Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Meet Ruben Navarrette!"

I was going to comment on this yesterday but ran out of space and out of gas. I'm glad because Michael Bane has done an excellent job of it.


Anonymous said...

Michael Bane comment link broken

Pat H. said...

Nararrette is a long time pro-illegal immigrant columnist, his column being thrust upon us through the big newspaper chains, that is, the usual suspects.

The CNN column referenced already has over 1700 comments, while I only sampled them, I'd say over 90% of them hold Mr. Navarrette in various levels of contempt.

As he should be, he's an advocate of the ongoing Mexican invasion of America, hating Americans with a passion typical of progressive/fascists.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! After receiving a Michael Bane fisking the only appropriate course of action is to get an identity change because "Ruben Navarrette" is now synonymous with boot-licking sycophant.


retire05 said...

Why is it that nimrods like Navarrette never take their opinions to people like, oh, I don't know, Rodney Johnson's widow? Rodney Johnson was a Houston P.D. who was shot in the face by an illegal who was one of those that Navarrette would consider an upstanding citizen who should be granted amnesty since the killer had no criminal record.

I would invite Navarrette to move to a colonia in South Texas. No bars on his windows and doors, no weapons to protect him from violenc that pours across the border on a regular basis. Just a little house where standard locks prove no deterrant to those who want in.

You see, idiots like Navarrette doesn't understand that the second amendment was to protect us from people just like him. He is like the mayor of San Francisco, Villagarosa, who advocates for illegal immigration and gun control then builds a 10 ft wall around his house.

retire05 said...

Maybe Navarrette could move to a barrio in south Texas. Just live in a quaint little home with no bars on the windows and doors and locks that do nothing to prevent those who want in from getting in. Now, he will not be allowed to have a weapon to prevent his family from being robbed, or worse, and he will just have to find out for himself what living there is like.

Or maybe he can take his lame opinions and tell them to Rodney Johnson's widow. Rodney Johnson was a decorated Houston P.D. who was shot in the face by one of those "just want to come here to work" illegals that Navarrette is always pimping for.

New flash to Navarrette; the 2nd Amendment was designed to protect us from people like you.