Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bill Conroy at Narcosphere finally tips his leftist hand. He doesn't like the drug war, but he doesn't like the GOP either.

Fast and Furious, he says, is Grassley's and Issa's fault.

Scratch a doper, get a Democrat. Or is it the other way around? We'll see what words he eats after Tuesday.


Old NFO said...

Good link and good info...

Anonymous said...

There you go with another reference to Tuesday. When ya gonna spill it?

bitter clinging texan said...

I didn't get that he was blaming Issa or Grassley for gunwalker. Interesting bit about that Odgen dude, though. Looks as if he was an Obama appointee too, and got out of the racket while the gettin was still good. I dont agree with him about which side is trying to make t this political though. I have always said that anyone who is anti-drug war should also be anti-gun grabbing. To be anti-drug war and pro citizen disarmerment is not only hypocritical, it is also stupid.......not like as in silly stupid, but like as in eating your own feces stupid.

Phelps said...

Be careful, I'm one of the ones advocating that we surrender the war on some drugs and release the prisoners, and I'm damned sure not a Democrat. Of course, I don't use myself (unless we are counting whiskey.)

You want to starve the beast? Take teh drug war out of the equation.

Mark in Wyoming said...

from my readings , melson refused to be the patsy, so now they need a new one , and if this one rolls , they will find yet another one to take this ones place until it finally gets nailed down one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

These are basically the same "incredible" DOJ talking points published by the Washington Post a few weeks ago, just bedazzled and embellished a little.

Ashrak said...

The ATF can target "higher ups" but Issa and Grassley cannot?

Wouldn't that be the ATF and the DOJ engaging in a witch hunt?

SO now we are on to excuse # 234059867 - that it was all the fault of a now gone underling, oh and Republicans in Congress.

There isn't much room under the bus anymore, but Barry and Eric and Hillary sure are trying to stuff some more under there.

Notice how QUIET Hillary is being and media is being about her? I look for her resignation to come early on - but wholly unrelated to this scandal, of course.

As for Tuesday, it is meat and potatoes time, for sure. Me thinks Issa and Grassley know the embarrassment is only growing for those still trying to avoid this and they can either be accused of the same malfeasance the media and the Soetoro administration is clearly guilty of -or- they can take their fingers out of the holes they have held and watch the dam break.

If there is not considerable bombshells dropped, if the public does not get some serious questions answered straight up, then on can only come to the logical conclusion that the fix is in and both parties are in on it for "national security" reasons.

The "Economic crisis" smokescreen has run its course and the cover up smokescreen is now endangering the worldwide economy. I think Issa and Grassley both know it's over and there is no fixing it beyond telling the truth. I hope that is the case but I hesitate to hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Conroy's article was ahead of the curve in outlining the nature of this operation based on the coverage coming out today from the hearings.

A story about Fast and Furious in the Washington Post, after his story ran, stated:

"On Oct. 26, 2009, the directors of the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration and ATF and the top federal prosecutors in the Southwestern border states met with the deputy attorney general at the Justice Department to plot strategy for combating Mexican cartels. A key problem: the tens of thousands of guns coming from the United States to arm the drug traffickers."

Ogden was the deputy AG at that time.

The truth isn't left or right; it's simply the truth.