Tuesday, April 6, 2010

19 April: "Serious, no-shit freedom work." No place for babies, but a real need for Sons and Daughters of Liberty. "The whole world will be watching."


I received this email today:

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From: Carla REDACTED
To: GeorgeMason1776@aol.com
Sent: Tue, Apr 6, 2010 4:32 pm
Subject: April 19th

Dear Mike,

I have heard a bit about April 19th but we weren't sure what was going on until recently. I have a little girl & I occasionally babysit other kids for a living and so I just found out we are not going to be busy that day! I hate the thought of driving down there with a 2 year old, but am going to look at train schedules hopefully tonight. I am in Northern NJ so I am certain I can get on a train late the night before or early in the morning. What time do you think most people are going to be getting there? Is there a website dedicated to this (Evelyn, my little girl, has stopped taking naps so I have 2 minutes to get online most days and haven't even had the chance to check it out!!). Sorry to be ignorant of important things such as this-it's just that our schedules are crazy with the economy so bad my husband and I both have to pick up side jobs to keep our heads above water! Anyway, any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated!



This is what I wrote Carla back:


I must tell you there is an element of danger here. Were it my daughter-in-law, I would counsel her to stay home with the baby. The anarchists have threatened to disrupt us, and the government has a large stake in provoking violence. Please, I ask you to reconsider. Stay home, watch and wait. Your support gladdens my heart, but I believe we will have enough. Raise Evelyn in liberty and teach her what she will need to know to preserve it. We all have our own times when we are called upon -- when we are compelled -- to go toward the fight. This time is not yours, and certainly not Evelyn's. Our future is embodied by all of our Evelyns. Keep her safe.


Mike Vanderboegh

19 April on the Potomac will be serious, no-shit freedom work. We do not know how many folks will show, but the sense I am getting from across the country is that it will be in the thousands. The collectivist enemies of the Republic are already crapping their pants over an "armed march." The volume of their denunciations is directly proportional to the depth of their fears. Skilled propagandists like Rachel Madcow are already drawing conflationist allegations of straight-line ties between us and neoNazi terrorists like Tim McVeigh. These of course are outright lies, but that is the medium in which collectivist propagandists work. Thus do "Polish soldiers" attack German radio stations.

According to reports I'm getting, various collectivist groups are promising to disrupt our rallies by tossing fireworks in a ridiculous attempt to prompt us to "shoot one another." It will not work, even if they get through a cordon of well-briefed police to do so.

I will tell you this, and I know it because I have been on the fringes of the real-world discussions between the march organizers, their volunteers and the authorities -- this will be one heck of a well-organized demonstration, with all contingencies thought out, all site surveys completed prior and especially, a competent, disciplined and wide-awake bunch of marshals ready to respond to any provocation, any contrived crisis. Coordination with federal park and local police is solid and there will be media, including foreign outlets from Britain's ITN to Swiss television, embedded with us.

Truly, the whole world will be watching.

We also will have camera crews of our own. We need more volunteers for that and other tasks.

The enemies of the Founders' Republic believe that we will have come to threaten them. I suppose in a way that is true, if you are talking about trying to dissuade them from future tyrannical conduct. They also believe that we are a bunch of racist in-breds who cannot control ourselves. That is false, as we will show them.

This will be an unprecedented show of political dissent. Never before have people demonstrated their opposition to tyranny with pistols on their hips and rifles slung across their backs, in disciplined fashion, without evil intent in their hearts. Our discipline will scare them as much as anything.

When it is done, when we have come. made our point, and left, the message will be indelible -- tyranny stops here, or else.

Join us in making that point. It may be our last chance to convince them without violence that we are done backing up.


Anonymous said...

Good luck and watch your six! I'll pray for everyone's safety.

Legal Alien said...

Now THIS is a 'shivers up my leg' event!!!!

I so wish I could be there in person, but time and funds do not permit that at this time.

I will be there in spirit and will have your safety in my prayers.

For every Patriot, Oathkeeper, III-per and A&M member attending this momentus event, I wish you folks all the best and leave the Collectivists a messsage they WILL NOT FORGET!!!!

Concerned American said...

What we will need is people who can be online and relay the vids and blogposts that we post onward -- fast -- into the 'Net.

For you Serenity fans, we need a corps of Mr. Universes.

