Thursday, July 21, 2011


WND reports on a story that my friend Bob Wright has been on since the beginning: 'Nazi'-cop town 'firing' officers, stops paying mayor; Arizona opens probe as national interest into corruption heats up


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Police abuse of power and authority in what is becoming police state America.

Anonymous said...

Full disclosure -- I am now the official legal counsel for both Jennifer Jones and for Ed Foster, the Mayor of Quartzsite, Arizona, regarding all of the many well documented abuses of their civil rights, and in particular, their First Amendment protected rights of free speech, assembly, as well as their rights to take part in the political process, by the Quartzsite Chief of Police and Town Council. This is in my individual capacity as a lawyer, not as the President of Oath Keepers. I want to make that clear. But I do see this as part of my responsibility to keep my oath, and in particular the oath I swore as a lawyer, to defend the Constitution. Sometimes the law can indeed be used as a sword of justice, so please wish me luck in helping them hold the town council and the Chief of Police accountable!
For the Republic,
Stewart Rhodes

Robert Fowler said...

"I do not have the power or authority to go down and remove the chief of police,"

Actually, as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the County, He does have the authority. The chief in Quartzite need to be arrested along with the town council.