Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To All Free Men and Women Who Escaped Collectivist Tyranny: Stand Together With Us on 19 April at Fort Hunt Park, VA

To All Free Men and Women Who Escaped Collectivist Tyranny: Stand Together With Us on 19 April at Fort Hunt Park, VA

Each of you risked all to escape from savage oppression in your countries of birth and come to America, the land of the free. You bear the scars, within and without, of your old tyrannical masters' evils. You have already paid much to learn the involuntary lessons of collectivist tyranny.

Hungary, 1956.

Now, ideological allies of the same collectivists who robbed, tortured, raped, and murdered your countrymen have captured the legislative majority in the American Congress.

Worse yet, another ideological ally of your tormenters occupies the White House.

Cuban refugee children arrive in Miami, Operation Pedro Pan, 1962.

Together, though they wrap their arguments in sweet words and false kindness, these socialists plan to destroy every single aspect of the America you love, and in its place, establish another totalitarian hell on earth -- where every single human act must be authorized, regulated, and monitored by government.

Czechoslovakia, 1968

You brave men and women, who know far better than native-born Americans what evils these governments perpetrate every day against their citizens, will be the witnesses who will teach others what must be done to save our country.

You, the refugees from tyranny, know that America is the last, best hope for mankind.

South China Sea off the Vietnamese coast, 1976.

Yet many of our people do not see the threat. They lack your wisdom, born of cruelty and oppression. We need your help. You can show them why and how they must stand together.

Hmong refugees, undated photo.

Join us at Fort Hunt and Gravelly Point Parks in northern Virginia, along the banks of the Potomac across from Washington, DC on 19 April 2010 to tell the totalitarians that you will not allow them to destroy America too. Be there as a living witness to the evils of collectivism.

China, 1989.

Join us in renewing our oaths to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

If the American constitutional republic falls, there is no place else left where ANY of us can flee and still be truly free.

Liberty stands, or falls for generations, right here, right now.


Mike Vanderboegh
Pinson, Alabama
Writing on behalf of The Three Percent.


DC Wright said...

Mike, I recall, during the '70s and early '80s, seeing a LOT of the Vietnamese refugees (the Boat People) down at Camp Pendleton (in the area where I had gone through Staging Battalion on my way over to their lovely former country in 1969 and which today houses the School of Infantry. It was a pathetic thing we did to those fine people, the Democrat Congress abandoning them and Henry Kissinger (Piss be all over him) writing off over 2000 of my brothers just so he could get his Nobel Peace Prize...

These folks would be a MARVELOUS addition to the rally next Monday. I wish I could be there with you all!!! Keep the faith, bro!

DC Wright
USMC Retired

Rhodes said...

Well said! Good Luck in VA from all of us that can not be there, we will be watching out for you!

Anonymous said...

you forgot Romania. the only former eastern bloc country where the revolutionaries actually killed their (former) dear leader, ironically after a show trial in a kangaroo court

aughtsix said...

Dakota reiterates Mike's point:

"This is it ... there is no other place for freedom. Once lost it will never be regained."

I have been saying this over and over, for years, ans on friendly blogs with seldom a "me too" or an attaboy.

What is it about this truth that seems to escape so many? I suppose it's just too scary, the responsibility and actions it must necessitate, and the consequences of failure.....



Allen said...

I talked to a woman from Czechoslovakia at the Portsmouth,NH tea party.

she was absolutely frightened about what's happening.

she said something to the effect of "these tea almost exactly what we were doing before the soviets rolled in the tanks"

I told her that we wouldn't let that happen..we are far better armed that you were back then.

she asked "but how many will be pulling triggers, and how many will stay home?"

"my couch will forget what my ass looks like"

jim said...

I have watched and waited nearly 30yrs, knowing this day would come. If at all possible, I will attend somewhere within range of my home, whichever state I can.
The choice of date is a poignant one as well. III% is nothing to laugh at. I have said it before, awaken the Spirit within the people and you awaken a force you will wish you hadn't. We have followed 'due process' until now. NOW, we take it to the limit of necessary action. A action THEY HAVE FORCED TO BE TAKEN. NOT US.

Anonymous said...

The Highland Lakes Tea Party Coalition (Marble Falls TX) has already published a DVD of one of our members who escaped from Romania. The title is Dream Killers. See for info and how to order.
Tex Norton

rocky said...


Anonymous said...

i am with you 100 percent, god bless you.
please be safe, and show them the truth.

Anonymous said...

This is well past needed and I only wish I had found this information sooner. Due to various means I can only be there in spirit with you. Bless you all and may strength and hope keep you.

Texas Patriot, decendant of over 300 years of freedom fighters

Dedicated_Dad said...

@ "Dream Killers" Anon:

I understand your reasons for charging the $10 for the DVD, but I would STRONGLY advise making it available online for free viewing.

Doing so would actually INCREASE your sales - I've bought a number of such vids after seeing them online - but would NEVER have bought them without being able to view them first.

I know I am not alone.

Yes - many will view and not buy, but many others will do both.