Monday, April 19, 2010

Waco and the New Brown Scare

The link is here. As I have said many times, Waco was the unforgivable sin of this current crop of collectivists in power.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a deep article.

dwayne chandller said...

As of 1200, No televised coverage of RTC to be found on any cable network(no surprise).
Furthermore, there is no live online coverage of RTC to be found; even the three c-span channels are not covering RTC,
online or televised.
However, cnn live online is broadcasting coverage of Seocnd Amendment March.
Go figure.
Can't have Americans seeing large numbers of people carrying around the instrument of what made the creation and sustainment of our Republic.

Most sincerely, not anonymously, dwayne chandler.

Anonymous said...

Very true, both the article linked, and the other article linked in the story.

Anonymous said...

A very fair yet hard hitting article by Rockwell.

The silence on the left is deafening with regard to the egregious acts of government against the Davidians.

The silence on the right is frightening with regard to abusive power grabs and growth of government.

We as freedom loving individuals need to see past the hype of left -v- right political squabbling and learn that the enemy of liberty is government un-checked.

KPN 3%

Anonymous said...

Dan was interviewed on CNN.

dennis308 said...

Government without consent of the governed is TYRANNY!


straightarrow said...

He took a Hell of long time and a lot of words to almost entirely miss the point.

What we are seeing is reminiscent of a turf war between rival criminal gangs. Liken it to the Al Capone/Bugsy Moran war. We are the citizens caught in the crossfire. And there we will remains until we take a hand and put them both where they belong.

He kept alluding to how much they hadn't "learned". Bullshit! They know. The only argument is the split of the plunder.