Thursday, August 20, 2009

"The Kopp-Etchels Effect": Michael Yon continues to file outstanding reporting from Afghanistan.

My thanks to avcat for forwarding me this story from Michael Yon's outstanding blog. The photos are outstanding. The story will make you cry.


avcat comments:

St. Elmo's Fire runs actinic-white to blue; whereas these exhibit the typical heating paradigm of a meteor, going red-orange-yellow-white. I suspect it is more that the high-speed boundary layer of air on the rotors is creating dust particle meteor swarms as the particles are instantly heated to vaporization. I like Michael's name for it - the Kopp-Etchells Effect.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Michael Yon is there, doing a bang-up excellent job;

Better than that other one, who was he? Oh, yeah, Geraldo Rivera.

B Woodman

thedweeze said...

I used to think very highly of Mr. Yon and his reporting.

Then he regurgitated the '90%' myth and then refused to modify his position when attempts were made to correct the facts.

He may be doing the Lord's work overseas, but I don't exactly see him as a supporter of our Rights domestically.