Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Toldeo Blade is offended that folks think they are deliberately ignoring Gunwalker although they are perfectly willing to admit that they are.

"The Fox News Channel is generally recognized in journalistic circles to be a partisan outfit heavily slanted to the right. Some of its claims about this case are disputed."

Note that this moke ignores Sharyl Attkisson's work at CBS.


Anonymous said...

They have limited resources,and try to cover regional news , hence the Texas roller rink shooting is on the front page this morning .

Anonymous said...

Well really, what's a Marxist to do? If they cover the absolute treason that is gunwalker. they hurt their people and the left never does that unless they have no choice.

They always use the gentlest of terms and loftiest motives when describing their side and quite the reverse describing us. They don't have to report the truth because it's their paper.

Anonymous said...

The Blade "doth protest too much, methinks."

My appologies to Mr. Shakespeare for the mangled quote.

Mark Matis said...

Actually, they ignore Ms. Attkisson's work because, in journalistic circles, anyone NOT grovelling before the Muslim in Chief is recognized to be "a partisan outfit heavily slanted to the right." And Elijah agrees totally on that, so what more could one want?

Anonymous said...

Of course the facts are disputed -- the Democrats wouldn't get anywhere if they went around admitting they were scoundrels! Sheesh.