Thursday, August 27, 2009

An urgent appeal for translation(s)

From Pete at WRSA, this appeal has already garnered one excellent translation into Spanish of my call for the victims of collectivism to join us on 12 September in D.C. We need more. And we'll need help distributing them to the various communities. Any volunteers for the Miami Cuban community?


Here's the plan:

1) Translate Mike's appeal from yesterday into as many of the following languages as possible:

- Vietnamese
- Korean
- Russian
- Mandarin Chinese
- Polish
- Czech
- Hungarian-
- French
- Spanish
- German
- others?

2) The translated texts will be made available on this site and as many others as possible.

3) Leaflets can be made from the translated texts and placed in the respective communities of interest locally.

4) Individual freedom fighters can utilize their own contacts within those communities to publicize and increase attendance at the September DC meetings and subsequent pro-freedom events.

Note: Translators should feel free to make idiomatic and other changes needed to have the American English language concepts translate effectively into the subject languages.

Please post your translations below; I will make separate blog entries for each.

Questions/comments, please post below as well.

Time is short, so thanks in advance!

The text:

To All Free Men and Women Who Escaped Collectivist Tyranny: Stand Together With Us

Each of you risked all to escape from savage oppression in your countries of birth and come to America, the land of the free. You bear the scars, within and without, of your old tyrannical masters' evils. You have already paid much to learn the involuntary lessons of collectivist tyranny.

Now, ideological allies of the same collectivists who robbed, tortured, raped, and murdered your countrymen have captured the legislative majority in the American Congress.

Worse yet, another ideological ally of your tormentors occupies the White House.

Together, though they wrap their arguments in sweet words and false kindness, these socialists plan to destroy every single aspect of the America you love, and in its place, establish another totalitarian hell on earth -- where every single human act must be authorized, regulated, and monitored by government.

You brave men and women, who know far better than native-born Americans what evils these governments perpetrate every day against their citizens, will be the witnesses who will teach others what must be done to save our country.

You, the refugees from tyranny, know that America is the last, best hope for mankind.

Yet many of our people do not see the threat. They lack your wisdom, born of cruelty and oppression. We need your help. You can show them why and how they must stand together.

Join us in Washington, DC on September 11-13 to tell the totalitarians that you will not allow them to destroy America too. Be there as a living witness to the evils of collectivism.

Join us in renewing our oaths to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

If the American constitutional republic falls, there is no place else left where ANY of us can flee and still be truly free.

Liberty stands, or falls for generations, right here, right now.


Mike Vanderboegh
Pinson, Alabama
Writing on behalf of The Three Percent


Brock Townsend said...

I'm working on getting Vietnamese done, and I'll send that and the English version to the Vietnamese newspapers in Northern Virginia as it has one of the largest Vietnamese communities in the states, and they should have the best turn out of all the nationalities, I believe. Plus, they are rabidly anti-Communist, though some of the younger have been brainwashed in our public schools. A few months after I was evacuated from Saigon in '75, I attended a Vietnamese celebration in an auditorium in Little Saigon, and American Communists showed up wearing red arm bands, believe it or not. Well, they didn't stay long as they were chased out of the building primarily by the Vietnamese women brandishing umbrellas! One of the most satisfying sites I have ever witnessed.

Brock Townsend said...

sites S/B sights.

^Hawk^ said...

I really wish I help out with this. I just blew a gasket over at Constitutional Emergency. The III that plan on attending the 9/12 march in DC, should be prepared to fight with fellow patriots.

They really think they can cause change by being polite and PC with their signs, slogans and chants.

They have their panties in a bunch over a flag someone designed. The same people would also take issue with the Nyberg Battle Flag of the Three Percent.



Anonymous said...

"Mandarin" refers only to the spoken dialect (from the Portuguese "mandar" -- to lead -- as it was seen as the dialect of the leadership class).
Written Chinese is simply "Chinese" and can be read by speakers of all dialects.
The major differentiation in written Chinese is between "traditional" (used principally on Taiwan) and "simplified" (used on the Mainland). Both can be found in overseas Chinese communities.

Anonymous said...

Is is just me, or are others becoming extremely wary
of concentrating so many "good guys" in one place, and that one in the control of others? By September, GWB's ratings had plummented IIRC. That's nine months, just like now

One maxim in many quarters has been to avoid demonstrations, etc. anything that could be turned into a fight. No Fort Sumters, right?

It's an individual/family/unit decision.

I am unable to express how fervently I hope I am wrong in this supposition.

Katie said...

I'll take on Polish.

Anonymous said...

A todos los libres, hombres y mujers, los cuales se escaparon la tiranía colectivista

¡Únanse con Nosotros!

Cada uno se arriesgó para escaparse de la opresión brutal de sus tierras de origen para poder estar libre en América, tierra de los libres. Están cicatrizados por interno y externo por las maldades de sus amos tiránicos. Ya han pagado el profundo deber de las lecciones involuntarias de sus opresores.

Ahora los aliados de los mismos les robaron, torturaron, violaron y mataron a sus gentes han captado la mayoría congresional de los EEUU.

Peor todavía, otro aliado ocupa la Casa Blanca.

Juntos, aunque se expresan con palabras dulces y falsa bondad, estos socialistas planifican la destrucción de todos los aspectos positivos de la América que aman, y en vez de ella imponer otro infierno totalitario en la tierra, donde cualquier hecho human debe estar autorizado, regulado, y observado por el gobierno federal.

Ustedes, los héroes libres, conocen mas profundamente los horrores que los gobiernos perpetuan, mejor que los que se nacieron en los EEUU. Serán Ustedes que testifiquen a lo que nos puede salvar.

Ustedes, los refugiados de la tormenta tiránica, saben que la libertad de los EEUU es la ultima esperanza para humanidad en nuestra época.

Todavía no muchos entre nosotros ven claramente la amenaza. Les falta todavía su sabiduría, nacido en crueldad y bajo opresión. Les pedimos su ayuda para mostrarles el porque y como pueden unirse.

Vengan todos a Washington, D.C. el 11 al 13 de Septiembre para decir claramente a los totalitarios les permiten destruir también a América. Presenciense así de testigos vivos a la maldad de colectivismo.

Unanse junto con nosotros para renovar nuestro firme juramente de lealtad a proteger y defender la Constitución de los EEUU contra todos sus enemigos, tanto extranjero como nativo.

Si se cayera la república constitucional de América, no habría donde escondernos y estar todavía libres.

Libertad se para o se cae, ahora misma, para las futuras generaciones.


Mike Vanderboegh
Pinson, Alabama
Escribiendo por los del Tres Porciento

Hay que hacerlo editar. Atte.

Brock Townsend said...

I have sent English and Vietnamese editions to the following contact points.

National Congress of Vietnamese Americans

Nguoi Viet Daily News

Vietnam Democracy News