Thursday, April 29, 2010

A little more reasoned argument, a little less name calling, if you please, Threepers.

'Nuff said? No circular firing squads. I've been a bit distracted lately and haven't had time to do a good job moderating. So please, I ask you, do a better job of self-moderating. Think before you call names.

I am going in today to have my feet evaluated for carving. If I'm admitted to the hospital, kindly play nice while I'm away.



MPA dragon said...

Good luck with the sawbones. We need you hale and hearty, Mike.

Anonymous said...

I agree with MPA, Prayers sent for a quick doctor visit and low knife exposure.

dennis308 said...

My Prayers will be with you,good luck and God Bless.


Anonymous said...

OK Mike, we'll self-govern !

Mike, please go easy on the doctors assessment. Once they cut, all bets are off.

There are other alternatives for correcting diabetes other than involuntary amputation.

Please see my message to you under separate cover about these options.

Chaplain Dave

Rhetorical Taoist said...

Don't let them take your feet - it's what they like to do 'cause it nets them good money. Do hyperbaric chamber treatments, it helped my grandfather immensely.

Dan said...

Hope all goes as well as it can.

Tom Wolff said...

Good luck with the docs. Prayers are up.

As ta the recent rowdiness, I forgot ta say that I shoulda respected yer house. I reviewed what was posted, and though I didn't do any overt name-calling, I was not the best guest I coulda been. Sorry, man. I posted stuff that I can't delete so now I have ta look at it and learn from it.

Best wishes ta you and every real American who reads or posts here.

- Tom

Anonymous said...

Seriously, good luck. May health and peace be with you.