Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just a reminder, and a thank you. Confounding the "EeBeeGees."

We couldn't have done what we did this week without the support of Larry Pratt and GOA. From David Olofson to the Gunwalker Scandal, they've been on point.

And you know what? I checked Larry's garage and the parking lot at work. There isn't a weenie wagon in sight.

No weenie wagons at GOA.

LATER: I would also like to sincerely and humbly thank all those folks who made it possible for me to even get to DC and to be able to be in position to do as much as possible to drive the story forward. Others, who eschew all publicity, have helped me out while here.

The campaign for the truth of the Gunwalker Plot is perhaps the most lopsided contest in history, save David and Goliath. In fact, it has been generated and sustained by such improbabilities that it impossible not to see the hand of God in it.

I keep getting information back that those on the other side, the "EeBeeGees" (Evil Bad Guys) of the plot and cover-up, are obsessed to find out whose "intelligence community" pawn I am. "They can't believe," one source said, "that you are able to do this on your own. They just KNOW that you are the tool of somebody more powerful. They're trying to figure out who in the bureaucracy is doing them in."

Of course, the open secret is that I don't do this on my own, but they discount the obvious fact that small groups of "powerless" people can defeat their power. It must be the result of insidious conspiracy on the part of other powerful people or groups.

Well, thieves always think someone is stealing from them and liars are convinced that they are being lied to.

It is perhaps not so surprising, given the fact that diligent, determined citizenship has been so rare in this country for so long, that it should be unrecognized when applied citizenship unexpectedly punches the "EeBeeGees" of the Imperial Federal government in the gut with the binary weapon of mass destruction they most fear -- truth and light.

The other day I floated the latest iteration of Absolved to a potential editor who took me to task because it has no single leading character, no "super hero" (or small group of super-heroes) who rushes in and saves the day. That it doesn't is deliberate, although I certainly realize that it makes it harder to follow. BUT THAT IS HISTORY. That is real. There is no "Army of One," to quote the recent stupid (and failed) Army recruiting slogan. Armies -- and societies worth living in -- are great teams of voluntary individuals, each with his or her own unique, free, sacred and inviolate soul with all its strengths and abilities, weaknesses and sins.

To say that any common purpose worth achieving is "won" by the efforts of one person is a denial of reality. Could the Revolution have triumphed by the efforts of Washington alone? Or Sam Adams? Could it have done without rifleman Tim Murphy's bullet at Saratoga? Or his commander Daniel Morgan who saw the essential thing and gave the order? Or the Over-the-Mountain men at King's Mountain? And what of the back-country wives who put the rations in their men's haversacks, along with the bullets melted down from lead deposits grubbed out with their own hands? Could it have done without the preachers of the Black Regiment? The rogues of the smuggling ships? And what of the fat Boston bookseller Henry Knox who transformed himself, by himself, into an accomplished artillery officers and troop leader? The Quaker's son Nathaniel Greene?

God used each as a tool to accomplish his purpose. Likewise today.

And I thank and bless Him for all of you.

History, I am found of saying, is made by determined minorities.

YOU are such a minority.

Compared to the "EeBeeGees" we fight in this cold war of liberty versus soft tyranny, we lack every resource except one. Our determination. Our determination to use whatever pitiful resources we have. Our determination never to stop until we have won, or we are dead.

Sociopathic bureaucrats, demagogic political appetites dressed in thousand dollar suits and their transactional morality hirelings do not operate that way. They cannot even comprehend that such people as you exist. It is beyond their ken.

So they look for conspiracies where there are none, and that is a measure of their distance from reality. When mere citizenship looks like conspiracy, you are beaten -- because you cannot defeat an enemy, or an idea, that you don't understand.

They are beaten. They just don't know it yet.

It is an eternal war, this war of liberty versus tyranny, and our side wins. Because we don't fight for power, or money, or safe retirement. We fight for liberty, for ourselves and that of our childrens' children.

They are beaten. Not by dint of resources, but of will. His, and our own.

Again, humbly, thanks for the opportunity to serve with you in this struggle.


PS: I'll be back in Birmingham this (Wednesday) evening. I'll try to post then.


Dave said...

Funny you should post this. As I was out doing P.T. this evening I was thinking there are probably a lot of new readers of the Sipsey Street Irregulars blog lately and now would be a good time to mention the role GOA has played. Let's hope this helps a lot more people realize that Gun Owners of America is the real thing. I've let my NRA membership expire so NRA doesn't divert needed resources from GOA.

Remember, NRA gave one of the worst politicians in America, Harry Reid, a "B" rating. GOA gave him the big fat "F" he deserves. 'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

The EeBeeGee's problem, in psychiatric terms, is called "projection."

B Woodman

Dave said...

Regarding the update, it aint over yet, but as I said before, you're an inspiration to what one good man can still do in this psychotic world.

