Monday, July 25, 2011

FOX Video from today on Fibbie complicity in F&F.


Anonymous said...

So I have been giving a lot of thought to the motivation behind F&F, and the alleged sales to the Zetas... What is their goal and has the light on Gunwalker really derailed it? Sure they want to undermine/erase the 2nd Amendment, but I think there is a more sinister, and much more devastating reason, one that achieves all their goals without the attendant nasty repercussions of trying to disarm us directly.

Suppose Mexico becomes destabilized to the point of millions of refugees coming across the border. What happens then? They are granted refugee status! Including big, fat checks for living assistance, being set up in housing (sure makes those foreclosed houses convenient, doesn't it?), given medical care, the whole shebang. I believe refugees can also vote.

Now, we all know it won't be 2-3 million genuine refugees claiming this gift bag; it will be any Latino who claims to have fled the violence in Mexico, with nil for verification. Viola! Instant amnesty for 15-30 million including those who have been here for years. These are illiterate peasants that will outvote us, ushering in full-Communism. They will elect corrupt lawmakers (Democrats) who play handmaiden to the President, a la Hugo Chavez. Welcome to third-world America with no hope of ever restoring it.


Anonymous said...

You really don't have to go that deep with respect to motive.

The people behind this are Marxists. They are in the process of seizing power and with it comes control and manipulation and of course, fear.

They want to destroy what remains of the constitution and bill of rights, not simply the second amendment to it. They are afraid that they will be discovered and/or betrayed, at some point and they don't want you armed and mad at them, at the same time.

At minimum, they want records of where and who has arms, for obvious reasons. Let me make it clear, they intend to do everything you always feared they would.