Sunday, August 23, 2009

FBI Director Mueller Decries "Mockery of justice." I guess he doesn't like the competition. Only HE is allowed to mock justice.

"About this much." Robert "Gestapo" Mueller, Director of the FBI, testifying before Congress. The question was, "Director Mueller, how much does your oath mean to you?"

Here's the link.

This from a guy whose agency trains provocateurs and pays them to encourage violence. (Anybody notice how state-run media have ignored this story?)

This from a guy whose agency routinely violates the Constitution in case after case.

This from a guy whose agency shoots unarmed women holding babies and commits mass murder AND HAS NEVER BEEN CALLED TO ACCOUNT FOR IT.

"Mockery of justice?"

I guess he just doesn't like the competition.


"Mockery of justice?" Now THIS is a mockery of justice. Mueller's agency puts the Libyans in the deep shade when it comes to "mocking justice."


Johnny said...

I haven't followed it closely but many of the relatives of deceased here in Scotland believe the trial was a sham and al-Megrahi is innocent of the charges found against him.

This faux outrage is all part of concealing a much deeper, darker story which involves Western intelligence services in the bombing, if the truth were to be known.

Whatever, "the rule of law" demonstrably has only coincidental relationship to justice in the modern world, especially because of evil SOB like Mueller.

Anonymous said...

Mueller needs to pay for his past transgressions AND should be relieved of his office for his demonstration of just how much his oath of office means to him.

Nex ut Tyrannus!