Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another country heard from: "Liberals Have Guns Too, Ya Know..."

"Think about this, Rambo."


Here we have one of the more creative leftist/collectivist reactions to the town hall armed contingents. You can find it at OpEd News.

My reaction post on their website follows.


Liberals Have Guns Too, Ya Know...

by Stephen Pizzo Page 1 of 1 page(s)

So, the latest way the wing-nut right has found to get everyone's attention is to show up heavy at healthcare town hall meetings. I don't know what loaded guns have to do with healthcare reform, but there they are, AR15's hanging on the shoulders of men in baseball caps, 9mm semi-automatic pistolas strapped, Bruce Willis-style, on their upper thighs. All loaded for " what? Bear? Deer? Muskrats? Dingos?

Dunno. But there they are, loaded for something – prancing around with their hardware fully exposed with a, “mine is bigger than yours,” swagger. And "I got a honkin' bad, uncircumsized assault rifle." (With flash supressor.)

Right wingers are always fretting about how liberals are on the verge of taking their guns away. Which makes me wonder if they realized how many liberals out here are just as well armed as they are? Because we are. And, take it from me as a life-long liberal, I know liberals far better than right wingers do and taking your guns away is not on the mainstream progessive agenda.

So, we liberal gun owners don't lay awake nights, stroking our guns, waiting for black helicopters to sweep in with storm troopers there to wrench our guns from our “cold dead fingers.” We know that's not about to happen, at least as long as we don't abuse our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. (Civics Lesson: Every right in the constitution can only exist as long as those granted those rights don't abuse them... like yelling “fire” in a crowded theater --- or shooting up town hall meetings... just saying.)

Right wingers seem to think that only their kind appreciate the heft of a well-made gun. Wrong. As I already noted, many liberals own guns, often more than one. And, if I could dare to speak for fellow liberal gun-owners, here's how we view our firearm(s):

We view our gun the very same way we view the fire extinguisher we keep in case there's a fire. I'd feel pretty foolish, even irresponsible, if a fire broke out in our kitchen and I didn't have an extinguisher right at hand before it spread and burned our house down. Likewise, I'd feel pretty foolish if someone broke into my house in the middle of the night and I didn't have a way to protect myself and my family. (Knock wood, I've never had a fire or break-in, but both can and do happen, and I'm ready for either.)

That's one difference between liberal gun owners and those guys packing loaded guns at town hall meetings. We don't have their obsessive relationship with firearms, just as we don't don't have obsessive feelings toward our washing machines, or our lawn mowers or our fire extinguishers. Guns are just another household appliance, nothing more. (Imagine how crazy it would it be if I showed up at a healthcare town hall meeting packing a fully-loaded toaster oven? Pretty crazy, dudes.)

Furthermore, liberals tend to be more polite than right wingers, especialing when it comes the handling of firearms. We understand that flashing guns in public places makes other folks nervous. So we keep our guns where they belong, at home, in a secure place. I wouldn't show up with a gun at town hall meeting any more than I'd show up with a chainsaw. Sure, it's perfectly legal to walk around in crowd with a fueled up and ready to go chainsaw, as long as you don't assault anyone with it. But it's also something only a truly stupid, or insane, person would do... or for that matter, even consider doing.

One more thing. Imagine for a moment we libs started showing at these town hall meetings packing heat as well? Just how many nanoseconds do you figure would pass before some armed dimwit decided this was time to live out his personal “showdown at the OK corral” fantasy? Duh.

So, if those on the right are really worried politicians might pass restrictive gun laws, just keep tempting fate like you've been doing the past couple of weeks. Because when you purposely inject loaded guns into an already emotionally-loaded political/social debate, it's only a matter of time before the inevitable happens. Then there will be new gun laws. Because that's how it works in this country. We wait until something terrible happens, or nearly happens, then we pass a law against it.

