangs"? In any case, I am dubious about so-called "anarchists" disrupting Tea Party events or even the 19 April rallies. Anyone can claim to be an anarchist, but what would the logic be? The anarchists are truly "anti-government" but it is not as if the Tea Parties are seeking more government, but rather less government, smaller government, safer government. Why should true anarchists take issue with that?

I rather think that any provocation will either come from hard-core communists, neoNazis or collectivist loons like the LaRouchies.

Such actions should be taken very seriously, commented LaRouche in a March 29 press release. "We're in an environment like that before JFK's assassination," he stated, and "as in the run-up to the JFK assassination, many of these so-called militia and terrorist groups will be bogus. Most of them will be nothing—but they will create a cover for a real operation to go ahead."

LaRouche added that,

now that he's rammed through the Hitler health bill, Obama is expendable to his sponsors in Britain. They may move against him at any time, in order to accomplish their larger purpose—the destruction of the United States.

This boy has British bees living in his head. Who are these supposed British enemies? A name or two might help. And what factual evidence is there of such a plot?

The British Pawprint

The British authorship of the planned April 19 provocation—which should by no means be considered the only event to watch—is not simply a matter of conjecture. EIR's research has uncovered that the planned armed instigation is practically a re-run of operations run by British Intelligence against the U.S. in the 1990s.

The key British operative for building up the militia groups, which were mobilized particularly against President Bill Clinton, then, was Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, still a reporter for the London Daily Telegraph. While resident in the U.S. in the mid-1990s, Sunday Telegraph Washington bureau chief Evans-Pritchard set up a web of paramilitary groups tied to British intelligence, and into corrupted U.S. military elements. Among his operatives were Jon Roland and Mike Vanderboegh.

A dose of reality from the 90s. Jon Roland can speak for himself but my first contact with Evans-Pritchard, if I recall correctly, was through J.D. Cash, Oklahoma lawyer and journalist who worked on the OKC bombing story. J.D. pointed AEP towards our poster campaign to embarrass the FBI into arresting Michael Brescia, bankrobber, terrorist and member of the Aryan Republican Army. AEPO did what he was paid to do, journalism. Anyone who alleges that he "set up a web of paramilitary groups tied to British intelligence" is so far divorced from reality, so far around the bend, that he can't see the bend from where he's at. I never met Evans-Pritchard personally. All of my contact with him was on the phone.

Roland created his so-called "Constitutional Militia" in 1994, the period when the British were launching their "vast right-wing conspiracy" against the Clintons. Roland himself told this news agency, that Evans-Pritchard had put him "in touch with intelligence agents from around the world," and that they had together set up various agents in charge of militia groups in the Midwest and Texas. One of these agents, self-proclaimed former Naval Intelligence man Brad Glover, was arrested in July 1997, on charges of plotting to bomb a military base.

I met Glover in Texas at the Tri-States Militia national meeting where I gave my speech denouncing Willie Ray Lampley and other anti-Semitic and neoNazi turds who were at that time threatening to infiltrate the constitutional militia movement. Glover was a border-line loon when I met him, and he did not age well. He was always proclaiming some "Red Dawn" threat to the nation. In the end he got himself arrested before he could carry out a three-man raid on Fort Hood, one of whom was a federal provocateur.

The Roland group came into some prominence in 1995, when, a few days before the Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah Federal building, Roland forwarded to militia participants a report put out by Lord William Rees-Mogg of the London Times, in which he claimed that the Clinton Administration would soon begin oppressing militia people, and would carry out a big terror bombing and blame it on the militias. He induced deluded militia men to turn out to a March 25, 1995 rally in Cuero, Texas, to see if they would be arrested or shot.

