Thursday, August 20, 2009

I've got more questions than answers on this one.

This is Humberto Delgado, Jr.'s Facebook photo.
This is Humberto Delgado, Jr.'s "previous booking photo."
And this is ol' shy Humberto after he was arrested for killing a Tampa cop. (Wonder what his "Facebook friends" think of him now?)

And what pray-tell was ol' Humberto doing pushing a shopping cart full of weapons and military gear down a Tampa street? More importantly, how was a fellow who apparently has had more than just a brush with the law able to buy firearms in quantity in another state?

Inquiring minds want to know. At least he doesn't fit the SPLC meme.

Two articles below, the first here:

Tampa Police Officer Shot, Killed
Heavily Armed Man In Custody, Charged With First-Degree Murder

POSTED: Thursday, August 20, 2009

TAMPA, Fla. -- An 11-year Tampa police veteran was allegedly shot and killed by a heavily armed man found pushing a shopping cart full of military gear up the street.

Officers who swarmed the scene chased down the suspect, 34-year-old Humberto Delgado. He was allegedly found with an assault rifle, three handguns and several clips of ammunition.

Cpl. Mike Roberts was responding to a suspicious person call when he encountered Delgado. Police said the two got involved in a struggle before Delgado pistol-whipped and shot the officer.

Assistant Chief Jane Castor said Delgado had two 9mm Glocks, a .22 caliber pistol and an AR-15 assault rifle in his possession. The cart he was pushing was full of military gear.

Castor said Roberts was wearing a bullet proof vest, but the the round hit Roberts in the arm and went into an area of his chest which was unprotected.

The 38-year-old officer leaves behind a wife and 3-year-old son. Roberts won a lifesaving award in 2005 and had served with the U.S. Air Force and Army.

Tampa police Chief Steve Hogue fought back tears as he spoke to reporters.

"It's a tragic day in Tampa today," Hogue said. "We've lost a veteran police officer."

Delgado was charged with first-degree murder of a police officer, aggravated assault of a police officer and carrying a concealed firearm.

Castor said Roberts was wearing a bullet-proof vest but the bullet went through his arm and into his chest through a small area that was unprotected.

Delgado then took off down Arctic Street.

By then backup crews had arrived. The officer's sergeant saw the officer down and saw the suspect.

The second one here:

Suspect arrested in Tampa officer's killing
Thursday, August 20, 2009

TAMPA (Bay News 9) -- A Tampa police officer was shot and killed in the Sulphur Springs area of Tampa Wednesday night.

Corporal Mike Roberts, 38, was investigating a suspicious person when he was shot.

The suspect, who police have identified as 34-year-old Humberto Delgado Jr., has been charged in the murder.

The shooting took place at Nebraska Avenue and E. Arctic Street.

"This was an exceptional officer who had just an absolutely excellent reputation not only as a police officer but as a human being," said Tampa police spokesperson Laura McElroy. "There is no doubt that he died a hero tonight protecting his community."

Police said they received a call at about 10 p.m. about a suspicious person. They said Roberts, an 11-year veteran officer, answered the call alone.

Roberts found Delgado, who lives in Oldsmar, pushing a shopping cart on Nebraska Ave. When he made contact with the man, Roberts discovered that the cart was loaded with weapons.

When Roberts tried to apprehend him, a violent struggle ensued, police said.

Delgado broke loose and ran across Nebraska Avenue.

Roberts pursued him on foot. Witnesses said Delgado then began pistol-whipping Roberts in the head before shooting him.

Delgado then pointed an AR-15 rifle at the sergeant, McElroy said.

The sergeant took cover and the suspect continued running.

The sergeant then went to Roberts, who was transported Tampa General Hospital. He was pronounced dead at 10:50 p.m.

Roberts was a husband and father of a 3-year-old son. He was an Air Force and Army veteran and had recently been promoted.

McElroy said witnesses called the police and told them where Delgado was located.

A police K-9 tracked him to a backyard at which point he threw down his gun and gave up.

Delgado had at least four weapons in the cart and in a backpack, police said. They found a receipt showing that Delgado bought many firearms in another state.

Roberts is the 27th Tampa police officer to be killed in the line of duty.

Delgado has been charged with first degree murder of a law enforcement officer, aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer and carrying a concealed firearm.


typeay said...

First off, let's all offer prayers for the slain officer's family and friends.

