Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oath Keepers would like you to know . . .

that they are going to be participating in this. Their call is here.

In a somewhat related note, since LaRouchie stooge Walter Reddy claims to be so intimately linked to the OK board (haven't seen any denunciations of HIM, although they have expunged the links to him from their site), the bald-faced liar has finally taken down Larry Pratt's name from his list of board members.

One wonders when Devvy Kidd ( and Edwin Vieira ( will do as Pratt did. Or are they Loon-don LaRouche stooges too? Only they can answer that question.

For those who are unfamiliar with the definition of "stooge," here is Wikipedia:

A stooge is generally defined as a person that is under the control of another. Being called a stooge is not a form of praise. Stooge can also sometimes be used to mean "idiot".

* Stooge (missile), an early surface-to-air missile

* Stooge (comedian), a member of a comedy double act who feeds lines to the other comedian

* Stooge, a confederate who acts as if s/he is one of the spectators, in a magic trick or a confidence trick, very much like a shill

* Stooge sort, a recursive sorting algorithm

* Stooge, a term in Australian slang where one has been ripped off eg. "He stooged me for five bucks"



Kyle said...

Mike, your "this" link is not functioning. What is it that OK will participate in?

Dutchman6 said...

Fixed. Thanks.

Joel said...

Thanks for the link and info.


dennis308 said...

I´m lost,but I don´t see any link/tie to the Committees of Safety having to do with this march on dc if that´s what your trying to show I don´t see it no Walter Reddy nothing.That date on the OK´s header says Feb? I don´t remember,but that event is not listed in OK´s event page Now?
I´m not criticizing just confused.


Dakota said...

Interesting that a march on D C would be over 11 Sept.

We were accused of having the RTC Rally to celebrate OKC etc. Now do you think that the media will have fun with 11 Sept? Shake your fists in the tyrants face on the week of the largest terrorist attack on U S soil in history?

Just saying....

Anonymous said...

Whoopee. OK'ers is full of people who take an oath to not violate any of its 10 holy writs... yet spit on the constitution. Those 10 holy writs are nothing without the constitution.

When I start seeing LEO's who are members of OK'ers being fired in mass, for not violating the constitution ... especially the 10 amendments, I might just get a tad impressed.

I would be even more impressed if the "leadership" over at OK'ers started holding these people accountable to the constitution ... or kick THEM.

Until then, the majority of OK'ers are just nothing more than lip servers who don't know the constitution from Marx or think it is somewhere inbetween.

I wonder what is next ... an OK'ers membership card in every box of Crackerjacks?

Let us just suppose that the government itself does not violate any of the OK'ers 10 holy writs and just continues on its proven track record of "soft" tyranny? It's existence would be pretty much moot ... wouldn't it. Especially in light of PK'ers record of not holding its members accountable to the constitution.

straightarrow said...


kenlowder said...

Given that none of the yahoos in DC have ever kept their oath to the Constitution will the OK be forming a citizens posse and arrest these said yahoos. I would actually go for that.


joe said...

Yeah, they'll just pull out of that at the last minute as well. They'll claim they got some super dooper top secretive agent info from un-named sources and pull the plug again. Then they'll claim something totally different in a press release like they did with the RTC March.



Dan Galena said...

Mr. V,

I couldn't agree more with the comments made by Mike B. Rhodes and his sorry-ass BoD threw the cause under the bus when at the 11th hour they turned tail on Fort Hunt. Now we're supposed to jump at another rally currently being supported by Rhodes and his OK BoD scoundrels ? I think not.

Based on past practice it's apparent to this writer that Rhodes and company will suck in those well meaning Patriots only to abandon them at the last moment.


^Hawk^ said...

Wow! Oathkeepers is making plans to attend another rally in DC? I'm going to start making my travel plans today!


They can stick their toothless patriot movement right up their ass!

III - We are Everywhere!

Brock Townsend said...

"Their call is here."

Some unhappy campers in the comments.

Temnota said...

Oh, please, people, keep your eye on the ***king ball. Oathkeepers BoD did what they did, big deal. It happened, it's over, move on.

