Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Obamacare now being advertised in German!

My thanks to Crusty for forwarding the poster above, along with this translation:

This congenitally ill person costs the people's community 60,000 Reichsmarks throughout his lifetime.

Comrade, this is also your money.

Read "New People" the monthly magazine of the office of racial politics of the National Socialist German Workers Party.

Crusty also makes the observation that this cries out for good photoshop.

"Personally I think a good shop job would get the point across." -- Crusty, III



Crustyrusty said...

How rude of me to omit credit for the image... no matter how early in the AM it was.

The image was from Randall Bytwerk's Nazi and East German Propaganda Guide Page at:


Lots of good information that Threepers can use in the present situation.


Tangalor said...

I happened to catch a few minutes of Glenn Beck a few weeks ago on Faux, and he was using this exact same poster in response to O-care.

If only I could photoshop...

Mattexian said...

I think the only 'shopping this needs is the translation beneath it, maybe with a tag asking, "Is this what ObamaCare is going to do to our old and crippled?"

Crustyrusty said...

LOL I had no idea Beck had it on his show. Mike's article on the Repo Man made me remember this.

And no, I have no artistic talent whatever, otherwise I'd have been all over this.


HappyD said...

A razor blade a picture of our beloved leader Barry Howsane Obama llama Dingdong and a photocopier will do well enough.