Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Threeper Patches Again in Demand

Sorry to all those folks who saw the Threeper patch on Zoe's backback and couldn't find the link here. Here is the ordering info. They still have both kinds in stock. Not sure how much longer that's going to be true.

The flags will be offered shortly, although there has been some trouble with the precise colors we were looking for. I understand that this first run will be offered at a reduced price, also by Raven's Wood.

In addition, we are looking at III pins, "Three Percent" patch rockers to wear over your existing unit patches and III decals. All of these, I understand, are contingent upon selling out the items previous in order to raise money for the next batch of whatever. Nobody is making a fortune here, as all proceeds go into the fight.

I am going to try to come up with a a 'permalink' like David Codrea has on his site, and put it in a prominent place where someone will always see it.

Send $4 per patch to:

Raven's Wood Enterprises, LLC
PO Box 962
Birmingham, Michigan 48012

All orders post-paid. Money Orders, Cashier's and certified checks accepted and orders immediately processed. Personal check orders held until check clears Raven's Wood Enterprises' bank. No CC orders, No PayPal, Nothing like that. Just what is described above.

Wearing suggestion: Right sleeve 1/2 inch from the shoulder seam on the shirt. The right shoulder is traditionally a "battle patch" area. If you're a veteran of the 'soft war' and have been actively prepping, you rate the patch.

Otherwise, wear it wherever you want. It's your patch.


SamenoKami said...

MVB- I have the earlier patches with a "J" instead of an "I". Are mine now collector items? Should I re-order?

Anonymous said...

How 'bout a challenge coin to go with the rest? Typically a first batch of 100 coins costs about $600.00-$700.00 depending on how many colors you want and including the cost of the dies. After that they run around $3.00-$4.00 in quantities of 100.

I would suggest doing the 3% patch on the front; maybe have the Greek version of Molon Labe(?) under it. Perhaps put a two color version of the Gadson snake flag on the reverse side.