Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meet the latest specimen of "the Master Race": Calvin Lockner, sex-offender, coward and typical of the neo-Nazi breed.

A tip of the boonie hat to typeay for bringing my attention to this marvelous specimen of what passes for the "Master Race" these days.

Meet Calvin Lockner, aka "Hitler." Calvin is a convicted sex-offender who, with two other brave young Aryan lads, beat up an old black man fishing under a bridge in a park in Maryland. They knocked him to the ground, kicked him, beat him with fists and a baseball bat, then stole $19 from his wallet and his car. Cowardly bastards.

Now if Maryland allowed its law-abiding citizens to carry firearms in parks, then this elderly citizen could have killed all three of these scum-suckers in righteous self defense, and the gene pool could have been saved from possible future pollution.

Another missed opportunity courtesy of killer citizen disarmament laws.


Md. police: Man nicknamed 'Hitler' beat black man

By BEN NUCKOLS (AP) – 17 hours ago

BALTIMORE — A white supremacist accused of beating a 76-year-old black man has a tattoo of Adolf Hitler on his stomach with the words "He Lives" beneath it, and uses the Nazi dictator's last name as a nickname, according to police and court documents.

Calvin E. Lockner, 28, was ordered held without bail Wednesday morning. He's been charged with a long list of crimes including attempted murder, carjacking and assault, and prosecutors can seek tougher penalties under Maryland's hate crime law.

Lockner told police that the attack early Tuesday on James A. Privott, who had been fishing with his wife in a city park beneath the Francis Scott Key Bridge, "wouldn't have happened if he was a white man," court documents show.

Lockner, a convicted sex offender, has other racist tattoos and told police he was a member of two white supremacist groups, including the notorious prison gang the Aryan Brotherhood.

When Lockner was taken into custody, he said, "I'm sorry I did it," the documents show.

Lockner and two other white men shouted racial slurs as they kicked Privott to the ground, punched him in the face and hit him with a baseball bat, the documents show.

The men stole $19 from Privott's wallet and drove off in his sport utility vehicle, which was equipped with a theft-monitoring device. Police tracked down the vehicle, which overturned and crashed after the driver fled. The men ran off, but officers found Lockner with the help of a witness, police said.

Lockner will be represented by a public defender but has not yet been assigned one, a Maryland Public Defender's Office spokeswoman said.

Police had not yet found the two other suspects Wednesday afternoon.

Privott (pronounced pruh-VAHT'), of suburban Windsor Mill, suffered serious head trauma and lost two teeth and may also have broken an eye socket bone. He was in fair condition Wednesday at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center, a spokeswoman said. His wife was not injured.

Privott's stepdaughter said he was doing OK and that police had asked the family not to speak to reporters during the investigation.

Baltimore is about two-thirds black, and police monitor the city's active white supremacists, Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III said. Many are affiliated with a white prison gang called Dead Man Inc., although Lockner was not part of that gang, police said.

"Baltimore's a big city," Bealefeld said. "Just as assuredly as we have Bloods and Crips, we have DMI and we have Aryan Nation and we have outlaw motorcycle gangs and we have MS-13."

Mayor Sheila Dixon said she met with Privott in the hospital Tuesday, and he told her about good fishing spots around the city and suggested the park he was attacked in may need better lighting and security.

"People should have the right to go out ... fishing, relaxing, in a great park in the city," Dixon said. "His family is understandably shaken from this and by the violence and what was said to him and what was done to him."


Weaver said...

The government that allows scum like this to walk our streets while preventing the citizens from protecting themselves MUST be replaced during the next election. We must also demand that our government follow the same laws they force on us. This list could go on for days but it boils down to one fact; it's time to stop the crap.


CorbinKale said...

No matter what causes societal breakdown, war, economic collapse, plague, drought, pandemic, weather event, etc., it will end up as racial conflict, I am afraid. Every racist out there secretly, or openly, has fantasies of carrying out their agendas during such chaos.

My small group is multi-ethnic. We are aware of this probability, and have taken steps to incorporate human nature into our plans. Having diverse races in a group provides options in dealing with other groups.

Some of the group had some overt racist attitudes, but those fade as we work together. One older man white man(70) was not thrilled with the idea of a black man(56) joining the team. Over the past three years those two have become friends and make a perfect buddy team. I have no doubt that each would risk his life for the other. The example those two provided has smoothed the way for more racial integration. I love to see the light come on.