Which is precisely why we now must take our shoes off at airports, even though everyone knows “shoes don't kill people, people kill people.”

Think about it, Rambo.

"No, think about THIS, Dumbo."

My post:

Think about THIS, Dumbo.

A. If there are statistically that many left wing collectivists (you are NOT classic liberals) who own firearms, then why do you bastards keep trying to take OURS away? Another example of collectivist hypocrisy?

B. It is good that you have firearms. Keep pushing us back from our God-given, inalienable rights to life, liberty and property and you sorry collectivist sonsabitches are gonna NEED 'em.

Mike Vanderboegh
Pinson, AL
the alleged leader of merry band of Three Percenters


Anonymous said...

Here's my favorite quote from Pisso:

"(Civics Lesson: Every right in the constitution can only exist as long as those granted those rights don't abuse them..."

Granted? God given say I. No man can take my God given rights from me as long as I can still breath and maintain a good sight picture.

Mike III said...

“So we keep our guns where they belong, at home, in a secure place.”

You keep doing that, Stephen Pizzo. One day, while we are both enjoying dinner in a restaurant somewhere with our families, (most likely two separate restaurants, as I only patronize those establishments that welcome one’s 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms) and two someone’s who do not leave their firearms at home, and who also happen not to be law abiding citizens, decide to rob our respective restaurants, I’ll wish you and yours the best.

Oh, and the black helicopters, they’re real. ;~) I’ve seen them.

Gregg said...

So this intellectual giant thinks that it is dumb to not have a fire extinguisher at hand where a fire is most likely to break out, but thinks it is smart to not have a firearm at hand where he, or his family, is most likely to be attacked?

Paul (skidmark to some of you) said...

"Civics Lesson: Every right in the constitution can only exist as long as those granted those rights ... "

Why, oh why, do liberals bitterly cling to the belief that rights are 'granted'?

In the USA we are endowed with certain rights by our Creator - suposedly the highest authority there is. To state it in another way - we posses rights. They are as much a part of our fabric and being as much as we posses skin or fingernails.

Attempt to mess with my rights and I will respond in the same manner as I would had you decided to mess with my skin or my fingernails.

ScottJ said...

Furthermore, liberals tend to be more polite than right wingers

Sounds like he defines polite much the same way communists define peace.

My personal experience is that a liberal only remains polite so long a no one expresses at thought counter to theirs.

Doc Enigma said...

R O F L M A O!!! Mike, I'm not laughing at you, I can see the look on your face as you typed your response and imagine the look on the recipient's face as he read it.....

You just GOTTA stop coating things with sugar and tell 'em straight!!!

Keep doing what you're doing!
R O F L M A O!!!

idahobob said...

Self proclaimed liberals ALWAYS show how stupid they are as soon as they open their mouths.


Anonymous said...

Just how stupid does Pizzo think we are? Liberals/statists (any stripe) gave us NFA35, GCA68, AWB-1, machine gun manufacturing limits, draconian permit systems in the several states and even denial/gross restriction(may issue) of permits in some states as well as draconian limitations on where a firearm can be carried by an honest, law abiding citizen. -To name a few.
Most liberals I know DO NOT have firearms, much less ammo and gear. And those that do, generally don't have a clue as to how to use them or even consider carrying 24/7 as many of us do. I always carry a spare tire, fire extinquisher, insurance AND a firearm(s) because one never knows where the NEED for those items may occur. That means NOT at home or stashed somewhere where you can't get to them (that's plural, 'dude') in mere seconds.

Thank you, Mike for the clear and poiniant example.

Typical of an illogical liberal mind to make such emotional claims like 'we have guns, too'. So f'g what. I doubt you know how to use it, are willing to use it, have the training to use it, or even have the ammo to feed it. You most likely have even forgotten the combo to your safe or even where you hid them. Ha, ha, ha. Yes, I've actually seen this happen to a liberal more than once... Besides, a few liberals I know would faint dead away at the mere sight of a firearm, as evidenced by their utter shock that I carry 24/7. (The last one didn't believe me so I pulled it out and showed him in a discrete locale. The look on his face was PRICELESS.)

