Monday, July 25, 2011

Sipsey Street Public Service Announcement: House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform seeking certain documents.

A fat old man with a cane outside the Concrete Anal Sphincter of the Universe this morning after he reputedly met with committeecritters.

They are just insatiable, apparently. They have so many they can't keep track of them and now they want more. That's what I hear, anyway. So, if you have any please contact Henry Kerner at 202-225-5074. A nice young man, he is.

Oh, yeah, and they're also looking for experts to properly explain some of the documents they already have. Very mystifying, that.


Old NFO said...

Sounds like a good day :-)

eddymatthews said...

Hang in there!

ParaPacem said...

Well, I can only say that the photo is far more flattering than all those taken by drones, in Holder's secret 'enemies files'.

Skip said...

Go get 'em Mike!