Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Teddy Kennedy's Dead. HOO-YAH!

The 101st Airborne Division never much liked Teddy Kennedy after Hamburger Hill, when Kennedy got up in the well of the Senate and gave aid and comfort to the North Vietnamese while the One-Oh-One was still fighting and dying. Even when my son was in OIF 1 with the 101st, the institutional loathing of Kennedy was still fierce. I doubt many 101st veterans will go to Kennedy's funeral, unless it might be to grasp his hand in the open casket and give him a "brown" send-off. (See Geraldo Rivera's exit from the 101st in Iraq.)

But it was my old friend Bob Wright who, as always, put the "Lion of the Senate's" death in perspective:

"I just had the most pleasant thought ...Ted Kennedy in Hell....Mary Jo Kopekne manning the burner controls."


Crustyrusty said...

He was barely worth the energy to make the keystrokes necessary to comment on my blog....

typeay said...

Ted's entire REAL resume, here:

idahobob said...

It's about time that this criminal got his just reward.

Is anyone besides my DW and I going to be dancing in the streets today?



Stan said...

Mark Twain's quip sums up pretty well how I feel: "I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it."

blonde in every pond said...

See this?

Christening of the USS TED KENNEDY

idahobob said...

Way back when, there was a song called "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead", now if we just replace the words "The Witch", with "Teddy", I think that we would have a hit on our hands.


Anonymous said...

Ding, dong, the wicked witch is dead!

Crotalus said...

The "Lion of the Senate" is dead, and his prey, the American Citizen, can rest a little easier. But we must still practice eternal vigilance, for thre are still many hyenas and jackals there.

ParaPacem said...

I only hope that Hell has a deep enough, slimy enough corner for this scum-sucking dirtbag. Now watch the press canonize the evil bastard.
You DO remember that the reason he drowned Mary Jo was that she would not abort his child? Can a human being get any lower than that?

jon said...

i guess he's left the scene of his final accident.

i wrote an obit today for a far more distinguished gentleman, who also died of cancer (lung) within the past couple of days: abdul aziz al-hakim, leader of the supreme council for the islamic revolution in iraq.

he's good people. you know, comparatively.

Happy D said...

One traitor down many to go.

Anonymous said...

Forgive the length, but this is a delicious irony;

In 2004, in a brazenly political move, Teddy lobbied the state of Mass. to enact a law for special elections for vacant Senate seats. Just in case John Kerry won the Presidency and Mitt Romney (R) filled that vacancy with another (R).

In 2009, in a brazenly politcal move, Teddy lobbied that same legislature to reverse the law to return to the governor (who happens to be a Democrat) the power to name a replacement to the Senate.

Apart from Kennedy's lobbying, his party would have retained a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. Thanks to his lobbying, the people of Massachusetts might be able to make that permanent.

Thanks, Teddy.

Dr.D said...

Good riddance to bad trash.
Ted Kennedy's car has killed more people than my gun.


Anonymous said...

Ted got to live a long treasonous life. Imagine the life that Mary Jo could have lived if Ted hadn't murdered her. Along with Mary Jo's murder, he is part of conspiracy to murder thousands of infants. He will get a Catholic hero's funeral. Another reason to despise the Catholic church. I can't understand how the people of Massachusetts have elected this alcohol soaked sack of flesh for 47 years.

I only hope that Mary Jo got a chance to kick him in the nuts on his way down to hell.

parabarbarian said...

I didn't intend to comment on this. Who really gives a crap about an aging brain dead collectivist troll? Then I remembered a guy I went to college with His brother died at Hamburger Hill. So I changed my mind.

Good riddance.

Zindo Doone said...

In this mans honor...I'm going to sprinkle good Tulamore Dew on his grave...but I'm going to filter it through my kidneys first!!
Just as soon as I get the chance!!!