Our little group is more survivable because of the skill sets, representative flexibility and cultural understanding the different races provide. There are plenty of good reasons to hate a man, but a shade of pigment doesn't make it on that list.

ParaPacem said...

Well - Dr. King said it best when he made his famous comment about men being judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. But I have noted one common characteristic in observing the actions of gangs - regardless of their racial makeup - whenever they decide to strike out and "make their mark" - they always, invariably, with no exception, always attack individuals or couple, whom they vastly outnumber, and if possible, old and apparently weak or helpless looking ones at that!
This must somehow satisfy some deep, twisted desire for power and control, needed to offset the self-recognition of an inherent cowardice and an utterly contemptible lack of humanity.

How ANYONE could think that beating up a poor old man could accomplish anything good, is incomprehensible. A few years before he died, my own father was walking to a small 7-11 store only three blocks from my parents' apartment. Two thugs jumped him, beat up a frail 60+ year old man, ripped the hip pocket off his pants to get his wallet which contained four dollars. When my mother called me and I came over to see that he was OK, I went hunting. Did not find the punks, but if I had, I would not be writing about it now nor would I have ever mentioned it again, but the world would be rid of them. Maybe THAT is why such things touch a nerve with me.
Gutless bastards.

tjbbpgobIII said...

There are evil people on both sides of the occasion.There is a trial that started yesterday in Knoxville that proves just that. In fact the reverse of what the SPLC harps on all the time is what is happening in society today.

pdxr13 said...

What were the folks on Calvins' last parole board thinking?

"He's a basically-good boy who has learned his lesson. I'm sure he regrets those prison gang tattoos that make him unemployable. He got those so he could survive inside. They don't MEAN anything to him."

How many days passed between latest release and multiple-felonies? I'm going to guess a single-digit, with a double digit for getting caught at it.

Still avoiding Balitmore. It's dangerous now, and will be a mass-grave when the power/water shuts off.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh Baltimore in the summer time. The sounds of sirens and helicopters by the waterfront.

Nothing like a chance to get your teeth knocked in by a Neo Nazi, a black gang banger or if your really lucky maybe you could be roughed up by one of Baltimore's finest for riding your skateboard.

Also are we sure you can't carry in a park? I bought a Class III weapon in MD not to far from Baltimore...

Anonymous said...

Re: Dutchman:

In such a scenario, it is vital that every Constitutional militia unit be identifiable by other militia groups. A universal symbol like the Nyberg flag would be excellent, but something more subtle, like various Continental army flags from the 1770s would be even better for identification within our own ranks. ABSOLUTELY NO Confederate flags as unit designations, because a lot of these racist scum abuse the Confederate flag and use it to promote warped ideologies. The last thing we want is confusion and friendly fire.

Re: CorbinKale: WOW :D Excellent, excellent post. Thanks to more posts like these, many more people are starting to wake up, and realize that the Constitutional movement is the DIRECT OPPOSITE of the racist collectivists.

Re: ParaPacem: I understand your emotions on so many levels. All gangs operate on those cowardly levels. It is their way of satifying egos which they know, would never survive in a true fight.

Tangalor said...

There was a group in Baltimore a while back that started out as friends who didn't do drugs (straight edge, if'n you know), and listened to hardcore (screaming people that sometimes use drums and guitars). They started being targeted by Neo's because they didn't do drugs (funny, that), and were racially tolerant. Their name escapes me, But I often think of them when I hear Bailtimore and Neo Nazi in the same sentence...

Anyhowl, the group quickly turned into a gang and started fighting back, being ruthless in their endeavors, only because the Neos would bring knives and bats, guns and pipes, to the proverbial party.

This is what I don't get about 'gangs'. They start out good (Well.... some of them LOL! maybe not so much these days), just people trying to protect themselves from other gangs, then it boils over and they start doing crazy crap.

If you ask a current gang banger if he or she knows what CRIP stands for, their eyes would glaze over, because the initial message was lost (if the supposed texts are correct in this assumption; although I've seen interviews with founding members that stated to the fact they were trying to better their communities.. I digress)

BTW: CRIP = Community Relations In Progress.. It started out with good intentions (maybe), and ended in needless bloodshed, to this day, even.

