Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shut Your Face


skybill said...

Hi mike,
"know yer' place, shut yer' face??" thinks the natives are getting a bit restless?? The Big-Q....."What next??


Oldfart said...

"What next??"

I think we all know what's next. We just don't know how many steps there will be between now and then.

How many steps were there between Hitler's assumption of office as Chancellor and the Reichstag fire? What did it take for Stalin to go from hero to murdering tyrant? How about Pol Pot or Chairman Mao?

We can compare the beginnings of those movements to what we see here and now and make some semi-intelligent guesses about the timing but the ending is fore-ordained... Unless we do something about it.

But then... there were good citizens in Germany who saw what was to happen and decried it and waited for the other side to make some massive mistake that woud shift public opinion against them and allow cooler heads to prevail. We all know how well that turned out.

The problem is in human nature: It hasn't changed since humans became human. We too will shake our fists and shout our displeasure at the government goons. In the end though, after countless incremental steps, each stripping a tiny bit more freedom and choice from us, we will climb on those cattle cars in an effort to get away from whatever threat du jour the government has drummed up.

Sure, some will fight but they'll be remembered (if they're remembered at all) as traitors or common criminals, not because they were such but because history will be written by the government.

Anonymous said...

I thought dissent was patriotic?
I guess it only applies if you oppose Republicans.

ScottJ said...

Made this point in an off-topic discussion in Sunday School this morning.

I think I've said it here before.

We on the right might argue and disagree about things (legalization of gambling for example). When we debate we are simply trying to change each others' minds.

However, in debating the statist you are at a different level for you are asking them to renounce their god.

There was a collective jaw drop as the light bulbs came on followed by expressions of horror and the class leader said "I never thought of it that way and that indicates how hard they're going to fight".