They can't stop the signal, Mal.

Volunteers rally here for now.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear about the security and that you good guys know the score. Never underestimate the enemy.

I am so grateful to know cameras will be everywhere. I hope you guys FRY their asses. Then we will all wax 'em real nice and put them on a shelf for the whole world to see.

We know what they are. Filthy bastards. Time to party.

Good idea by Concerned American. It has been done before. I'm sure it is already planned.

God bless the freedom marchers.

Anonymous said...

Mike, post any vids or media on your blog and I will spread them far and wide. You have my number. You have my email. Any help I may offer from the home front is yours.

The time has come when many will stand upon the courage of their convictions. Armed in liberty, Patriots all, in defense of our Republic.

God speed, Patriots. The Lord knows our intent and our hearts.

The accumulation of all powers legislative, executive and judiciary in the same hands, whether of one, a few or many, and whether hereditary, self appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.

James Madison, Federalist, No. 47



Anonymous said...

I thought it was "MANcow."

ChuckAtPodunkOutpost said...

I would like to suggest during the remaining days before the event(s) that some effort be made to distinguish between the Restoration Rally and the Second Amendment march.

It would be way too easy for someone to confuse the two and wind up in the wrong place. It is clear from some of my blog reading that such confusion already exists.

Dedicated_Dad said...

I'll be there. Can't say I'll be good for much, but I'll be there.

I'm a pretty good marksman, but the bum wheel sorely limits my mobility.

This may not be the right place for this, but I think it'll do...

Mike: You're an inspiration in more ways than you know. Your utter courage while shaking your fist in the tyrants' faces is an example WE ALL need to follow.

I've been a bit of a coward - never afraid to speak my mind, but always under one pseudonym or another.

When Mike, David, Pete and others front-paged my blog post a while back, it scared the poo right out of me.

"Oh $#!+" !!

See, LOTS of people know me well enough to know who DD is in real life -- and it's for DAMN sure the tyrants do.

"Oh $#!+" !!

Then I thought it through a bit more.

330+ million people, but they already know who I am. They know everything worth knowing about me. They scan my e-mail, probably my phones as well.

Most of all, they SURE as hell know my IP address from all the anti-tyranny posts I've made over the years, and from the IP address they know my physical address. They know I'm a cripple, they know what vehicles I drive - as I said, they know everything worth knowing and a whole lot more that's really not.

What's my point?


As a friend is wont to say, "FEAFEFH."

They thrive on fear. I've sworn to do all within my power to starve this monster, and denying it FEAR is perhaps *THE* most important thing I can do.

So, here's a word to the tyrants and their thugs and watchers: *I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU.*

I have survived pain for YEARS that would drive you to suicide in days. I've survived cold that killed others, and heat that did so too. I've "seen the elephant" so it too no longer scares me. I've survived deep in some of the only remaining true wilderness in our great Republic, with nothing but basic survival tools. I've never been in prison, but that doesn't scare me either.

Death to me represents sweet release from your evil and the aforementioned pain, and represents a couple of opportunities I would welcome - the honor of dying in a sacred cause, and another best left unspoken. You know what that is, and so does most everyone here.

I'll no longer hide behind nonexistent "anonymity".

I'll be there on 4/19 - with bells on - to join a number of better men and add my shaking fist to theirs. I know you'll be out there grabbing tag numbers and cameras for facial-recognition.


In the mean-time, you know where I am if you want to play.

Bottom line: F*** You. Here's some Fish-heads.



Unknown said...

I need a ride to Washington, bad.

If anyone knows of anyone in Georgia heading up there for the 19th who would be willing to give a fellow Irregular/IIIper/oathkeeper a ride, comment on this post with a way I can contact you.

I'm a college kid with no cash, but I would do anything to be there.

Unknown said...

I need a ride to Washington for the 19th.

If anyone knows of someone willing to let a fellow patriot share a ride, post some info on here so I can get in contact. I'm in Georgia.

I would love to go, but have no way otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but giggle a little at the idea of fireworks being lit in order that everyone start shooting each other. Don't get me wrong, it's not funny, but let's say it really did happen. We know it won't work, but they would do it because they think it would work.

Let's assume they are correct for a moment. Wouldn't the guy who tossed the fireworks find himself right in the middle of the crossfire? Don't they take even a minute to really think things through? lol

Tom Austin said...