Vanderboegh, who was part of Roland's "Constitutional militia," got into the spotlight somewhat later, as an "interpreter" of terrorist actions (i.e., a cover-up-artist for the British intelligence role). In his 1997 book, The Secret Life of Bill Clinton, Evans-Pritchard describes how he had set up Vanderboegh to publish material about the "broader conspiracy" behind the Oklahoma City bombing, through his Internet journal, the John Doe Times. Vanderboegh acknowledges his debt to Evans-Pritchard, whom he refers to as his "old compadre."

Again, Jon Roland can speak for himself, but if he's a British agent then I'm a burkha wearing female Islamo-fascist Jihadi. As far as Loon-don's characterization of what AEP said in TSLOBC, all you have to do is get a copy and read it to see what an outrageous lie is being told here. I began "The John Doe Times" on-line far before AEP ever covered our portion of the OKC story, or indeed, before I ever talked to him. This is sheer lying ass-hattery. Indeed, to call it ass-hattery is an insult to honest ass-hats everywhere.

"Hey! Watch it!"

The British Kill American Presidents

As EIR has documented extensively over decades, and elaborated in LaRouche movement publications during late 1994 and early 1995, the British oligarchy has a long history of assassinating U.S. Presidents. Up until now, those assassinations—Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy—have been carried out to destroy those presidencies' commitment to spreading the U.S. idea of progress. The American Presidents who have been assassinated were advancing U.S. interests in fierce conflict with British geopolitical aims, and their removal led, in all cases, to a reversal of policy, through the accession of their vice presidents.

Once the policy issues are understood, the identification of the British sponsors of these assassinations leaps out at the investigator. In each instance, one can discern the hand of British intelligence operations involved in deploying the assassin, along with corrupt elements within U.S. institutions which abetted the murders. EIR's well-documented research on this subject can be found in its website archive, at

But President Obama is a British puppet, you might object. Indeed, that is true. But, as the opposition to the Obama Presidency increases, in the wake of the health-care vote, and his other crimes, the British may well find that he is more useful to them dead than alive. The current activation of their known assets points in that direction.

In his March 29 statement, LaRouche emphasized that Obama has actually set himself up, and that his well-known narcissitic ego is his greatest vulnerability. "The sophisticated controllers of an assassination operation will count on Obama's ego to make him vulnerable," LaRouche said. "If they weren't sophisticated enough to realize and employ that, they wouldn't be running a serious assassination threat."

"The President should be kept safe, and removed quietly from office, by peaceful Constitutional means, as I have elaborated in my recent March 13 webcast. That is the only safe pathway to safety for the country, and the President," LaRouche concluded.

Whoo boy, howdy. I genuflect before such searing logic.

Or not.

Mike Vanderboegh


Ahab said...

That's the most twisted tale I've ever read. Lyndon LaRouche is truly a fruitcake with too much rum in it. He did touch on something I've read elsewhere; however, and that is the probability of "plants" in planned Tea Party rallys.

In, a contributing blogger, Moe Lane, warned against false Tea Partiers, as he put it, suggesting as many people as possible get video cameras to take with. This to document anything, everything, that could/would disrupt a rally. He suggested, "Plants have already happened, just not organized ones. Regardless, perhaps organizers (or attendees) need to have a few signs that say “Liberal Plant, not a REAL TeaPartier” and be on the lookout for these double-secret spies. When one is found, then pull out your signs and stand next to the plant. No violence or physical actions, just isolate and embarrass."

I thought that was excellent advice and something that should be considered for the rally in Virginia on the 19th. Bring video cameras! Be on the lookout for anyone that might foment disruption, and get the cameras rolling. In fact, everybody with cameras should start rolling at the outset and document the whole day from every aspect and every angle.

Diogenes said...

Wow. I felt like I was reading a Terry Pratchett novel there for a few passages. WOW!

I wouldn't jump through hoops to defend yourself from this Fecal covered monkey. The illogic jumps out and weakly attempts to subdue you while reading.