I'm glad you mentioned "Absolved." It's astounding that you find time to work on it at all during this scandal. WHEN DO YOU SLEEP???

Thank you for what you're doing for our country. You've earned an honorable place in history. God bless you.

J said...

We're proud of you, and that is an understatement. We appreciate your dear wife and her courage and support for you, too.

Some Guy said...

Keep up the excellent work, Mike. You're doing fascinating stuff work I hope will shine the truth and light everywhere it needs to be on this scandal.

Anonymous said...

If you can't find a publisher for "Absolved", publish it yourself. My 80+ year old mother does with her geneology research books. She has done one each on her mother's ancestry and her father's. Those have run on the order 500 - 600 copies each. She is now polishing my deceased aunt's work on my dads ancestry and preparing to publish it as well.

To paraphrase "Fred": "A rifleman (or author in this case) is adaptable. A rifleman persists."

Either way, I'm good for half a dozen copie at least counting my own copy, a few gifts for like minded souls, and a few for people who need a kick in the rear. Hmmm.... my congresscritter might even get one ;-)

Mt Top Patriot said...

Beautiful Words Mike.

Makes me plumb damn proud to be an American.

These are inspiring words, everyone should have the opportunity to read such a principled narrative as you put forth.

Thank you Mike!

Sdv1949 said...

Mike, self-publish a Kindle version on Amazon. I'll pay full price and you won't have to deal with all the othe bs.


Tvarisch said...

To call these people evil is an understatement of epic proportions, and to call them people is to be generous beyond all expectation. They are a virus in the body of our society, seeking only their own profit with not one moment of consideration for the destruction they do. They are soulless parasites and should be eradicated, plain and simple.

Jprepper@gmail.com said...

Please see: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/07/25/executive-order-blocking-property-transnational-criminal-organizations

Those organizations: 1. THE BROTHERS’ CIRCLE (f.k.a. FAMILY OF ELEVEN; f.k.a. THE TWENTY)
3. YAKUZA (a.k.a. BORYOKUDAN; a.k.a. GOKUDO)

Hat tip to American Thinker

Keep up the good fight, sir.


skybill said...

Hi Mike,
All I can say is "Thanks for your efforts!!" I'm with you in body and spirit as long as I breath. Our fight is eternal. 'Hope "Absolved" makes it thru the gates soon.

PS Thanks again Mike.

Mark Roote said...

Mike, Thank you to you and David (and Larry and everyone that is helping to keep this thing growing).
On the note of recognizing GOA, don't forget www.goodsearch.com
You designate which charity you want to support, and goodsearch splits their advertisement money with your charity when you search.
i don't remember who informed me about this, but i know i first saw it on one of the regular III sites and have been using it since as my default search engine on all of the computers i touch... my chosen charity is gun owners of america.

FSHB said...

May the Lord keep and bless you and yours. Thank you sincerely for bull-dogging this issue.

Dennis308 said...

Been a Endowment member of the nra
for close to 15 years, but I became a Life member of GOA a couple of months ago I had seen for some time that the nra was NOT representing my views on Gun-Rights
and certainly not "RIGHTS" in particular. When they made Their "DEAL" when the "DISCLOSE ACT" was up in debate in the House of Representatives. For me that was the last straw. If they are such a ONE ISSUE ORGANIZATION that they cannot understand the importance of Americans to have organizations to represent them anonymously then Debate and Negotiations are soon to be finished and no one will have a voice the air grievances.

Oh and before anyone says anything MY RIGHTS are not up to Debate whether it be Gun Rights or any Other Right I so chose.


GOA is the Organization for you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Had no idea you were a CIA "spook"! lol

Apparently, the PTB have blinders on; to not see that Joe Sixpack can be an effective fighter in the "soft" war.

Anonymous said...

What is the deal with Obama's latest Executive Order ? Please see American Thinker's blog 7/27.

Anonymous said...

A great post. Not only do you accurately describe the evil but you have done so with humility for your part in the struggle.

Old NFO said...

Good post and good points...

Capt45 said...

You give me clarity and energy. Thanks, Mike.

STG58 said...

This is the Bill Clinton strategy from the 90's... The feds will "Release the truth SLOWLY" so as not to attract too much attention all at once. The Feds had a good teacher in Slick Willy (No pun intended Monica.)

Anonymous said...

Exactly why I no longer belong to the NRA. Will stick to GOA.

Col Bat Guano said...

Mike, your premise in Absolved is somewhat flawed. It does take some coordination by someONE to get all those finally aware and active citizens pointed in the right direction. Those someONES had printing presses back in the beginning - now they have blogs. Back in the beginning presses were burned, blogs face things like "Net Neutrality.". As things get more desperate for the EBG's I would expect your site, Examiner, TH, etc, to experience increased hacking and other cyberwarfare attempts. "It ain't over til its over!" said one "philosopher" not long ago. Keep your site backed up and your cyber-powder dry.