I was thinking of bringing my kids; it seems that I may have to make other plans. Thanks for the warning.

Daniel Almond said...


about the rides. email me at restoretheconstitution@alarmandmuster.com and we'll go from there.

straightarrow said...

I am a rather lone figure where I live. I cannot be there, simply because I have not the wherewithal and not enough friends to pool with.

I would like to attend just to meet some others who believe as I do. I do not believe the other side is perspicacious enough to heed the warning, therefore I do not believe the gathering will accomplish its purpose. But I would like to meet others who have, as I have, taken their last step backward, given their last benefit of the doubt, and run slap out of courtesy or concern for those who value freedom even less than they value us.

I must husband my resources for the coming unpleasantness and I reckon there will be many like me who don't make it to the event, but will make it to the unpleasantness.

PKL said...

"The anarchists have threatened to disrupt us,"

It should be noted that some anarchists have threatened to disrupt your shindig... but not all.

Some of us support it. I think now is a bad time to try to make enemies from potential allies.

Just my $0.02...

earthmother said...

"It may be our last chance to convince them without violence that we are done backing up. "

it's comments like the above that make your collective of seemingly in-bred mouth breathers no more than the lunatic fringe.

keep up the good work....you are your own worst enemy.

Lurker said...

I'll be watching from my office desk and relaying what I can.

Anonymous said...

April 6, 2010 10:35 PM
Anonymous earthmother said...

"It may be our last chance to convince them without violence that we are done backing up. "

it's comments like the above that make your collective of seemingly in-bred mouth breathers no more than the lunatic fringe.

keep up the good work....you are your own worst enemy.

April 7, 2010 4:50 AM

earthmother are you at all literate? I mean really, what is a "mouth breather"? Why are you Socialist's even in MY Country and BTW what is an "earthmother"....some sort of Pagan dirt worshiper. Were tired of your Fabian Socialism. This is a Republic(rule by Law).


ETA: I need a ride the 19th as well, I'm in Houston.

straightarrow said...

Earthmother reveals something about herself that no self-respecting person would want the world to know.

She has revealed her revulsion at people who will not "back up" to allow her to abuse them and their rights.

She finds fault with an attempt to dissuade our abusers from starting a war. Why? Because after nearly 80 years, we have backed up all we are going to. We have finally realized we can never back up enough to be let alone by them, and earthmother finds that unacceptable.

That leaves no doubt as to her intentions and lack of respect for a free people. Earthmother, we should be so lucky that you be the inbred mouthbreather you accuse us of being, but alas, you are not so non-threatening. You are a monster. And like all monsters you will maraud until you are stopped. Monsters cannot heed warnings because evil is too ingrained in them to be denied by anything so pedestrian as respect for fellow citizens who just wish to be let alone.

So, now we know where you stand and we now owe you no quarter.

Paul X said...

"It should be noted that some anarchists have threatened to disrupt your shindig... but not all."

Yeah, that struck me too. I thought anarchists were the good guys. Why are they breaking up the demonstration?

Just like there are different varieties of conservatives, there are different varieties of anarchists. Anarcho-capitalists are likely to be part of the march. Anarcho-socialists might be on the other side I suppose; the same crowd that gets rowdy around WTO meetings. Although I'd like to see evidence that even they are up to something (why?); Mike if you have some intel about them, maybe a link to a website or something, let us know. I want to see how anarchist these folks really are.

Anonymous said...

You fucking people make me sick. I served for 21 years in the military, and I doubt if any or most of you served a day. I also doubt if you have ever read our Constitution, if you have you are probably to stupid to even understand that you have no right to do what you are planning to do. If you don't like the current situation in the United States of America, then leave. Start your own country or move some where else, like Mexico, or maybe even China.

ChuckAtPodunkOutpost said...

To Anonymous:

I won't bother to question your service claims because it would be pointless.

Regarding the Constitution, if you had read and understood the document, you would realize that it does not speak about what citizens can or cannot do. It defines the functions and limits of the federal government. Even amendments effecting slavery, prohibition, and voting age do not directly create restrictions on citizens, but EMPOWERS CONGRESS to create the necessary legislation.

Your contention that citizens have "no right" to assemble peaceably while bearing arms is perhaps the supreme irony.