I call absolute Bravo Sierra on Pizzo. Thanks for the laugh.


J. Travis said...

If chucklehead Pizzo could even recite the "four rules" of gun safety, I would be truly amazed.

How interesting that while some anti-gun people claim to be as well armed as we are, they feel the need to denigrate their projection of emotional pathology upon people they would never meet at some Manhattan cocktail party.

It is obvious that the statists are getting the message of armed citizens at these demonstrations. The number of op-eds and "News" chatter that we are stupid, childish, and irresponsible proves that they ARE getting the message that there is a threat of consequences significantly more personal than losing a future election.

I saw reports of a few dozen people open-carrying at Phoenix.

Wait til we have a few hundred showing up.

They called us a mob.

We are an army.


j said...

This guy must be writing a humor column, tongue-in-cheek, don't you think? I mean, really, liberals "polite'??? Hold up a picture of my queen, Sarah Palin, and see how many of those nanoseconds pass by before the libs are frothing, thrashing their arms and legs, gnashing their teeth and turning purple. They put on a tremendously amusing show.

And fire extinguishers are useful but should always be in one's home, locked securely in a vault.

Finally I will agree with what everyone HERE already knows - a slave mentality, (i.e., liberal / socialist / statist ) can NOT grasp the concept of 'rights' that are not 'granted' by some superior authority. Only the mentality of a FREE man can grasp the concept that rights are bestowed by the Creator of all, on every person.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and just for the record Maccabee. When they hold up a picture of their queen, ( Barney Frank), in front of me for a few seconds. I give them the same reaction. But with intermitent vomiting added.......mthead

Kent McManigal said...

Pizzo is under some delusions.

I get really tired of the old "you can't yell 'FIRE!' in a theater" myth. (The real quote asserts you have no right to FALSELY yell "FIRE!", but almost everyone misses that distinction, and it is still wrong anyway.) Yes, you can. It is your absolute human right to do so. It may not be nice, and you will be held accountable for any harm you cause by doing so, of course.

The Bill of Rights doesn't give us any rights at all. In fact, it doesn't even apply to you or me at all unless we work for government.

What it DOES do is prohibit government from enacting "laws" that restrict (violate) certain rights (think of it as a "government shall not..." list).

Since the First Amendment protects ALL speech from government regulation or control, it also protects the right to say things that can be destructive or stupid. That doesn't mean doing so is right.... it is not, but government can have no legitimate say in the matter.

What government can do, or what a private arbitrator should do, after the fact, is hold the speaker accountable for any harm his foolishness caused.

The best thing is that the Bill of Rights could be repealed tomorrow and it wouldn't diminish our rights at all. It might make it slightly easier for government to get away with violating those rights. We may get a chance to see.

Steve K said...


I believe the term you are looking for to express what you describe is "Prior Restraint." Its basically a law preventing you from doing something, not punishing you after the fact.

A lock on your door is prior restraint from a burgaler entering, the 12ga you shoot him with is a punishment after he has entered.

A muzzle on your mouth would be a prior restraint from yelling "Fire!" Going to jail or getting fined after the fact is the punishment.

Too bad most Collectivists don't understand this concept.

Anonymous said...

I feel somewhat silly for belaboring the bleein' obvious, but.. as a graduate of UC Berkeley, having observed for many painful years the nation's finest and most cerebral of the libtards-in-training, I would offer the following observations:

- A malarial hyena has nothing on the hysterical bark of the righteously indignant libtard.

- Whenever someone on a lecture circuit who happens to be right of Trotsky (a rare event in itself) is incautious enough to visit Berkeley, the lecture is protested and disrupted in the most awful and impolite ways while the administration looks the other way.

