Thursday, April 15, 2010

This just in from Jackie Juntti regarding LaRouche stooge and bald-faced liar Walter Reddy

Just received this:

Mike,I am not sure if you are privy to this intent or not - so here
is what was sent to me.


From: "Helen Leka"
To: mailto:
Subject: Attention, Folks!! More on this
Re: Meet Walter Reddy, bald-faced liar and LaRouche stooge.
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 18:31:42-0400

Walter Reddy was informed by reliable sources of Mike Vanderbough. He told me who it was but I am not at liberty to disclose the source. Mike Vanderbough called Walter Reddy last night and threatened to blow him away. Walter Reddy is filing a police report against Mike Vanderbough. Before Walter hung up the phone he told me after our call he was going down to the police Department and filing charges against Mike Vanderbough. The question is why has Mike Vanderbough not been arrested by the government for calling for violence for provocating and is known as a provocateur on his own website? Now the provocateur is calling for the Virginia Rally to show up armed. Why are there no broken windows at the Democat headquarters in his home state of Alabama? Barush disclosed the organizations Mike Vanderbough has been associated with. I get articles from people on Ralph Nader and Bernard Barush who are socialists but I do not vote for them. Many people pass around their articles on the internet. Helen

Again, more damn lies. As I said, I lost my temper. I said I would "blow up" his reputation. See here:

I have a tape of the conversation. I do not make idle personal threats, and I certainly did not say I would "blow him away." More of the same LaRouchie collectivist lies. I am still waiting for him to provide the "documentation." He is a stranger to the truth and liar about "documents."


PS: And is it too much to ask for these mooks to spell my name right?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you recorded the conversation. SHould keep you out of trouble - granted he even files a report -- and granted the police even act on it. Insurance policy. Make a copy. Send it to him. Nah - he'll just doctor it & lie some more.

B Woodman

jjet said...


Ignore them.

If you can't do that, laugh at them.

Petty people simply cannot stand that.

Hmmm, where did I hear that before....?

Anonymous said...

Surprised? What does one expect from pathological liars? These people obviously have no sense of truthfulness and apparently live off of one another's lies...

Just more proof that libs are very likely mentally ill. -As if we don't have enough proof of that already.

These next several days should prove interesting. FWIW, showing up with ones MBR with chamber flag is a really GOOD idea, especially in what will likely be a very crowded area. Safety, safety, safety. (Anybody that shoots much at all can get one out in a jiffy if it's necessary.)

Take Care,
Bob Katt

Anonymous said...

You should post the audio - at least the salient portion w/ some lead-in context.

It'd turn that train right round.

Dedicated_Dad said...

The writing betrays the serious psychosis inherent in the writer's mentality.

It's not simply bad grammar, it's a serious mental illness.

Smart man to tape such calls...


Happy D said...

"Why are there no broken windows at the Democat headquarters in his home state of Alabama?"

Simple; Who would be suspect #1 had that happened?
Mike has already proven himself to many of us. Having him in jail would only damage us 3pers. His experience as a Former communist is invaluable.

He does for us what an A-Team does for a resistance movement.

Also he keeps some of us hotheads from doing something stupid. If he could show you some of the poorly thought out comments I have left that Mike did not allow to be posted. Because they violated 3per rules you would thank him.

By the way Thank You again Mike. You make me a more thoughtful person.

Mike's calming and thoughtful approach is the better plan. It is one of the only ways we have any hope of avoiding a full shooting war. Or minimizing unnecessary casualties if this goes hot.

Anonymous said...


Seems to me that you'd be best off ignoring them, like everyone else does.

They aren't worth the time, trouble, or most importantly, the stress.

The old internet saying "Do not feed the trolls" comes to mind.

Anyway, it's good that you recorded the conversation with Reddy; he likely has someone that can "adjust" the audio on his own copy to suit their nutcasee agenda.

The copy you retain puts a crimp in any of their plans to utilize that audio to their own gain, like fundraising.

Dan said...

Keep that tape safe (sure I don't have to tell you, though)
And don't let 'em see you get irritated about the mis-spelling. It'll only get worse if they think it bugs ya'.

And WTF was the insinuation about Dem glass not being broken in AL? Are you a Brit and Demo-rat too?!
And to think I admired you!

julian 3 said...

Well, see, that is the OTHER guy who spells his name that way; HE is the one working for MI-5's Ministry
For Provocating Provocatoring Provocators, founded when Her Majesty learned that too many provocators had been provocated by civilian provocatovators. But HE spells his name with the Anglo-Saxon "bough" rather than the Dutch/Vreedensoern "boegh".
Blowing him away sounds more up Barney Frank's alley.

Anonymous said...

OK. Seriously from now on they are to be referred to as La Douche. It rymes with La Rouche and describes the core of their being.