Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Orwellian in its absurdity."

Obfuscation: Dems Push Gun Control To Hide ‘Gunwalker’ Scandal


Anonymous said...

I can't help but notice how much media attention has been given to the British voice-mail hacking. This to me is nothing more than a case of "LOOK AT THIS, not at GunWalker" trying to focus the attention of the "TV & Tabloids" crowd to divert their attention from what really matters.
Personally I think the Clowns in DC will do whatever it takes to shift the focus from the attempts to rob us of our 2nd Amendment rights and the Willing Media are playing along.

Anonymous said...

American politicians, doing the work of their foreign-based masters, cannot establish gun-control via the American people, so these traitors are going around us by appealing to the bogus international peace body - the UN to do their duty work for them.

Gun control is a death threat.

Gun control is a prerequisite for all genocide

(as every genocide in modern times has been preceded by "gun control" a.k.a. confiscation and outlawing self-defense by tyrants).

The situation is worse than the "Orwellian absurdity". A number of traitors (who are working for entities that are not US-based), and who are posing as US representatives, are appealing to the United Nations to help them obliterate the Second Amendment: with the so-called Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

These same traitors will tell Americans (rather, they will lie to Americans) that "There's nothing to worry about. The UN's ATT will not trump your Second Amendment rights...". If you believe that, there's a "social security benefit" you'll love to contribute to for your entire life.


15 July 2011

"Push for Gun Control Treaty Continues

A UN committee wrapped up a week-long series of meetings on a massive treaty that could undermine both U.S. sovereignty and the Second Amendment. This is the third round of meetings by the so-called “preparatory committee” on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) as the UN gears up for final negotiations in 2012.

"... it is obvious the UN is getting more clever about taking the focus off of “small arms.” "

The traitors in US government and many extremely well funded US and global anti-second amendment and human rights organizations are focusing attention on the US Senate - in attempts to get it to ratify the ATT.

" ... The ATT will, at the very least, require gun owner registration and microstamping of ammunition. And it will define manufacturing so broadly that any gun owner who adds so much as a scope or changes a stock on a firearm would be required to obtain a manufacturing license.

"It would also likely include a ban on many semi-automatic firearms (i.e., the Clinton gun ban) and demand the mandatory destruction of surplus ammo and confiscated firearms.

"Any suggestion that the treaty might not impact all firearms—right down to common hunting rifles—was thrown out the window after seeing the reaction to the Canadian government’s motion that hunting rifles be exempted from the treaty.

" ... proposed language (in ATT) is yet another indication that ALL firearms are “on the table.”

"The U.S. Undersecretary for Arms Control and International Security, anti-gun (pro-genocide, pro-tyrant, pro-slave master NWO) and former Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher (CA). Tauscher said ... her team at the State Department “will work between now and the UN Conference in 2012 to negotiate a legally binding Arms Trade Treaty.”

(When did the American people hear about the State Dept.'s efforts to obliterate their Second Amendment rights by the unelected pro-tyrant, pro-genocide appointee going to an anti-USA organization to do so? To whom does Tauscher answer? Not to the American people.)

"U.S. freedom (what little there is remaining of it) is clearly in the sights of the ATT. ..."

full article here

Mickey Collins said...

Speaking of Orwellian, I missed this last fall:

Anonymous said...

"What did Barak Obama and Eric Holder know and when did the lying, incompetent bastards know it. "

They are many things but incompetent isn't one of them. If they play the incompetence card for you, it means that they have been caught with their pants down and need a quick excuse.

Normally, the incompetence card is then followed by the ignorance,(nobody told me- or they gave me bad information) card. They totally expected to have this play out differently, and it would have if the media weren't dragged through this informational and operational pig sty, by der Dutchman and our favorite non-Birkenstock (so he says, I'm still queasy about the issue) wearing correspondent.

These people know exactly what they are doing and none of this was accidental. This is not the first time nor, I'm very sorry to say, will it be the last time that we see full blown treason of this sort. The only question is when, these acts will no longer be tolerated by the general public. I suspect it won't be long but I also observe that there are people who are very desirous of controlling that eruption and bending it to their will and ends, and that those ends, are not remotely related to constitutional reforms and it's restoration.