- Should a brave (and well-groomed, for a change) right-of-Trotsky campus club attempt to hold signs peacefully reminding people of one liberal insanity or another, the campus police are called out.

- The self-righteousness of the libtard is such that quite frequently they have no realization of the profound hypocrisy implicit in their behavior -- they, who are the self-styled "champions of tolerance and free speech", are by far more intolerant and censorship-prone than any of their ideological opponents.

- UC Berkeley, while producing some leading edge science, is an absolute pit of despair insofar as the explicit and implicit political spin they impart to the students. While a few escape with a heightened resolve to derail the corporatocratic/collectivist menace, I have no doubt that most emerge as confirmed obamanoid zombies in this regard. Professors do not hide their socialist biases, and blatantly penalize students who don't play along.

- The birthplace of the 60's "free speech movement" is probably the most shrilly censored campus in the country. You'd have to be there to believe it... a travesty of grandiose proportions.

Well, that was quite a walk down memory lane. I could almost detect a whiff of patchouli and over-ripe Birkenstocks.


Anonymous said...

Mr. S Pizzo,
While I have several comments to make on your "article" (rant), there have been others who have already spoken on the holes in your arguments.

But above all, I wanted to say this:

Yes, you and a few of your SocLib friends may also possess arms. And even if ALL SocLibs possessed arms (interesting oxymoron, there).

We still outnumber you by a vast majority. And we practice enough, and have enough ammunition, and have the mindset enough, to use our arms to keep our precious freedoms.

Can you say the same?

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot. Mike, thanks for putting up the pic of Sylvester "Rambutt" Stallone. I'd almost forgotten how much I came to hate that hypocrite after the statements he said when Phil Hartman was killed by his off-meds wife.

In case anyone's forgotten, to the effect, "The police need to go door to door and confiscate all guns."

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Two thoughts: At the top--almost the lead--Pizzo (or his leadr) wrote, "I don't know what loaded guns have to do with healthcare reform. . . ." I say he surely knows because none of us Nazis ;-) has connected the two.

On Libidiots with guns: I gave a Mossberg 20-gauge pump to a neolib WW2 Army vet who e-mailed me yesterday that he hasn't yet figured out how to use it!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

These brain trusts keep making the same stupid statements about no connection between the right to bear arms and this insidious health care 'plan'. First, they must be ignoring the "Ted Kennedy" inputs to the bills which only show after the bill had past. Secondly, they don't seem to get the connection that the citizenry is over unconstitutional legislation.


Glockgemini said...

I think the main reason that conservatives are bringing firearms to display their independance from guberment is that they aren't enjoying what the guberment is trying to shove up our backsides and the liberals seem to relish it. Why would a liberal want to complain about something they like?

Happy D said...

Liberals Have Guns Too, Ya Know...
Good I always support people having guns.
Question;All loaded for " what? Bear? Deer? Muskrats? Dingos?
Answer;Politicians,SEIU Terrorists, Reporters.

B Woodman Bravo sir! Well put.

Anonymous said...

Liberals and state-run media profess to get the vapors over weapons carried openly by citizens at political events, but one question is never asked:

Were those weapons loaded? Did the bearers of arms have ammo on their person?

I think the answer in each case was a resounding NO. But if it was reported thus, "The AR-15 carried by one protester was found to be empty" or "the Glock on the protester's hip had an empty magazine", that would completely derail their propaganda about "dangerous armed right-wing extremists".

And we can be certain that media people did confront the arms bearers: "Sir, is that gun you are carrying loaded!?"

A negative reply would as noted deflate the implied message of dangerousness.

"A half-truth can be as false as an outright lie"

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:00 pm,

"Were those weapons loaded? Did the bearers of arms have ammo on their person?

I think the answer in each case was a resounding NO."

The guy in Phx with the AR had a loaded clip in his back pocket.

jb said...

No honest politician has anything to fear from a citizen who is exercising his rights.