Friday, July 22, 2011

Well, Duh.

Some federal workers more likely to die than lose jobs.

What's so surprising about a bureaucracy run by, and for, the bureaucrats? Isn't that what bureaucracies do?


Bad Cyborg said...

As I have maintained for many years, those who can do. Those who cannot go into government work so they don't have to. In my experience, few "Civil Servants" are either.

Anonymous said...

The single sole purpose of any bureaucracy is to reproduce and grow. Everything else that it does, good or bad, is weighed against that imperative.

Dennis308 said...

I agree more federal workers are likely to Die....But not for the reasons that they quote in this article.

You DO remember Waco,
The Federales knew that the Dravidian's had been tipped off. All that they did was get Vital Health Information,Blood Type, Allergies to Meds. etc. of the Agent's making the Assault. They Knew there would be Casualties, But Clinton/Reno and Club Fed. wanted a show-down.

Round Two is approaching,,,,, when they ask Ya your Vital Information Mr. Fed Ya know YOU are the Sacrifice to Todays Agenda.


Happy D said...

Just have to give those actuary tables a little tip.
Open a hot dog stand next to the federal building.