Friday, April 30, 2010

What passes for critical thinking at the Wall Street Journal these days.

Which ain't much.

Equally unimpressive were the armed types who gathered in a Virginia Park this month to demonstrate support for open carry and their opposition to government in general and the Obama administration in particular. Like the characters who now make a practice of wearing handguns into Starbucks and other places of business, such demonstrators may yet turn out to be a godsend for the antigun crowd.

Yeah, right. That's why they're screaming about it. Latte "conservatives" give me gas more than latte "liberals" do.



Anonymous said...

So what is a "latte" conservative? Because I do carry everywhere including Starbucks where I've trained half the women so they could get their CCW's as well.

The Hunter said...

Well, that was painful to read. Ms. Smith needs to have a look at photos of police deployments some time - they ARE tricked out like Pancho Villa anymore. Or, rather, like Darth Vader, usually; they tend to go in for the masks and armor of tyranny rather than the honest thuggery of a bandito.

This is nothing but a slightly more sophisticated version of the old "guns as compensation" fallacy. The statists simply cannot handle the fact that they have LOST this argument. Notice that she is arguing for concealed carry instead of open carry. That, folks, is called conceding the premise.

I've come to believe that sometime in the past few years we reached a crucial turning point without noticing. The dinosaurs of the lamestream media have not caught up yet, but the citizens at large have already accepted that "more guns means less crime". Arguments are shifting from WHETHER one should carry to HOW one should carry.

Praise the lord and pass the ammunition.

Anonymous said...

Jim MacDougal of the Clinton-era Whitewater fame once referred to Republicans as: "physical and moral cowards." The WSJ and their remoras in congress seem to verify this observation.

Anonymous said...

I think this is Ms. Smith's heavy attempt at humor.

Perhaps she is funnier in her other role as a TV critic.


Old Pablo said...

Nancy Dewolf Smith (the author) is a TV critic. Enough said. She doesn't get the point of open carry, but if it were banned, she would not be a fan of concealed carry either. A lot of people like restricted rights. They don't see the danger.

The Hunter said...

Hmmn. I'll leave the definitions to our host. I am not entirely clear what latte is anyway, and I think I've been in a Starbucks once in my life. Now maybe if they installed ranges they might tempt me... (grin)

parabarbarian said...

Gun owners are coming out of the closet, Nancy. Get used to it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Smith,

Thanks for the hit piece on those of us who carry openly. In order that I may not offend your sensibilities, I promise never to use my gun in defense of your life, liberty, or property. Perhaps you can scare away the thugs with your empty holster.


Patrice said...

She clearly means "(she was) lucky not to have been born (in the 'Wild West')..." because she in fact doesn't have the stomach for a) defending herself, nor the stomach for b) the people who - in fact, not just in Theory & Rhetoric - do.

If 'journalists' had an award for Most-Consistent-Show-of-Contempt, in the 2nd Amendment category Ms. duhWolf couldah been a contendah.

Patrice Stanton (Lenaburg)

dennis308 said...

I actually prefer a shoulder holster to carry just about any type of hand gun because of comfort and security but that gets really hot down here in Southern Texas were open carry is not an option so I am obligated to use a in the waist holster and wear my shirt outside of the pants.
Maybe next year we´ll have legal open carry I hopĂ©.