Thursday, August 6, 2009

"A typical case of American blind justice": ATF "Officer Obie" forces Doug Friesen to pay $50 and pick up the garbage.

William J. Obanhein (October 19, 1924 – September 11, 1994), sometimes better known as Officer Obie, was the chief of police for the New England town of Stockbridge, Massachusetts. He was a member of the Stockbridge police force for 34 years, allegedly being forced into retirement in 1985 for hitting another officer during the course of an argument. Obanhein was the "Officer Obie" mentioned in Arlo Guthrie's 1967 talking blues song "Alice's Restaurant"; he played himself in the 1969 movie of the same name, telling Newsweek magazine . . . that making himself look like a fool was preferable to having somebody else make him look like a fool. -- Wikipedia.

Dirty, rotten scoundrels.

And I, I walked over to the, to the bench there, and there is, Group W's where they put you if you may not be moral enough to join the army after committing your special crime, and there was all kinds of mean nasty ugly looking people on the bench there. Mother rapers. Father stabbers. Father rapers! Father rapers sitting right there on the bench next to me! And they was mean and nasty and ugly and horrible crime-type guys sitting on the bench next to me. And the meanest, ugliest, nastiest one, the meanest father raper of them all, was coming over to me and he was mean 'n' ugly 'n' nasty 'n' horrible and all kind of things and he sat down next to me and said, "Kid, whad'ya get?" I said, "I didn't get nothing, I had to pay $50 and pick up the garbage." He said, "What were you arrested for, kid?" And I said, "Littering." And they all moved away from me on the bench there, and the hairy eyeball and all kinds of mean nasty things, till I said, "And creating a nuisance." And they all came back, shook my hand, and we had a great time on the bench, talkin about crime, mother stabbing, father raping, all kinds of groovy things that we was talking about on the bench. -- Arlo Guthrie, Alice's Restaurant, 1967.

The Group W Bench.


I just received this email forwarded by Len Savage. JPFO has an interview posted with Doug Friesen, the attorney and machine gun collector who the ATF fruitlessly spent years and millions trying to send to federal prison. Like Officer Obie in the "Alice's Restaurant Massacree," in the end the ATF could only impotently gnash their teeth over a "typical case of American blind justice."

And they were lucky to get off so easy. The Friesen case, had it gone forward, had the potential to overthrow the "legitimacy" of the entire National Firearms Registry. No wonder they were willing to ticket him for the equivalent of littering and give him his guns back. Go and listen to Doug Friesen in his own words. Then send a few bucks to JPFO to keep the fight going.

I just wonder, when they get around to making a movie about this pitiful excuse of a monumental waste of taxpayer dollars -- this dangerous and deadly out-of-control agency -- will "dumb and dumber" ATF armed bureaucrats James P. Vann and Max Kingery have the guts to make themselves look like the fools that they are and man up like Officer Obie did? Or will they chicken out and let Hollywood do the casting? Fifty cents says they'll try to hide from history, justice, AND the cameras.


From: JPFO Webmaster
Date: Wednesday, August 5, 2009, 10:00 PM

America's Aggressive Civil Rights Organization

August 6th 2009


Our latest Talkin' to America interview features attorney Douglas Friesen - in two parts -


Doug explains in one hour how despicable and criminal the BATFE was in its tactics to destroy his 2A rights and yours.

Doug beat the "GovCrims" in court in part with the help of the JPFO documentary "The Gang" - - and wants to share his experience with you.

After you listen to Doug and his horrific experience, we request you ask the question - why is it that JPFO demands the BATFE be abolished to protect gun owners from abuse and the NRA maintains the position it should not be?

The Liberty Crew

Protecting you by creating solutions to destroy "gun control"

Too bad. THIS is where the ATF belongs -- on the waste dump of American history.


Anonymous said...

Mike your knowledge of human nature and history is amazing.

Its seems so long ago and yet it also seems like just yesterday but during the Reagan administration we had a chance to get rid of the BATF but the NRA stepped in and saved them.

The NRA saved them.

The NRA saved them.

Jerri Lynn Ward said...

I wish someone could point me to something I can read for background and context regarding Doug Friesen. I listened to the interview and still couldn't understand how he got targeted. It seemed to me that the interviewer assumed that the listener already knew the background, but maybe it's because I'm more visual than auditory.