Friday, August 28, 2009

Critical need for expert witness on Camp Perry malfunctions!

I have this just in from Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America. He requests information on an expert witness competent to testify on malfunctions on the line at Camp Perry. It is for a pending legal case and the sands in the hour glass are fast running out. In his own words:

Do you know of a reference to the Camp Perry matches where they have gunsmiths to handle malfunctions? Or any other such venue where they are used to shooters having guns that malfunction by firing a burst and then jamming? Time is of the essence on this.


There must be someone out there. Find him, and report back to Larry at GOA or give me the lead and I will.

Wrack your brains folks. And if you don't know anybody, spread the request on every gun blog and shooter's board you can think of.

Somebody's freedom is hanging on it.



Anonymous said...

I attended the Camp Perry M-16 Small Arms Firing School last year and this year. The students use issued "rack grade" M-16's which have been modified so that they only fire semiauto. In both years I was doing well on slow fire but on rapid fire, the M-16's jammed to the point where I was out of the running. In both years, my coaches seemed quite embarrassed at this situation and this year my coach even got out his personal magazines to help alleviate it -- too late to help me and those ahead of me.

Anonymous said...

The answer is obvious: Fulton Armory.

Not only are they Garand/M-14/M-1A experts, they staff a booth at the national matches where they service competitor's rifles.


Robert Langham said...

Call the CMP. Google CMP to find contacts.
Marines usually handle problems on the line but the CMP inspects rifles and weighs triggers during the matches. The Marine armorers, I'm ashamed to say, are usually just a kid with a big hat and a cleaning rod. They don't seem to know anything useful to a competitive shooter.
The Amy Marksmanship unit is along as well.

Anonymous said...

Gunsmith services are provided at Camp Perry - see reference, below.

Can't say to what degree the armor's on site deal with malfunctions as described ("burst, then jamming"). Service rifle M1 Garand's and M14's are known for "doubling".

Need to search the discussion boards for service rifle enthusiasts and competitors to find knowledgeable feedback on this. However, the incident in question needs to be more descriptive.

For policy at Camp Perry, go to:

"CMP ARMORER VAN & RIFLE INSPECTIONS. All rifles that will be fired in National Trophy Rifle Matches must be inspected and have their triggers weighed by a National Matches armorer. A tape verifying that the rifle was inspected will be placed on the rifle by the armorer. The CMP maintains an Armorer Van is the Armorer Van area behind Young Range throughout the National Matches. Experienced service rifle gunsmiths staff the van. Hours of operation are generally the same as range firing hours. The CMP van provides trigger weighing services, rifle inspections and emergency repairs. Gunsmiths in the van also can advise you in determining whether a rifle you plan to fire in the M1 Carbine, Springfield, Vintage Military Rifle or Garand Matches is legal. Service rifle trigger weighing is also performed at the other military armorer vans on a time-available basis. Both NRA Referees and CMP Armorers will also spot check rifles on the line to assure compliance with CMP rifle rules."

The Wretched Dog