Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Two more reasons to re-elect nobody. (As if we needed any.)

Here and here.

Our liberty cannot, will not, be defended by such people. The Republic will not, cannot, be restored by cravenly, corrupt cowards such as these. We must rely upon our own resources.



Anonymous said...

One can really get a pulse on far gone this nation really is, and how absurdly traitorous our politicians are, by watching the convulsions of the collectivists over the simple decision of the state of Arizona to enforce existing immigration law. It also shows that the collectivists *never* had any intention of enforcing the law, and cared not one jot about American citizens or American sovereignty.

Anonymous said...

Ok, now I have to ask, what's the opinion on Lt. Col. Allen West?

He makes the right noise, but there is more to this than rah, rah.

Is he the real deal or just another chair warmer paying for the deal he cut to keep his gravy pension?

Anonymous said...

It figures...

Scott J said...

I remind my fellow Alabama IIIpers that Senator Shelby and Rep. Bauchus (AL 6) face primary challenges.

Shelby has been a Senator since I was in high school back in the 80's.

Bauchus has been in the House since the Clinton era.

It is time for them to go.

David T. McKee said...


I just got done posting a small essay on the idea "What would happen if a second Civil War (or more correctly a war of state self determination) were to break out today"? Considering that the moral failure of slavery is no longer an issue in the South and West, and more importantly, the fact that the south and west have the nuclear weapons and manufacturing needed to actually win it this time. I would really like to hear your spin on this given your considerable knowledge of the facts of the first war, and predictions about a second...

David T. McKee

dennis308 said...

They want Sovereignty as long as it is in their New World Order.
I live in Southern Texas and the situation down here is no better than that in Arizona and now that Arizona has done something about the Illegal Immigrant Problem people are REALY PISSED OFF! People are calling State Representatives,Senators,Governor,
and Lt. Governor you name it they are being called.And still our legislators do NOTHING!
It´s getten mighty HOT down here in Texas keep your eyes open.


cmblake6 said...

See if there's anything you can use. Borrow to your hearts content.

Anonymous said...

All Americans understand we’re a country of laws, and the lawlessness that pervades the situation there is unacceptable to all Americans. We are also a country of immigrants. All of us came from somewhere, and we’re a country of, and should be, about legal immigration.--Eric Cantor

O.K., lets take the major premise: we are a nation of laws.

Minor premise: we are a nation of immigrants.

Conclusion: immigrants should be here legally. Those who are not must be deported if we are to remain a nation of laws.

Ain't logic easy!? Why can't the politicians understand it?


Anonymous said...

One thing we must, all of us, realize. Liberty has never been granted by a government. It is seized and defended by men who love it.

Tom Wolff said...

Sickening wimps.

Anyways, anyone who wants to have some fun should join me in the comments over here, my local Moonbat Examiner:

I'm sure she will appreciate the traffic, LMMFAO!

(Mike, I hope you approve, if not,
just delete this. Thanks.)

Anonymous said...

I have no idea if this is true, but it presents what someone claims is the real story behind the murder of the AZ rancher a few weeks ago:

Carl said...

Rope, tree, politician. Some assembly required. nex ut syrma

Anonymous said...

A significant portion of the opposition comes from the Constitutionalists - not just lefty whack-os. The problem being unlawful detainment and violations of the 4th amendment concerning illegal search.

When you allow the government to demand papers - its not long before they demand other things. This is a hard battle for me - being a former Minuteman / MCDC .

As long as the Constitution is NOT violated during questioning and/or apprehension I'm all for it. But how do you do that without stopping people and demanding papers?

I say arresting them crossing the border illegally is the best way - with jail time. Forcing employers to abide by the immigration laws would be my next choice. -- or both.

I'm concerned about a "papers please" society. More control, less freedom.

J. Croft said...

There's no way we can retake state and national offices until we can build local bases of political power.

That means taking the Battle of Athens TN model-running a full slate of candidates and cleaning house-and running with that ball to surrounding communities. The first town's the most critical political fight but once overcome and the bad laws and bad public servants cleaned out, the assets and monies invested returned to the community, encouraging local entrepenurs, etc.... and a aggressive internet campaign advertising the effort, then the surrounding communities will fall like dominos.

I go into this in detail: google my blog Freedom Guide and look up:

It's Time
Recall Election: Obstacles to Overcome
Martial Law Survival Guide
Second American Revolution Victory Guide
Message to Mr and Mrs America
Message to the Patriot Movement

The American People might fight if given a means to victory...

Anonymous said...

Empty Holsters.

I submit that the American Despair Index corresponds 1:1 with the spreading and deepening realization that the GOP-the primary opposition to the left is nothing more than a pragmatic, non-threatening, empty holster.

What happens when We The Productive realize that no one is really representing our interests anymore?


TPaine said...

We are apparently on our own. This only goes to show that the only real difference between the Republicans and the Democrats is the name. And the Republicans want the Tea Party movement to bless their mess? Looks like a new party may be the only real answer.

In Florida, I was leaning toward Marco Rubio (looks like Charlie (Tuna) Crist will be running as an independent rather than take on Rubio), but as a product of the Cuban refugee migration, he's silly putty when asked about the Mexican border.

jack said...

What's really sad, there was a time when "aussweiss, bitte" was for nazis only... now it appears even the ostensibly "freedom loving" people embrace it. :(

aughtsix said...

There will be no Constitutional Restoration without the shedding of the blood of a very great many of the traitors and their enablers, running dogs and dupes.

There must be a "house cleaning", a National cleansing, an "example pour les autres."

The four most recent generations, at least, that have been completely brainwashed against American traditions, values and culture must be reclaimed and educated; the Academy that has validated and promoted this deconstructed revisionism must be purged; the media that has trumpeted it and drowned out opposition should be scourged; the entrenched leftist and/or self serving bureaucracy which has implemented it must be exiled; and the "elected" officials who have codified it all as "law" must be hanged...

Purged, punished and stripped of their power and influence. Exterminated. Seed, root and branch. Plow the ground and salt it.

Unfortunately, that means our bloody sacrifice as well. What do you think our chances are?



We Are Everywhere

But will that be enough?

Tom Wolff said...

@Anon 3:07:

Yes, in a free Constitutional Republic that had implemented controls and restrictions on WHO crosses the borders
in the first place?

Your concerns would be valid. BUT in
this climate of rampant transgressions
of our borders, anything will do for now. It ain't the BEST plan, but it is a hell of a lot better than what they have been doing, as in NOTHING!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous Tom Wolff said...

@Anon 3:07:

Yes, in a free Constitutional Republic that had implemented controls and restrictions on WHO crosses the borders
in the first place?

Your concerns would be valid. BUT in
this climate of rampant transgressions
of our borders, anything will do for now. It ain't the BEST plan, but it is a hell of a lot better than what they have been doing, as in NOTHING!"

Or, you could delete the borders and the oppressive regimes of the world. I'm not advocating a one world anything, rather I advocate the lack of government or rulers of any kind, anywhere.