Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To All Free Men and Women Who Escaped Collectivist Tyranny: Stand With Us!

To All Free Men and Women Who Escaped Collectivist Tyranny: Stand Together With Us

Each of you risked all to escape from savage oppression in your countries of birth and come to America, the land of the free. You bear the scars, within and without, of your old tyrannical masters' evils. You have already paid much to learn the involuntary lessons of collectivist tyranny.

Hungary, 1956.

Now, ideological allies of the same collectivists who robbed, tortured, raped, and murdered your countrymen have captured the legislative majority in the American Congress.

Worse yet, another ideological ally of your tormenters occupies the White House.

Cuban refugee children arrive in Miami, Operation Pedro Pan, 1962.

Together, though they wrap their arguments in sweet words and false kindness, these socialists plan to destroy every single aspect of the America you love, and in its place, establish another totalitarian hell on earth -- where every single human act must be authorized, regulated, and monitored by government.

Czechoslovakia, 1968

You brave men and women, who know far better than native-born Americans what evils these governments perpetrate every day against their citizens, will be the witnesses who will teach others what must be done to save our country.

You, the refugees from tyranny, know that America is the last, best hope for mankind.

South China Sea off the Vietnamese coast, 1976.

Yet many of our people do not see the threat. They lack your wisdom, born of cruelty and oppression. We need your help. You can show them why and how they must stand together.

Hmong refugees, undated photo.

Join us in Washington, DC on September 11-13 to tell the totalitarians that you will not allow them to destroy America too. Be there as a living witness to the evils of collectivism.

China, 1989.

Join us in renewing our oaths to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

If the American constitutional republic falls, there is no place else left where ANY of us can flee and still be truly free.

Liberty stands, or falls for generations, right here, right now.


Mike Vanderboegh
Pinson, Alabama
Writing on behalf of The Three Percent.


Anonymous said...


See you in DC friend!

Sean said...

And bring a lunch, this may take a while.

GunRights4US said...

My son's getting married on 9/12, but I'd rather be in DC!

Dakota said...

I used to work with a Cambodian that escaped on his boat and took a lot of people with them. They were stopped at sea and he was thrown overboard and shot at. He played dead and came back after they left. All the men had been killed and thrown overboard. I hope those that have escaped will do just that.

Anonymous said...

This made me wonder...What are immigrant groups from persecuting countries like China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Soviet-era Eastern Europe etc doing? I haven't heard anything about them being vocal about what's going on in Amerika these days.

It might be interesting to see what alliances may be forged in the days ahead... we're gonna need each other, it looks like.

drjim said...

Wish I could be there in person, but I can't, so I'll be there in spirit.

Anonymous said...

Nothing could be grander than some Vietnamese, Montagnard, Cambodians, Chinese, and Cubans standing there on the Mall, putting the lie to mantra that we are all "white racists" and letting it be known that they fought communists before, and can and will do it again.

Spread it far and wide.

Brock Townsend said...

"What are immigrant groups from persecuting countries like...... Vietnam......doing"

I can't answer for the others, but although the Vietnamese are Conservative, I believe that through my conversations with them they mostly discount the fact that a Marxist has taken over. I remember in '75/'76 after coming back on the evacuation from Vietnam, that I attended a meeting in Little Saigon, and the Communists showed up in full regalia, but they were chased out of the hall mainly by elderly Vietnamese ladies with umbrellas. It was a sight to see. So, like everyone else, we have to inform their children of the very real consequences of the current regime.