Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"You're about to f-cking piss me off!": Meet Bart McEntire -- SPLC's Not-So-Deep-Cover favorite ATF Agent of Influence.

"ARF! ARF! MILITIA TERRORISTS! ARF! Meet Bart McEntire, SPLC's pet ATF trick dog.

When I saw that the Eileen Sullivan AP story quoted SPLC quoting ATF agent Bart McEntire, I was hardly surprised. He's their favorite jack booted thug.

The ATF and the SPLC have long traded information and snitch info, contrary to law. We proved it back in 90s when we leaked info to the ATF only to have it show up in SPLC's next "Intelligence Report." I've said this many times. You know why they've never sued me? Because the discovery process would bring down their little empire based on the lying goose that lays the platinum eggs.

This unholy alliance between the ATF and SPLC paid many benefits to that agency when they were embarrassed by the racist scandal, The Good O' Boys Roundup. Surely you remember that agency faux pas? The Gadsden Minutemen provided a videotape and other testimony and evidence that the ATF had celebrated in scandalous fashion during a booze-filled weekend in Tennessee. Some of the high points were the issuing of "nigger hunting licenses" and putting on skits such as "The Birth of the Black Race" which involved pulling a black baby doll from a watermelon.

Congress was outraged. Yet it was Morris Dees of SPLC who leaped to the ATF's defense by declaring in a Fox Butterfield New York Times story that the tape was a fake. It wasn't, as certified later by FBI forensics expert Frederick Whitehurst. But SPLC had covered ATF's racist flank and bought them time for damage-control, just as the ATF had long worked with SPLC to craft the "Narrative of 1995" which worked to the increase of both their financial and bureaucratic interests. It was hypocrisies like this that disgusted the real civil rights veterans here in Alabama. They hate Dees, calling him a "white civil rights pimp" who made money off black people's troubles.

I well remember McEntire as the guy who framed Robert Starr, when McEntire was at the Macon, Georgia, field office. The ATF put up two "confidential informants" to go bury bomb making materials on the property of Bob Starr, a Georgia militia leader. This was done without his knowledge or approval. Then, voila! ATF raids him! Big scary headlines! "Forget the Good O' Boys Round-up! You need us to protect you from militia mad dogs."

How convenient.

Bob Starr went to federal prison because of Bart McEntire's little escapade.

Go here to read Helen Johnson's report of the trial and the demonstration outside the courthouse. A relevant snippet:

Over 75 militia supporters, many newcomers, and passersby were surrounded by more than 30 black-suited, heavily armed, Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) agents, some 100 U.S. Marshals, an unknown number of ATF agents, two SWAT teams, and sniper teams. Government agents and militia members used a good quantity of film taking pictures of each other.

Even though J.J. Johnson had met with the U.S. Marshal Chief on duty in the morning to ensure a peaceful gathering, he was heavily scrutinized all day by at least eight federal agents. Militia and media personnel observed snipers training their rifles upon onlookers outside the courthouse.

A cameraman working for a local CBS affiliate, WMAZ - CH 13, verified that a sniper had his rifle poised at J.J.s back during the TV interview he filmed.

Resident Agent in Charge, Bart McEntire of the BATF, tried to instigate a confrontation with one rally attendee, as he stuck his finger in his face and shouted, "You guys are starting to piss me off"... we have this on audio tape.

Young Bart needs help learning to keep a civil tongue when speaking to his employers.

Helen gave McEntire too much credit. What he actually said, among other profanities and obscenities overheard, was "You're about to f-cking piss me off." Gadsden Minuteman Jeff Randall filed this complaint with ATF:

Department of the Treasury
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
101 Marietta Street Suite 406
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

May 28, 1996

Attn: Richard Fox

Dear Sir:

During my investigation of the Macon, Georgia, case involving Robert Starr, many interesting facts have been discovered. My investigation leads me to believe that the only persons guilty of any crimes were the confidential informants, and possibly the agent in charge of these CIs.

I have interviewed many witnesses in this case, I can find no criminal acts committed by the defendants. In an internal ATF Status Report, dubbed "Operation Piedmont," leaked by one of your agents, there are many inconsistencies in CI 62 and 63's testimony, some dates are wrong, and much of their report seems to be amateurishly fabricated.

This document also [implicates] ATF, by clearly showing an intent to target a specific group of individuals based on their beliefs. There is also taped conversation between Agent McEntire and militia members that is very damaging to the agency and will show that McEntire seems to have an agenda against militia members.

In one audio tape, during a pre trial hearing at the federal court house. Bart McEntire, Resident Agent in Charge, BATF, Macon, was recorded, talking to a militia member from South Alabama. This militiamen was speaking calmly to McEntire, asking him about the Waco case. Mr. McEntire became highly upset, advanced towards this person, saying in a loud voice, "You're about to fucking piss me off!" This is recorded on tape, and other witnesses will testify to this altercation.

I feel this agent is dangerous to anyone he may target, and further ask that your agency fully investigate this case and Bart McEntire. If this man is allowed to continue to operate in the capacity of Resident Agent in Charge, I feel he will cause further embarrassment to your agency, and also cause undue hardships to any person he may target for investigation.

I am formally requesting an immediate investigation into the Starr case and the actions of Bart McEntire.


Jeff Randall
Route 1 Box 182
Gallant, Alabama 35972

cc: Robert Browning (BATF Public Information Officer)
Bart McEntire (Resident Agent in Charge, Macon)
Department of the Treasury, Internal Affairs, Washington DC

Nothing came of the complaint.

What McEntire is likely doing by performing once more as SPLC's pet trick dog is lining himself up a post-retirement job. While he will then be padding his retirement, at least we will no longer be paying for his lies and misconduct directly with taxpayer dollars. Even so, he will still be yapping, "ARF! ARF! MILITIA TERRORISTS! ARF! ARF!


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One other thing that may merit contemplation; what happens if all the people ATF has framed into prison get out, stay mad and seek justice of a kind not susceptible to pardon?

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straightarrow said...One other thing that may merit contemplation; what happens if all the people ATF has framed into prison get out, stay mad and seek justice of a kind not susceptible to pardon?

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