Thursday, August 27, 2009

Been slammed these past few days.

Had to rearrange the slovenly excuse for an office to accomodate a scanner/printer so as to better present certain unclassified government douments. (ATF count your bureaucratic children! The lightswitch is on the way, you cockroaches.)

Also still struggling to finish Absolved. (Remember Absolved? I sure do. It is killing me. But I WILL finish it soon.)

In addition, I seem to be the subject of some media interest, and have been interviewed more in the past two weeks than in the past year.

Then there's the historical research job I'm doing to add a few FRNs to the always-depleted Vanderboegh family treasury (sounds of moth wings flapping and dust gathering).

Anyway, if the quality of posts around here seems to suffer for the next few days, that's why. Mea culpa.



Loneviking said...

As long as you finish Absolved, all will be forgiven!

Anonymous said...

Be careful of interviews. Mike Austin of "The Return of Scipio" blog granted an interview to Esquire recently and is now off the net. I have a feeling that pressure was brought to bear on his daytime job. Can't have school teachers around that teach the real meaning of the Constitution and such and then blog right of center at night. That would be un-democratic.

A. Nonny Mouse

Happy D said...

Have mercy release another chapter I need a fix man.

Loren said...

Was Glenn Beck among those? After he was piled up with all of us, I sent him an e-mail recommending To Shake Their Guns and you as reliable references. I didn't think you'd mind the chance to get a proper story out.

Anonymous said...

No need to approve this comment, it's actually for your eyes.


Cajun III