Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Praxis Request: Spare Parts

This post from Pete at Western Rifle Shooters Association is entitled: "Bleg for Spare Parts Lists/Vendors." Give it a read and drop suggestions at his site or here and I'll pass them along.


In light of current events, it would be a huge help -- both personally and for our readers -- to have a concise list of spare parts needed to keep most probable Resistance rifles running for the duration. As the saying goes, without the right spare parts, that fancy rifle becomes an expensive, unwieldy club.

So let me turn to the audience and ask for your advice for the specific spare parts you recommend to acquire and store for each of the following longarms:

M1 Garand
AK 47/74
M1 Carbine
Mauser 98
Enfield No 1 Mk III series
Enfield No 4 series
US Enfield 1917
Springfield 1903
Springfield 1903A3
Remington 700
Savage 110
Winchester Model 70
Remington 870
Remington 1100/11-87
Mossberg 500

Please include in your responses approximate prices (if known) and links or snailmail addresses for all vendors. Finally, include any recommended weapon-specific tools or accessories without which one would not choose to deploy.

Thank you in advance for helping us all keep our rigs running.

Tempus fugit.


A Texan said...

Go to the Fulton Armory site in the FAQ section, to find a list of needed spare parts for the M1A, Garand and AR15.

You might wish to add the M-N 91/30, M-38 and M-44. Millions of these cheap and durable rifles have been sold in this country, and while not that accurate (with some exceptions, including the Finn M39 that's based on the Model 91), they do shoot minute-of-torso out to 300 yards.

Concerned American said...


Per A Texan point, please include the MN 91/38/44 series in your considerations.


Concerned American said...

HK91/93/G3 and clones should also be included.

Crustyrusty said...

If you stop by:

and go to the C&R section, he gives ideas on how to refurbish old milsurps, including a section on bedding a Mosin action to get tighter groups.

Granted, "tighter groups" on a Mosin involves being able to hit the broad side of the barn at 50 meters, but that's academic... :)

There are also a lot of good articles about what really constitutes cover and what is merely concealment. You might be surprised.

pdxr13 said...

Mosin-Nagant makes concealment out of cover cheaper than almost any rifle available. In a light & short M44, with a narrow steel buttplate designed to make the butt a more effective club, the user will feel some pain if not using a padded jacket and proper shoulder technique.

If your shoulder aches after 100 rounds, you probably are firing a big-enough cartridge. If not, check to see if this is a crew-served weapon.


typeay said...

Good parts vendors for the FAL include:

Gun Parts
P.O. Box 299
226 Williams Lane
West Hurley, NY 12491
914-679-2417 (ask for their large print telephone book sized parts catalog)

POB 98
323 Union Street
Stirling, New Jersey 07980
IDF and British L1A1 FAL parts, some metric as well.
(Check Shotgun News magazine ads)

15570 17th Place North
Plymouth, MN 55447


I recommend a spare bolt carrier assembly, spring kit, gas piston, and complete spare lower if budget permits. Get the stock multi tool to remove the rear stock.

FALs don't break much, but never say never.

Anonymous said...

Here's a nice AR-15 repair kit:

The photo doesn't show all the parts, for whatever reason.

Here's another one:

The ultimate repair kit are JBTs themselves. With a little persuasion, they'll turn over their rifles, optics, etc.

Dakota said...

I have spares for all my rifles..
firing pin and spring
extrator & springs
pins that can fall out
take it apart and take a look and you should see what you will need. Most things are inexpensive.

When you get the new part make sure it works .... parts places are notorious for sending the wrong parts.

tom said...

The ultimate repair kit are JBTs themselves. With a little persuasion, they'll turn over their rifles, optics, etc.

I concur: radios, armor, body armor, helmets, small arms and large, cars, trucks, APCs, crew served equipment, generators. The sky's the limit with what you can get from those guys.

The old Tito line:

"How can your partisans, armed with a bunch of old rifles, take on the Germans and their new Panzers?"

Tito responded, "When the Germans get out of their new tanks to take a piss, my partisans will shoot them with their old rifles."

typeay said...

I've used this guy several times now, and can recommend him.

He's well stocked with M-14, M-1 Carbine, M-1 Garand , AR-15, 1911 Pistol, and M1903 A3 parts. He's not cheap, but he's reliable, and it's all the real thing.

349 W. Dearborn Street
Englewood, FL 34223
Ph: (941) 475-2020