This is a numbers game, and leave your damn ego at home. This outfit wants to put a million people on the streets of DC, I say, I'll be there. I don't give a damn who's running the show as long as they aren't something despicable like neonazis or the Klan.

The enemy, people, is the ideology behind Leviathan. Regardless of how you feel about OK, or the NRA, or whoever, they are soldiers on OUR SIDE, effective or not. This bickering over personalities and doctrinal purity is far more damaging to the cause than anything the OK BoD did. Stewart Rhodes put people on the street at the 9/12 march. He put people on the street this month, even if it wasn't the same street I was on. There were OK at Gravelly Point, too. Where were you guys, by the way?

This event has the makings of a Good Place To Be, not only for the public exposure, but for the seminars and classes and networking opportunities on the first two days. Not many of us are so good at this activism thing that we can't benefit by learning to do it better, and if they set the training up right, that may be more valuable than the march on Saturday. The next phase of this movement is going to be building local muscle, and if I read this right we'll have the chance to learn the business from veterans.

I put in for vacation ten minutes after reading about this. Like I said, this is a numbers game. If a million patriots decide to add their small voice, there will be a million patriots on the Mall. If a million patriots decide they just can't handle dealing with those icky Oathkeepers and stay home, there will be nobody on the Mall. Whose fault is the failure there?

You've got 4 1/2 months. Get with the program and start making plans. This cause is bigger than any one of us, and bigger than petty disagreements over individual events.

In any case, quit flogging a dead horse over the Oathkeepers. It's really tiresome to read, and if you guys put that energy into something productive instead of being concentrated downers, you'd be dangerous.

Sloboskya Rotchakokov said...

I tend to agree with "Temnota"s general sentiment, if not his mildly arrogant mannerism of dissing his brothers who are still hurt form the OK sting.
I agree that OK has lost much of its cred; but we must keep in mind that this event is NOT strictly an OK event.
The more warm bodies in place, the better. OK and non-OK, vets and civilians, LEOS and stay-at-home-Moms, high schoolers and pensioners, I would like to see every street and sidewalk jammed and closed off.
Let's not allow our feelings over OKs past performance to dictate our own behavior.
Steady on, and Semper Fi.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that Oathkeepers is dead from their own hand. TEA party is looking bad too.

Read James Bovard and Radley Balko pieces and then understand that if you truly believe in and value the concept of limited government, it means a lot more than just forming an organization that spouts words.

Look at the NRA: they have supported Harry Reid for his pushing for a new shooting range in Nevada. You can't have a 2nd Amendment if you dont follow all the others.

Look at Oathkeepers and how they talk about defending the Constitution yet Police (those guys who take an oath) fight an unlawful War on (some) Drugs. The 4th and 5th amendments are under siege...and the military who continue to fight wars for the New World Order. Eisenhower warned of the perils of a Military-Industrial Complex. It is now eating away at our substance.

Look at the TEA party movement and their support for all of it as long as it is a Republican running things.

March all you want but it wont change a thing.

They are not listening. They dont have to.

Temnota said...

Sloboskaya, I apologize. I am connected with Oathkeepers in only a very distaff way, and have no emotional investment in the organization. My tone was uncalled-for, and I beg your pardon.

Anonymous said...

Well gee ... if the OK'ers do in fact show up to this event, they somehow got their credibility back?

On a side note, of course they will show up, as there will be no Citizens there with their scary guns to make OK'ers look "bad" ... or looking like something resembling a group of Citizen Patriots.

And heaven forbid if the LEO's and military people in this OK'ers outfit put 2 + 2 together and figure that Citizens exercising their right the Keep and BEAR Arms ... is ... well ... gosh dernit ... an exercise in LIBERTY.

They can't be seen with what? A bunch of loonies with guns because it will put them in a bad light. Basically ... while they didn't come out and say that (except for Rex who is by the way on the board), that is the persona that they themselves portrayed of all those who showed up with their weapons.

straightarrow said...

Temnota, it has nothing to do with our egos. It has everything to do with us being able to trust them. Which OK, themselves, made an impossibility.

