Thursday, August 20, 2009

National Three Percenter Meeting Called: In the middle of a huge demonstration in DC on 12 September.

"09.12.09 March on Washington: The Tea Party Movement Goes to Capitol Hill"


The March on Washington on 12 September will likely represent the culmination of all the anger and resentment that the Obamanoids' various grabs for power have generated all over the country. We have all, I think, participated in various Tea Parties in our local AOs and have experienced the indignation, the building rage at being forced by our "betters" to shut up, pay up and do what we are told. For the first time in my life, I think liberty-loving people, every-day folks, are ready to march in the streets in numbers. And frankly, I want to be there when they do.

I know the march is being organized by Dick Armey's people. I know that there will be folks there who actually are part of the problem. I also know that nominally this demonstration is about Obamacare. Except that it isn't.

For just as Obamacare is not really about health care, but about the government grabbing control over more of our lives, so too is the protest against it more than about health insurance.

It is about liberty. And where people demanding liberty are, that's where the Three Percent need to be.

I will be in DC by the afternoon of 10 September to meet with an old friend, and likely some new friends too. Link up information will be posted later. The recognition sign will be some sort of III percent logo, Threeper patches on boonie hat or jacket, an improvised III on an armband or a hat, anything.

Look forward to seeing y'all there.

Maybe we'll have a Threeper "flash mob," who knows?

Information on the demonstration can be found here.


Note: We will, unfortunately, be obeying all local laws. DC is not Arizona, more's the pity. Hey, here's a thought. Is it illegal in DC to carry TOY guns?


Dutchman6 said...

Jackie Juntti sends this idea via email:

"Perhaps everyone could carry empty holsters containing copies of THE CONSTITUTION... or The Declaration of Independence."

Steve K said...

I do not know the laws regarding toy guns on Capital Hill. Its not a bad idea to look into though, as some Airsoft weaponry would look nearly identical to real rifles to a Bed-Wetter.

drjim said...

Jackie's idea sounds pretty damn good to me.

Unknown said...

Virginia is an open carry state, and we will likely be having an OC dinner that evening. Details will be posted on the home page of closer to the event.

W W Woodward said...


If the DC cops get stupid you could very well get a taste of OC that evening.

I wish I could be there, but lack of funds, travel time and other major commitments will be keeping me away.

Y'all take care.

Anonymous said...

I am coming. Will you be setting up the Sipsey Street sign? I would be so honored to meet everyone.

I am still depressed that the June Oath Keeper rally had been canceled virtually at the last minute. I am so happy now this is under way.

Anonymous said...

This is Dick Armey's organization:

Threepers should have no problem recognizing this type of organization. Personally, I find no fault with them at the policy level. They are small-government conservatives.


PolyKahr said...


I was thinking of going anyway, and this seals it for me. I will meet you there (and be honored to do so), as always, Lord willing and the creek don't rise...

Best Wishes,

Caleb said...

Open carrying an Airsoft gun in The District seems like a good way to "experience" handcuffs.

MamaLiberty said...

I'm going to an Appleseed in Wyoming that day. :) Good luck, and watch your six...