Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Me and the Brady Bunch's Paul Helmke hanging down by the Potomac.

So, one of our Alabama guys comes up to me at Gravelly and says, "Did you know Paul Helmke is here?" "Paul?!? Wow! I always have wanted to meet him! Where's he at?"

So we traipsed over there and here he is, with my arm around him, posing for a picture (we got some hi-def video too, I'm told. Can't wait to see it.)

Note: The look on his face as if he is crapping glass is real.



Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO! So glad you got a pic with him. He's probably on a list somewhere as a collaborator now. Good going!

thedweeze said...

I'm not sure how much you had to lay out to attend, but that photo made it worth every penny.

David Codrea told me that the photo existed via email, but I wasn't sure how long it would take for me to see it.


Sloboskya Rotchakokov said...

Absofreakin'lutely LMA way way O !
This cries out to be made into one of those demotivational posters making the rounds.
Hilarious!!!!! And note the totally different demeanor of the two persons:
Each of them is in the company of someone he despises, yet the Southern Gentleman has a genuine smile and the open face of an honest man, and the jerk in the suit looks like he is walking barefoot through cold cowflops.
I love this!
The PERFECT ending to the story would be that Mike had plastered a "We Are Everywhere" on the bastard's back :o)

Unknown said...

Congrats Mike, you make the SPLC "Hit-List". You're in very notable company. http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/publications/the-patriots?page=0,0

Anonymous said...

Looks like he is about to grab his pee-pee too.

Counting Coup.

That ... IS ... a trophy!

Brock Townsend said...

Absolutely priceless! No way it could have been programmed better!

Happy D said...

Right up at knife fighting distance?
Counting Coup Mike?

Eric said...

You two look like bestest friends...

Anonymous said...

"Note: The look on his face as if he is crapping glass is real."

That quote reminds me of how I always describe Diane Sawyer of Good Morning America, when she pretends to be truely concerned about something, or that she can actually relate to real peoples' situations. She looks as though she is trying to pass a pineapple.

Anonymous said...

Did you wisper, "Come over to the dark side, Paul."?

kylben said...

Travel and lodging to Washington DC - $2000.00

Reputation as one of the leading enemies of gun-grabbers and hoplophobes - A lifetime of work.

Maneuvering your worst enemy in the world into smiling for the camera while you put your arm around him - priceless.

David Codrea said...

Sloboskya Rotchakokov: Putting a "We are everywhere" sticker on his back is one of the funniest damn things I've ever read. The wife just came in the room and wanted to know why I was laughing.

d3vnull said...

Ohhh wow rotflmfao that's great - the irony!

rexxhead said...

I want to comment... really I do, but after reading Sloboskya Rotchakokov, I just can't. There's nothing further to be said.


Dan said...

Sloboskya Rotchakokov took the prize w/ his comment.
I only want to know if you washed your hands after?
Perhaps we can send this to his comrades and make things a little uncomfortable forhim.

Anonymous said...


My hat is off to you for your fine work as the "alledged" leader of the merry band.

I am also insanely jealous of your picture with Paul.

I used to think I would trade everything for the chance to play once on Center Court at Wimbledon but I got to admit, a picture with Paul under those cirmunstances has got to be a crowning achievement at least as valuable.

I hope you are insuferably pleased with yourself - you deserve to be.

Scott in Phx, AZ. III

Anonymous said...

Maybe now after seeing how a group of heavily armed people treat and behave around one another (courteously, and peacefully) he has learned that guns are not the culprits of violent acts but, in fact, deranged people are.

Anonymous said...

Re: "Jerk is a Suit" - He was a worthless tool as Mayor of Fort Wayne, IN, too.

The Wretched Dog

typeay said...

Thanks, Mike.

You guys (and gals) made my day.

TypicalClinger said...

That "crapping glass" look is what he always looks like.That's his fake campaign smile. I'm ashamed he's from Ft. Wayne.