But, again, who gives a crap what color gangs are.. This isn't West Side Story anymore.. as far as I'm concerned they're all bad until they prove otherwise.

Anonymous said...

You mean...hate crime laws DON'T prevent this kind of thing?

Anonymous said...

You can't carry anywhere in MD without a very-hard-to-get permit, and people think twice about making use of it in Bloodymore, since if you have to shoot, even fully justified, the cops will use every means fair or foul to make sure your gun never leaves the evidence room.

just shutty said...

this is what happens when brother and sister marry and have children. they look inbred. and i bet my ass they all have 2nd grade education. i wish they all recieve the same treatment in jail. INBRED white trash.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to me how, no matter the race of the thug, they all have an amazing number of idiotic tattoos on their bodies.

Makes for easy target identification, at least.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
I wondered if you know of this floater-Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt?
He is stinking up a forum I frequent and mentioned you by name.
Check out reply #16.

PshootR said...

Maybe Calvin Lockner will have some "interesting" experiences while in prison. Perhaps he'll experience a B.O.H.I.C.A. moment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by Mike. I didn't know you are a member.

MPA-III said...

Qi Ji Guang: FWIW, up here our group all wear the III patch on our outermost garment, no matter the season specifically for ID purposes.

I think the flag idea is a very good one, but I'd offer that the Nyberg is better to use than the Betsy Ross simply because of the "III". Betsy's are a lot easier to get than the least for now, and any group, racist, statist, collectivist could easily co-opt it. And I also understand the Nyberg could be copied. But when you come down to it, so can any symbol.

Just my .02

CowboyDan said...

This guy Lockner's a real piece of work. The Baltimore paper had him raping a four year old AND an adult woman at about the same time some years back.

Here's part of the Sun's story from two days ago: "Lockner was indicted in Baltimore Circuit Court in March 2000 on charges of first-degree murder, rape, kidnapping and sex offenses.

The more serious charges were dropped and he pleaded guilty to a second-degree sex offense, receiving 20 years in prison with all but eight years suspended. In March 2007, he was sentenced to two years in prison for violating his probation."

There isn't much detail on the page, but here's a link to Maryland's sex offender registry: gets you to the homepage.

Search "Lockner" from there and you'll get his status there as "incarcerated". He's going to have SO much fun when he gets to prison this time. I'll bet money he doesn't finish out his term and walk out. He'll come out feet first in a plastic bag, and probably fairly soon.

I don't know how people develop this kind of hate. I was raised in South Texas, which was really segregated black/brown/white when I grew up, but I never saw this kind of hate until I moved to Illinois.

Anonymous said...


If those animals on trial in Knoxville don't get the death penalty, it will be a travesty, especially if we have to pay for life in prison. Public hanging on gallows in Market Square would be much more appropriate and useful for sending a message to others like them here.


pdxr13 said...

Modern (neo-nazi) Militiaman sounds like 1/4 pound of butter that has been left on a hot counter. There's a paper wrapper holding the warm ooze together, and we hope that the dish has high lips.

If I could find the arguement in mental militia post #16, I might be inclined to comment, but it was a bunch of personal attacks on folks who won't join his team. Let's make fun of peoples' names, in a 7 year old way, until they cry. It works on 7 year olds, doesn't it?

Any local drug-dealing wall-painting Section-8 squatting wanna-be branch of La Familia would cut through neo-nazi mouthy pedophiles as fast as they could swing bats and draw shivs. I'm sure that Baltimore neighborhood and franchised national gangs would not even notice that some scum is making their boots slippery.

All gangsters should have heavy tat's with the distinctive 3" high lettering across the back and front shoulders. It's impressive, like Yakuza, except for that they ain't.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I belong here but I had to voice my concerns. Unfortunately, Calvin Lockner is my step grandson. I am sickened as to what he has done since the year 2000. I would like to add to the list of what he is. He also sexually assaulted a 4 yr old in 2000. What a trying time that was for our family. His step sister. I swore I wanted to kill him, but knew my grand daughter needed me more. I went as far as trying to talk to him about doing the right thing when he got out of jail. It certainly didn't work. He has casued such grief for his family and continues to do so. I pray that justice will prevail and Calvin and those responsible for the beating of Mr Privott will pay. This has been hard for me but I just needed to vent about this situation. What a coward he is. I can only imagine how the families of the two boys involved are feeling right now. They are all in my thoughts.