One does not invite a runner to share his foxhole. OK are runners. Ask them. Better yet, just pay attention to when they ran. It isn't like they could hide their flight.

sofa said...

from the website:"With the importance of keeping this movement true grassroots, it is imperative that the Americans that have volunteered their time, talents and resources to organizing the Official March On DC event be totally non partisan and share the common ground of unifying all constitutional patriots from whatever party or political side they may reside.
To make this clear and totally transparent, no special interest groups, no party alliances, no financial support, no partisan agenda from any group will have any influence or authority on the board of organizers or committees involved with this event."

So "" is speaking - NOT SPONSORING.

912 is a volunteer organization that is the actual group sponsoring the event. They are inviting EVERYONE who supports the Constitution to come together at the event.

But we real oathkeepers saw "" back out on speaking at another event to support the Constitution - One reason cited was that because they weren't in charge and could not control who else might speak, or what might be said.

Question: Will "" be able to keep out speakers who are real oathkeepers?

Question: Will "" cut and run again, when they can't control the speech of others?

sofa said...

Mike - The 912 group sounds like they are inviting speakers. Can we ask you to volunteer, yet again? It would be best if you spoke before/after Stewart. And maybe you could get a photo with your arm around him. lol.

We must all hang together, or we will surely hang separately.

Dan said...

No coincidence that I recognize some names from the linked OK site.
I put my $.02 worth in.
OK has absolutely lost the aura of dependability.
They have let lots of folks down, myself included, and I am considering leaving.
I tried to track down the reasons for pulling out, got a bit of a run-around, and found the answers to be unconvincing.
For now, I'll use the site to network, but they are not deserving of any meaningful support, because they provide no meaningful leadership.
Temnota, the event may or may not have any impact. I tend to think not, but that's another issue.
Most of us who have an issue w/ OK is that they did not stand with those whom they said they would. That's kind of the premise of the whole organization.

Anonymous said...

First: Mr. Rhodes and company refuse to officially support Lt. Col. Allen West's campaign for Congress, even though West is a combat vet who gave up his career to protect his men, and who has made the definitive speech, I've yet heard, about patriotism and keeping your oath. Mr. Rhodes and company's so called reason for refusing to support him being that he is running for office as a Republican... and to support him would invalidate their non-partisanism... absolute complete bs as being non-partisan doesn't mean you Don't support anyone but that you Only provide support to individuals based on shared values.

Second: Mr. Rhodes and company stabbed everyone in the back in regards to Restore the Constitution Open-Carry Rally. They have showed their real colors by not only pulling out but by spinning the same old crap the MSM puts out regarding III-Pers and every other patriotic group.

Third: On April 20th when Carl Swesson and Darren Huff were headed in separate vehicles to be at Fitzpatrick's hearing at Madisonville, Darren was pulled over by four State Trooper vehicles and one unmarked SUV. It was an illegal stop. They pulled him over because he had Oath Keepers signs on his pickup. Carl filmed it. He put up a video on his site and Youtube. Mr. Rhodes his own self called up Carl and told him take the video down as he didn't want _HIS_ organization associated with what Carl, Darren, Fitzpatrick, and others of their ilk were doing...

Rhodes is a Mole. On his bio Yale Lawyer comes first, and that is all you have to know about this sorry sell-out bastard. He and _HIS_ organization were simply set up to deflect patriotic veterans and those serving in the military, police, and other line units, by preaching a castrated form of oath keeping that is passive do-nothingism.

Col. West did what he did to protect his men, he is a man. Rhodes doesn't have the foggiest idea what loyalty means, he is a non-blooded military no-body Yale lawyer and he can certainly kiss my ass.

Restore the Republic!


Unknown said...

Jeez, so according to you guys, the only true patriots are those that showed at up the RTC rally, huh?

Guess that means there are only 75 patriots in the whole of the United States.

Bruce said...

I joined the OK's when it first started and I thought it meant something. At the time all military and some cops/vets. That lasted maybe a month before I found out what was really going on, allowing just about anyone to join - whether or not they have ever taken an oath to defend the Constitution or shed blood on its behalf. Complaining to this "open enrollment" policy to the leadership got me nowhere, and I left the group. Too many posers running around who would look for a hole to crawl into when the shooting starts to suit me.