Sunday, July 24, 2011

Met some great folks Saturday at the NRA Firearms Museum. An interesting range teaching a class in "Combat Pen."

Among the folks I ended up going to lunch with was MD blogger Laura who sent me this email today:

Hi there Mike!

First off, I'd like to thank you for being willing to share your birthday with us. Yesterday was a great day, and I'm glad I got to meet yet another awesome bloggerperson.

Now, for the links:

1 - - they've got the forums mostly locked down, I believe, but there's the link for it

2 - - This is the local range that's doing classes like Tactical Pen. They are the ONLY range, to my knowledge, that does stuff like this in Maryland. They're the same people who asked the community what we wanted to see in a range, and they've come through with flying colors. Range fees are competitive without being overwhelming, staff is knowledgeable, membership fees are reasonable, and they provide a bit of a "clubhouse" atmosphere with a pool table, chairs and tables, a soda machine and what will eventually be a snack bar. For a range that's only been open since April, I'm highly impressed. I'll be doing a full writeup once we make our third visit.

3 - and - the first is my blog, the second is Chris's drink review blog. I can't remember if you had interest in either, but if you do, there's the links. If you don't, 'scool, feel free to ignore. :)

Hope you manage to keep cool during this heat wave, and have a safe trip home whenever you head back!

-- Laura

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Dr.D said...

so we cede even more power and authority to yet another unaccountable group..,..