Thursday, July 28, 2011

The $1.1 Billion Dollar Question We Asked the Committee to Ask. "Do you know who Kevin O'Reilly is?"



Longbow said...

Wow! Newell and McMahon came across as complete slime buckets.

I keep asking myself a several of questions. They are based on a face value presumption.

The presumption is that your average ATF agent is a "really good guy who just wants to do the right thing", you know, catch real genuine bad guys, career criminals, and put them away and make the world a safer place.

Question one, given that ATF leadership is full of slime buckets like Newell and McMahon, who have a political agenda to further restrict the God-given natural rights of the American People, why would "really good guys" work for such an agency?

Question two, given that ATF enforces, as its primary mission, unconstitutional laws, such as the National Firearms Act, how does a "really good guy" square that with his oath to support and defend the constitution?

Question three, when an ATF agent sees members of his agency, committing acts of barbarism, such as the attack on the Branch Davidians (there was no warrant service attempted, it was a para-military attack), and dirty deeds like the railroading of David Olofson, and the attempted ruining of a business like Red's Trading Post, to name recent examples, how can a "really good guy" turn his head and pretend not to notice?

Why would a "really good guy" work for such an agency in the first place?

It just don't make no sense... really good guys and all that.

Mark Matis said...

Longbow, you might want to broaden that to include ALL of "Law Enforcement". Why would any "good" cop be worried about being able to get backup if he turned in a corrupt cop, unless the VAST MAJORITY of "Law Enforcement" was totally corrupt?

What would this country be like if even HALF of its "Law Enforcement" actually honored their oath of office? The stench is overwhelming.

pdxr13 said...

At about 29 minutes into the video Mr. Cummings is trying to wrap his mind about what the purpose of all this is/grand plan. He ALMOST wants to speculate about the really-big-political-objective of an enhanced number of killings and much more aggressive cartel actions on the Mexican-USA border, especially when Cartel hit men start operating boldly on the US side and leaving hundreds of dead Americans in their wake.

The conversion of a "regular" ATF operation into a criminal cartel supply mission makes no sense at all unless it is part of a plan to restrict/disarm American citizens by international treaty.

Letting guns "walk" makes real-American good-guy ATF Agents (there are a few!) crazy/mad as they move into cognitive dissonance against one of the Prime Directives of a ground level BATFE Agent: "Guns Shall Not Walk". It's this contradiction that makes whistleblowers of formerly-trusted-to-obey-&-comply Agents.

Gunwalker is the scandal that might save the USA from the current batch of Domestic Enemies and their FSA zombie minions. It's already taken so much time from Administration projects to do cover-up that everything is on hold except the Continuous Campaign.


Anonymous said...

Bein' as how I'm jist a rube from flyover country, I got real confused by something in Billy Newell's testimony. He got to thinking that this gunrunning investigation was such a Really Big Thing that he called for the assistance of an OCDETF strike force.

Yet when pressed for details of the operation, he seemed unable to recall any real specifics about who did what and when.

Now why do you suppose that is? ;^)

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