Tuesday, August 4, 2009

OK, so I was wrong but I'm still right. -- "Dezinformatisiya" Games.

The latest Obama Birth Certificate

Yeah, I know, in the largest sense it is NOT funny.

And yes, I admit I missed the issue date on the Kenyan certificate which is at issue now. However, it turns out that although I was wrong about that, I was right about the "Republic of Kenya."

If you go here to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heads_of_Government_of_Kenya you will discover that from 12 December 1963 when Kenya was granted independence until 12 December 1964, the official title of Kenya was not the Republic of Kenya, but rather the Dominion of Kenya. It wasn’t until a year later, on 12 December 1964 that the "Republic of Kenya" came into existence. Yet the document purports to have been issued on 17 February 1964 by the "Office of Principal Registrar, Coast Province, Republic of Kenya."

It remains "Dezinformatisiya" -- disinformation.

I stand by my analysis, and my warning.



Anonymous said...

Nicely done!

drjim said...

I like you revised version of his birth certificate better.
THAT's the kind of "transparency" we need!

Dr.D said...

Keep the good work Mike, the Truth is NOT served by lies, no matter how well intentioned.


Green Eagle said...


How about "Stupidatisiya?"

Here's another one I came across:


As I'm sure you might agree, you know all those laws about not selling guns to people with severe mental illness? I think maybe the same thing should apply to photoshop.