Sadly, the dynamics of this murder, which consist of: (1) An "evil black rifle" (AR-15), (2) high capacity magazines, (3) Glock handguns, and (4) that "shopping cart full of military gear" (whatever the blazes THAT means) will be spun by the anti-gun mobsters, and their slobbering press lap dogs for a long, long, time.

pdxr13 said...

The facts presented are all about the officer. What about the perp? Who sold him the gear and why? No tarp over the cart? Huh?

Shooting a police officer then giving up? It sounds like an "order of operations" problem, following a "failure to blend in" difficulty.

Someone did not grow up with a Father present, no enrollment in Boy Scouts,very few Sundays at church, no Honorable Discharge.

When pushing a shopping cart full of gear down the street and confronted by a police officer, step away and claim complete ignorance of the situation. Something along the lines of "I was feeling a little unsteady and started pushing this cart..."

No harm, no foul, no dead cop. There may be an air conditioned ride in a nice big sedan, at no charge.

Gun Monkey said...

"Delgado had at least four weapons in the cart and in a backpack, police said. They found a receipt showing that Delgado bought many firearms in another state."

So he could go to another state to purchase many firearms, how did he get there? You can't push a shopping cart from Tampa to another state and back very easily, and if it was full of weapons and suspicious like then how did he make it all the way to Tampa from where ever he 'purchased' them.

Did the receipt have his name on it? something seems a bit off with this story.

ParaPacem said...

Other than my own alleged aggravation at the alleged use by alleged journalists of the alleged word 'alleged' in allegedly improper places, my only thoguht about the shopping cart guy is, he was probably just a homeless guy, failed by our system, slipping between the cracks, and walking to the Mexican border to try and sell enough weapons to the drug lords to pay for a few burgers and lottery tickets. He is but a victim.

But on a serious note - prayers for the deceased officer and the family. May God help them.

Anonymous said...

WTF!! I'd want to follow the paper & money trail on those guns. The article says he had papers showing he bought them. Or did someone else (clean) do a straw purchase for him?

I hope the police can get running on this, & quick.

B Woodman

Unknown said...

Apparently the suspect (Delgado) had a Concealed Carry Permit granted to him by the Cumberland County PD. Delgado was also once a Police Offier, himself, in the Virgin Islands.

He served less than two years in the U.S. Army which means he, most likely, did not serve overseas in Iraq or Afghanistan and did not fulfill any type of military obligation. This shows evidence of some sort of early discharge.

Nonetheless, I am sure the media will be quick to exploit the fact that he had some sort of military service. Let us not forget that Cpl. Mike Roberts also served in the military.

This tragedy is an unpleasant example of a success and a failure.

Johnny Deceptively said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but technically a straw-man purchase is only when you buy a gun for someone else who cannot legally own or purchase a firearm.

Anonymous said...

I send my most sincere condolences to the family of this fallen officer.

If Delgado had been previously incarcerated for violent crime, then, this officer has been the latest victim of an administration which sets free murderous thugs, while victimizing innocent people and taking away their rights to self protection.

Anonymous said...

According to the Miami Herald, Mr Delgado is a Virgin Islands police officer.

Abraham said...

It's too bad Delgado didn't get shot on the scene. That would have been a good ending. If they have the right guy that's what the death penalty is for.

Anonymous said...

For every ones info I have been around Delgado in the past. He was a virgin islands police officer and as far as i know from what i gathered from him he was discharged from the military for disability reasons. He also legaly had a NC conceal permit which allowed him the right to purchase a firearm in the state of NC. This also allowed him the right to carry a firearm in the state of flordia as long as it was a pistol. There is more to this story then we are hearing and it is only time until we here it all.

Anonymous said...

My prayers goes out to both families, that of the officer and Delgado. Im not dismissing the fact that a man's life was lost, but there seems to be more to this story than we are hearing. Dont be so quick to judge. Regardless of how litte time Delgado served in the Military and as a police officer, he did not receive the help that he desperately seeked.The media has yet to report this fact clearly!

Unknown said...

He Had A Concealed weapon Permit In Cumberland County Where ??

Tampa Fl. Is Not In Cumberland County

What Good Reason Do You Have to Kill A Police Officer NONE

Just Because This Jerk Was A Cop In Another Country He Had No Right To Kill That Tampa Cop.

I Hope He Gets The Death Penalty And They Bring Back The Chair For This Scum

Better Yet Have Several Tampa Police Officers Put Him On A Firing Range

What A Waste Of Human Life This Jerk Is