I have stated that I would defend Obama with my life, not because I believe in his Ideology but because I feel that Some fool assassinating him would lead to a Culture war the likes we have never seen. Indian wars would have nothing on that divide that his death would create. There are still too many that have him fixated as the Messiah to make his death peaceful.

No thanks. If we go down to fighting in the streets, I want it to be because of Freedom, not race.

Herb Gristle said...

The mind reels. I suspect that LaDouche may have suffered some type of irreversible brain damage due to experiments arranged by the Brits using their secret op, Tim Leary, as part of a Mengelian effort to see if giving hallucinogenic drugs to insane individuals would make any difference.

BTW - I love the monkey sign, but must say I've seen them throw from standing and crouching positions but never from prone. Must be scout sniper monkeys.

Charlie said...

So, by LaRouche's analysis, Mike is James Bond and AEP is M?

Anonymous said...

You were in the Peoples Socialist Party? who would have known

Anonymous said...

The scariest thing about LaRouche is that compared to the Obama - Reid - Pelosi gang of communists nuts, LaRouche seems sane in comparison and has a few interesting insights on the current mess. Just shows how far the democrats have shifted towards insanity...

Happy D said...

I have one question.
Was it Syphilis or drugs that ate the LaRouchies brains away?

Son of Sam Adams said...

Well, we won't have Lyndon to kick around for much later. I understand that he's the target of an immanent assassination plot by God.

irishdutchuncle said...

i reiterate, aren't there any rational anglophobes out there? anywhere?

larouche discredits himself, but that doesn't mean that his anglophobia is unjustified. for now, i'll take mike at his word that he's not an MI-6 asset. (all rhodes scholars however, are double nought british spies until they can prove otherwise)

Redleg said...

I think La DOUCHE would be a more appropriate name for him!

Anonymous said...

Are we SURE he's not the twin undiscovered brother of L Ron Hubbard?

B Woodman

LynMarcus said...

Larouche is a convicted criminal who runs a cult of ciollege drop out losers and unemployable seniors. His cult stole nearly 34 million dollars in the 1980s from elderly supporters they found on conservative mailing lists.

For 8 years, Larouche recruited naive college kids to see Bush as Hitler. Since he sees the anger on the right, hocus pocus, he has the cult now be against Obama to show up like uninvited cockroaches to Tea Party rallies. This releases a sort of stinkbomb of crazy on the Tea Party activists while he has the cult collect names and info for his boiler rooms to call you for big money to keep his millionaire lifestyle and expensive delusions going another day longer.

The cult did this in the past and can morph into whatever happens to be the money target that week .

You can read about this very sick cult and how it works on these sites. under social orgs has over 9k posts from insideres about how the cult operates.

Don't fall for these very sick and twisted cultists.

Anonymous said...

Does belonging to the left side of politics mean you have to give up your ability to read? The one thing I've noticed among all the rants (the ones I've had time to read) against Mike is that he supposedly called for people to break the windows of 'Congress' (and sometimes Congressmen/women). He did no such thing. Go back and read that post - the first time the word Congress comes up is a response from "Anonymous" at 9:38AM.

The ONLY thing called for was the breaking of Democratic party office windows.

So . . . it's clear Demoncrat Congressmen are not required to read House and Senate bills. Now it appears that no Democrat, or any kind of leftist, anywhere, is required to read (or perhaps is incapable of reading?) anything before commenting upon it.

No wonder this country is in such a mess.

(I guess the word verification 'bot can't read responses, either, as it now requires two entries EVERY time)

Anonymous said...

YOU left the SWP for PL? Good God! Why not the Sparts or the RCP? There were so many alphabet orgs. Or were you attracted to the same brunette that I was who was so hot with a bullhorn?

I remember PL going to fight Nazis/Klansmen at a rally in IL in the early 80s. The crowd that routed the Nazis turned on PL and said "we got the Nazis, now lets get the Commies".

PL parked their cars near railroad tracks with nice rocks nearby. They barely escaped with their lives....