Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You've gotta read this.

"The left is always talking about cultural sensitivity, well here’s a culture that maybe it’s time for them to understand." -- Wiliam Kostric.

Go here:


Read what an articulate, principled and FREE man thinks.

This is from a gutsy guy who that NRA-kiss-ass Sebastian at Snowflakes in Hell calls "boneheaded" and says:

"My worry is that a lot of these people are attention seekers, and the fact that he got what he was after might mean more people try a stunt like this. The left is already going ape shit trying to smear us with these guys. The last thing we need is more. If you’re going to a rally or public event, I wouldn’t bemoan anyone carrying, but I think people need to exercise discretion."

That's Sebastian all over. His discretion before your liberties.



Anonymous said...

Wow Sebastian - I man exercises his rights protected by the 1st and 2nd Amendments and this is some how wrong?

Yes the press went ape shit but this man did very well under the pressure of an interview by a hostile press. Hopefully more people are saying, "Hey I can carry protection as well if he can carry to a tax eater rally."


Happy D said...

Given the SEIU Terrorist thugs at these events it might be appropriate to arrange artillery support.
Until Sebastian faces down some of these inevitably violent in large groups insane leftist dimwits. I am speaking from personal first hand experience.
I suggest Sebastian help himself to a big mug of shut the F--K UP!

idahobob said...

Somebody really needs to send Sebastion a huge box of Depends for when he pisses all over himself, which he seems to do on a regular basis.


Anonymous said...

HA! If Sebastian thinks one man open carrying to a rally is bad, he's go PSH from what I heard this AM on the Nationalist Government Radio.

At an Arizona rally where Obeyme was appearing, it seems like a WHOLE BUNCH of people were carrying - openly - including one with a semi-auto rifle. All perfectly legal, no one arrested.

But some egg-head Northern Arizona U prof seemed to think that this was inappropriate, because (I'm NOT making this up) it "could put a chill on free speech."

And all I could think was OMG! What an idiot. And what does he think about SEIU thugs showing up to a rally and beating people up??

(side note:) Come the revolution, we've GOT to make all those lib professors unemployed. Our children need to be taught better, by better people.

Old Pablo said...

"The citizen is the sovereign." I need to hear lots more about this idea. My education, frankly, must have been substandard.

William Kostric said, "All power resides with the people individually. Just government derives its authority from the consent of the governed."

I love this guy. Right on.

As a genius once said, now is the time to put aside childish things.

I am getting my life in order.

Anonymous said...

He is also an FSP participant.

Santander said...

Here's some discretion... and no-one can use the "race" card with this guy:

Sebastian... I think an AR-15 is very discrete. There's nothing better than basic black. It goes well with everything.
Someone remind Sebastian that he does not speak for us all and as such he should just STFU. Remind him that a right that is not used is a right that withers and dies on the vine. These guys are using their rights out there for all to see.


tom said...

That's why I told Mr Snowflake to go eat a d**k a long long time ago, and many of his cohorts too. Noticeable by who is on most peoples gun blogger rolls and never will be on mine. The more I got to know prags that more my disdain grew.

William Kostric is a MAN not a melting snowflake who's likely headed to hell. We shan't let him take us to hell with him, shall we. Prags are best ignored. They aren't even really pragmatic. I'm pragmatic as somebody involved in the arms trade to not do things that would put me in prison or earn me fines and jeopardize my career, I don't see any of the "prags" much engaged in the trade outside of a few SHOT Show type NRA "sporting arms" people and I argue with them whenever I meet them. I like having sporting and non-sporting arms. It's best not to be sporting if it comes to going toe to toe with people. You tend to lose

Johnny D. said...

That, plus the story of the black guy in AZ with a shouldered AR-15 at the Obama rally thing, and this could be the start of a very GOOD trend, Sebastian. We shouldn't care whether the Left went ape-shit over it - we're not trying to change their minds regarding guns. We're trying to change the minds of fence-sitters. We need to show them that we will exercise our rights, and that no one suffers or gets injured when we exercise those rights.

Think of these open-carry protests as further warnings in the same line as letting congressmen and agency personnel know that we have taken firearm classes, we have caches of supplies hidden across the country, and have our ammo in bandoleers so they can be quickly grabbed and utilized. It lets those in power, on the left and right, know that there are still some Adults in this country. Adults who have the tools to defend against tyranny, and who have the stones to do things like show up at presidential rallies and meetings armed.

Anonymous said...

I lit one of his threads up


...included some research about Jefferson walking to his new office as Prez with fellow armed citizens.

Ya, I know it didn't work out so well for Lincoln but shit happens when you are responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of people.


straightarrow said...

I can't light him up. He banned me from his site for threatening him with OMFG......conversation.

Honest to God. He had a pants shitting marathon going because I asked him to a conversation should circumstances allow it.

Poor old Snowflakes is a chickenshit of the first water.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Mr Gottlieb of SAF has said the black guy carrying the AR at the rally in Ariz. shouldn't have done that. Apparently, Mr Gottlieb thinks going concealed is much better and more tactful. Apparently, MR Gottlieb thinks the black guy was out of line.

And apparently, Mr Gottlieb will never get another dime of my money.