Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The El Guapo of the victim disarmament crowd tries to make lemonade from April 19th lemons.

Remember this is the guy who wants a "government monopoly of force."


Dan Galena said...

Maybe Mr. Horwitz, the Executive Director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, should work at stopping the destruction of the family unit, particularly in the black community where out-of-wedlock births are at an astounding 70%+ and it's subsequent crime is destroying the associated communities !

Perhaps if Mr. Horwitz would take issue with the lack of a two parent family, the lack of Christian values and teachings, the ignorance by today's youth to have simple considerations for others....he wouldn't have to be concerned with my exercising my God-given freedom to protect myself by the likes of the criminal element so rampant in American society today.

Yep....in Horwitz's leftist mind....firearms and those of us who cherish the freedom that firearms ownership provides, are the scoundrels. Not the criminals and miscreants who challenge our freedoms every day, whether those criminals be street thug or those walking the halls of Congress and the state legislatures.

Concerned American said...

Old Josh has one thing right -- freedom-loving people are not patsies of the NRA, the Republican Party, or any other interest group with which these Beltway bastards are familiar.

As folks who can't be bought, there's only one other play in the powerbroker's toolbox:

Destruction, either by soft means or hard.

Buckle up, kids.

It is going to be a bumpy ride.

Anonymous said...

Not this guy again...

j3 said...

awww, crap, Mike - I didn't look at the web address or I would never have wasted my time reading something from the Puffington Ho.
Maybe you could put a little warning on links that lead to barf-inducing sites.

Tom Wolff said...

My God.
From reading the comments, I am reaffirmed in my assertion that there are a LOT of people who jus' ain't capable of rational thought!

No wonder I don't read that crappy site...

Unknown said...

Richard Clarke recently observed on the "Real Time with Bill Maher Show": "Where are the people in the Republican Party standing up to the extremists? I'm from Virginia and there was a rally in Virginia on April 19th commemorating the day of the Oklahoma City attack where people were encouraged to carry their guns to the rally. Where were the Republican Party leaders criticizing that? I only heard Democrats criticize that." His concerns are well-founded.

Well Founded?? Didn't you just say the rally marked the anniversary of the shot heard around the world and well as those others which it was in fact not held to commemorate, just happened to be on the same day as?

"The date on which the rallies were held--April 19--was significant. It marked the anniversary of the first shots being fired in the American Revolution at the Battle of Lexington/Concord, the fiery conclusion to the 1993 siege at Waco, and the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City by Timothy McVeigh."

Skip said...

Timmy and the 'German' did not have the brain power to put together anything in that van powerful enough to take down a building front.
If you look into it through the eyes of the forensic inspector [USAF, worldwide explosive expert] that van, at most, would maybe break windows. If it would detonate at all.
Clinton/Reno needed to stop the rising militia effort. And they did.
Six years later [instead of twenty] Tim is no longer around.
The math doesn't add up.

illspirit said...


So your quote from John Locke's 2nd Treatise on Government is "disturbing, dangerous, and newsworthy" now? Where has he been for the last 320 something years?

Dave B III said...

If I hear one more comment about how His F'ing Majesty graciously and divinely indulged the carry of firearms in national parks I'll puke. It was nothing more than rider legislation stuffed into a credit card bill that the Kenyan either didn't bother to read, (which is probably SOP...gets in the way of tee time) or was instructed to sign by his bottom-powdering advisers, who in turn got their marching orders from those really pulling the strings.

We've got so many people running around explaining away his Most Glorious' excremental messes on the birthday cake we're never going to get anywhere through reasoning. He could crap squarely on their respective heads and they would immediately set about explaining to the rest of us, the great flyover "craphatless", how it's actually a good thing, one which we simply do not understand.

People like Lak-o'Wits either are intentional stooges willing to sacrifice their personal dignity in order to further the "cause", or are true idiots operating on a fourth-grade-level philosophy of life. In that case, grow the hell up. The rest of us are pretty tired of trying to function in the funky world you've enabled the evil ones to create based on your truncated, retarded worldview.

Apologies for the insult to fourth graders on the whole...they honestly shouldn't be expected to know better.

Dan Galena said...

To Dave B III....

I love your literary skills. Please post more comments in the future. I truly appreciate your well-written comments.


Anonymous said...

Horwitz does not understand. In my opinion, for maybe some of the people out there - get out your chunk of salt - perhaps attendance was low because the possible "10 percenters" (or whatever you may figure) are being very careful. They knew the press would be there in droves. They wanted to see what would happen. They are new to their realizations, and thus uncertain as to what's happening, and are being very careful for many reasons. Some people have realized the corporatist federal government and its press are on "the other side." They are assessing the field. They are trying to see who you are. They are carefully observing their neighbors before speaking or acting. They know what's right. They're horrified at what things have come to. May your stand never be needed, but God bless you guys. fwiw, I was there.