Saturday, July 16, 2011

According to TSA, turn about is not fair play.

Woman Gropes TSA Agent's Breast at Security Checkpoint


Anonymous said...

In honor of this lady, maybe we should declare a 'Grope A TSA Agent Day'?? How could they prosecute hundreds of thousands?? Fill up the courts with rediculous...

TPaine said...

It's not sexual assault if the government does it. That's the TSA rule. THis will be a fun case to watch.

Anonymous said...

The grope heard 'round the world.

Too funny. This woman should request a jury trial. Her peers will let her walk and maybe even recommend to the Prosecution that charges be filed on the TSA agent as an habitual offender! Ha, ha, ha.

Bob Katt

Dennis308 said...

This could be interesting, or it could be just a crazy old lady.

If she was returning the favor(of groping TIT)Showing the tsa agent that she was interested in the advances being made on her by the agent by groping her TIT. Or was she just demonstrating the old wrestling hold the Cincinnati TITTY Twister?


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the jury pool might have a few victims of the TSA fondling "fun & games" that the travelers have been subjected to. I would vote NOT GUILTY if I were on the jury.

Ironwill -III said...

So the Titty Squeezing Authority (TSA) doesn't like it when it's done to them, eh? Now she's facing felony charges for doing to them what they do to us. Double standard in action. I say this woman needs to have all charges dropped and given a medal! I hope she gets a good lawyer.

Ironwiil - III

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the jury members have flown recently AND know about Jury Nullification.

Anonymous said...

Are you still shilling on this right-wing talking point, Mike? Have you ever even BEEN on a plane? And what about your readership? They certainly don't sound like globe-trotting cosmopolitans to me.

Don't worry, guys, there's no security check for you to get in the pick up truck and go down to the general store for some swill beer and chewing tobacco.

Mark Matis said...

Do any of you REALLY think that a judge is going to allow ANYONE who distrusts FedPig to sit on the jury?

Dennis308 said...

Hey,Female III

(laughed my f**king a** off)


Anonymous said...

"Mike, you've been forgetting to lock the pet door lately."

On the other hand there is some value to be gained if Mike continues to:

1. Let them in.

2. Let them rant.

3. Let them make fools of themselves in public.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Hey anonymous-globefellating-dipwad:

*I* have been on a plane - a few million miles worth - and unfortunately am subjected to "special treatment" every time I fly thanks to injuries and metal implants.

Every time I want to board a plane, I've got to be groped by some sweaty dropout from the McClown-college, who inevitably MUST squeeze my clearly-painful injuries and skin-grafts despite my telling them plainly that it hurts.

Inevitably, they send me on my way - *ALWAYS* in possession of a cane with a steel "hame" for a handle (Google is your friend), a padlock and a sturdy belt with a grommet in the tip, a Fisher space-pen and a plastic base which turns it into a superb stabbing-weapon, a credit-card filed to an exquisite razor-edge, and other truly deadly weapons.

They DID however confiscate my cigar-punch (which cuts a ~1/4 inch circle from the tip of a cigar) on one occasion -- yet despite multiple x-rays and "swabbing" - they managed to miss four (4) live pistol-rounds that had somehow gotten stuck in the innards of my backpack not to mention the unburned powder with which the pack was literally COATED

They also manage to miss EVERY SINGLE TIME a "test" attempts to smuggle a gun or explosives through the "checkpoint", and have never yet stopped a "terrorist" of any stripe.

In short, they're nothing more than a jobs-program for those too stupid to get a job in the real world, and their primary mission is to train us all to be good little sheep and not question while submitting to ever more insulting and degrading treatment.

F*** them -- and you.