Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Three Percent go to school.

Yep. That's a Threeper patch, right in the middle of the backpack.


Just got this email from a friend I met not long ago as he and his family were passing through Birmingham. At the same time, I met his wonderful family -- his lovely wife, two intelligent and capable sons and a cute button of a daughter named, like my youngest, Zoe.

I presented them with Threeper patches. Here is an email I just received from him.

There is a chapter in Absolved called "The Minstrel Girls." It is there just for girls like Jay's Zoe.


Hey, Mike;

Well, the kids here are back to school. When it was time to shop for backpacks and stuff, I was excited that Zoe wanted the backpack I had lugged around all through Bible College, and even used on some camping trips when I was the Chaplain for Josh's Boy Scout Troop several years ago. I had transplanted my old (~1980) Rattlesnake Patrol patch onto the pack, and Zoe wanted that left on. Since she is involved in Word of Life at our church, she asked me to iron on her membership patch. She then asked me to sew on the Threeper patch you gave her, and told me that if her teacher or someone asks about that patch, she'll tell them that it means we're not gonna let the government take away our Constitution or our Rights.

I have included a pictures of her at the bus stop, as well as the one Terry took of us outside Milo's. It was a real treat to meet and talk with you and Pete. I only wish that I had been quieter and we could've stayed longer.

A couple days ago, some of Zoe's friends were over. One of them must've made some remark about her backpack, because all of a sudden I heard Zoe's voice rise high in indignation, "Yeah, it's freaking huge! That's so I can put all my stuff in it and be prepared. And I don't care if it's ugly. These packs are so tough that *the Marines* use them!"

My daughter, the Threeper.

Take Care, brother.


"In God We Trust." Everyone else keep your hands where I can see them.


ScottJ said...

Jay should be thankful that his school district doesn't require see-though backpacks.

I think that bit of statism has already infested most of the schools around here.

My oldest will be 4 next month. I really need to figure out how we're going to handle his formal education.

I really want to avoid government-run schools but am not sure home schooling is the best solution for us either.

idahobob said...

It's great that his daughter carries the "Threeper" patch to school.

But.....I hope that they pull her out of the public indoctrination system and start homeschooling.....especially with the forced vaccinations a commin'.

Plus with home schooling, they will get a real education that the parents have control over...not the tripe that they "teach" in the so-called public schools.

"The proud grandfather of 11 going on 12 grandchildren and all of the school aged grandkids are home schooled!!"


Brock Townsend said...

"The proud grandfather of 11 going on 12 grandchildren and all of the school aged grandkids are home schooled!!"

I agree wholeheartedly. My fifth daughter, Dixie, is 13, and I homeschool her at the ripe age of 65. No excuses, just do it! Get your children out of all public schools and 99% of private ones.

Self-Taught Conservative Homeschool

some guy in B'ham said...


If you can possibly afford it, you might see if you can find a good, sound church-related school that is on the same page as you. Some of these truly do seem to consider it as a ministry and try to charge the lowest tuition they can.

some guy in B'ham

ScottJ said...

Some guy,

That's the road we're headed down at the moment.

We've been more focused on potty training (I know, TMI) these days.

But I did link a pic here a few weeks back (at least I think I did) of me helping him shoot a .22. I didn't expect I'd start his training for another 4 years or so. I was surprised to see him take to it.

Jay21 said...

My favorite image of the day! My kids get to pick the patches of their choice at the local surplus store. The only catch is they must learn the regiment/batallion/etc.. it belongs to and honor those that have earned it. Last year was the 101st (my Great uncle was 82nd)

Happy D said...

Well I feel a little better now.

Anonymous said...

This just hit me last night on the way home from the birth of my second grandson. We need to find what the process is by which the curriculum in the public schools is chosen and infiltrate that process even if it means getting elected to school board or some other position and try to effect some change. Let's get rid of some of that politically correct, revisionist history that is being taught.

I see the biggest part of the problem is that they don't TEACH any more in the public schools. I recently read an article where high school grads in Arizona were given the test that immigrants have to pass for citizenship and only 3.4% passed! They just are not teaching history and civics very well these days (aside from agenda driven teachers) and this has been going on long enough that we are getting uninformed voters into the mix now. The author of the article suggested that being able to pass that test be linked with getting a drivers license. Bet that would create some incentive! I would suggest a minimum grade of B+. Those of you that are stuck with the public education system could enforce this or something similar at home. At least until they take ALL parental rights away from us.

No more social promotions either. Little Johnny doesn’t advance until he passes each grade. I don't care how long it takes. More incentive and peer pressure to boot. If someone has a GENUINE learning disability then we deal with it. I did. My son was dyslexic and couldn't read to save his life. We had to get him special help outside the system as our school district did not recognize dyslexia as a learning disability until the year he graduated.

A. Nonny Mouse