Saturday, July 30, 2011

McGollum and the Hobbits

"We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked, tricksy, false!"

In the context of the fight over the debt ceiling, Martin Frost says the Tea Partiers are the Taliban. John Kerry says they're "absolutists and extremists." William Yoemans, writing at Politico, says they're "full-blown terrorists."

The one thing that unites the above worthies is that they are registered collectivist Democrats. Thus, this is why they talk that way, for their intellectual passports are stamped with a hammer and sickle.

But what of The Wall Street Journal, seconded by John McCain?

The fiery, independent version of the Republican senator from Arizona took to the floor of the Senate Wednesday morning. Demanding “straight talk,” Mr. McCain accused conservatives of abandoning reason by opposing the House Republican leader’s plan to resolve the debt crisis.

Mr. McCain mocked Tea Party-allied Republicans in the House for believing — wrongly, he said — that President Obama and Democrats will get the blame for a default if Republicans refuse to increase the nation’s debt ceiling.

By that flawed logic, “Democrats would have no choice but to pass a balanced budget amendment and reform entitlements and the Tea Party Hobbits could return to Middle Earth,” he said, quoting a Wall Street Journal editorial.

“This is the kind of crack political thinking that turned Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell into G.O.P. nominees,” he jeered, referring to two losing Tea Party candidates for the Senate in 2010.


It is a measure of how removed from reality and principle these so-called "conservatives" are that they would think "hobbit" is an insult.

And if tea party folks are "hobbits" that makes McCain Gollum, right? And the Wall Street Journal must be the Oracle of Saruman.

In any case, as a New Mexico tea party leader told my friend Bob Wright, "the hobbits won." This was later echoed by Ed Morrissey at Hot Air.

McCain’s thinking is pretty clear here — the One cannot be defeated, and so one must join forces with it. Had McCain actually read the books that he references, he’d have seen how well that worked out.

By the way, just in case in you don’t recall … the hobbits win in Lord of the Rings. They got a lot of ridicule from the elite and the powerful along the way, but they end up saving the West from ruinous destruction.


Mt Top Patriot said...

The Hobbits won because they believe in something better and larger than themselves. They are humble to a fault, are industrious and God fearing, kind hearted, law abiding and want nobody sticking their nose in their business. They have some distant cousins, the Ewoks. Ewoks didn't put up with any crap from the nasty evil empire either. Ewoks are even smaller than Hobbits, and maybe even feistier.
Gollum, like Gandalf told Ferodo, still had a pivotal part to play in the broader conflict to come.
The simple truth that Gollum McCain is bitching and moaning speaks volumes about good triumphing over evil. Not that the quisling retread will play a pivotal role, doubt that, political dinosaur that he is, but it surely is I reckon a fine moment when me and my fellow Patriots receive the ruling elites stigmata of the virtuous lowly Hobbit.
hey John, careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

By virtue of his years of experience in the U S Senate, John McCain has his thumb firmly on the pulse of the American electorate. That's why he was able to soundly defeat Obama in 2008 and is now the President of the United States.


He didn't?

Oh! Nevermind!

DamDoc said...

I have NEVER trusted mccain... he is a worm that does what he needs to do to get re-elected.. Sarah was buffloed.. she should not have campaigned for him!

Big Al said...

mcstain, or "super-giant-big-head"(as I like to call him)
has shown once again how inept he is as an American, let alone a senator.

The name calling might have worked in jr. high,But I'm going to level with you, that and general Lables do not describe me nor my political views at all.

mccain, you are not a "has been", you are a "never was". Go crawl under a porch and die like an old dog and leave the country to those that love it.

Konall said...

What a great post.
with all your writings, you are doing the Lords work Mike.

Alvie D. Zane said...

Frickin. Awesome.

Some additional thoughts at The Cliffs

Son of Sam Adams said...

"“This is the kind of crack political thinking that turned Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell into G.O.P. nominees,"

And the type of political thinking that turned John McCain into a losing Presidential candidate was...?

Anonymous said...

"McCain’s thinking is pretty clear here — the One cannot be defeated, and so one must join forces with it."

Behold Saruman's tool--Wormtongue .


McCains still seems to be a little miffed from having a tea party candidate challenge him during the Arizona Republican primary. :^)

Mark Matis said...

But you need to understand that "Weepy" is desperate to sell them out right now...

Dale Martin said...

When John McCain was in Greystone in 2008 or so, I confronted him about his Marxist leanings...His flunkies said, "He'e a war hero, you can't say that..." I presented my DD 214 with all the medals on it.."I was a war hero too, got the DFC at 19! "So tell me Senator, other than gun control laws, what other aspects of the Third Reich do you endorse?"


tom said...

I don't vote anymore because they are all Charlatans, but I like what Fred Reed wrote the other day:

"Congress, a collection of whores, con-men, and penny-ante sharpers from East Jesus, Nebraska, ponders the Great Question: Default now, and admit manfully to being the economic lepers everyone else already knows we are? Or raise the debt ceiling, keep spending like a spoiled Swarthmore sophomore with daddy's credit card, and collapse a bit later?

It's just lovely. The World’s Greatest Economy holding out the begging bowl to China. “Alms? Alms for the poor?” Maybe I don't have enough Padre Kino after all. Maybe there isn't enough.

On the lobotomy box, congressmen come and go, not talking of Michelangelo, like mayflies but without the brains, calling each other names. They seem to think that they are in an off-year election. I mean, it's only the future of the country.


The Republicans want to protect the wars, the rich, and the military companies. The Democrats want to protect the entitlements."

--My two cents is there ain't much of any of them worth nothin' on "the hill" and there ain't been in years. You know there's a bar around the corner from "the hill" they won't let off duty D.C. stationed Marines in because sooner or later one of them might have a politician/lobbyist/moron pop off at them and give 'em a bit of a kick in the can? Factual. Might be better off if they let off duty USMC in there, in my reckoning.

Anonymous said...

They forget that the House has already passed 2 bills to increase the debt ceiling, and that there has been no budget passed by the Dems for over 2 years. They just don't want to deal with the rest of the stuff that is in the bills. And they want O to have a bigger blank check for his empire building.


Mt Top Patriot said...

So I have a question: How has McGollum and his combine partners in treason been working out?

Nasty little Hobbitses!
The fact the Mandarin's are terrified speaks volumes.

MamaLiberty said...

Liberty: The Gold That Does Not Glitter - By The Hunter

Some sage words about the quest for liberty in our own time.

Anonymous said...

"the hobbits won."

Sounds like a bumper sticker.

Along with:

Liberty: The Gold That Does Not Glitter

Maybe the problem is that the progs never finished the books? They're stuck dramatizing the evil ones being all powerful.

Ashrak said...

Projection is the last bastion of the scoundrel.

Spending has to be cut and the way to do that is to eliminate the vast majority of the alphabet departments, agencies and bureaus within the Executive and reign in those remaining as to authority and ability.

As for debt already there, well, tell the fed to pound sand. Print the outstanding debt in cash, pay it off instituting a currency revalue in the process and be done with the reserve forever. Sure, a few tough years would result, but our kids and our grandkids will not face what they do now. It is worth it.

Toastrider said...


I would sooner trust a prostitute than a Congresscritter.

'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

The sad part, the truly pathetic part of it all is that McCain's "precious" is a fluff editorial from the NYT or the WaPo.

That is what he lives for, what he yearns for, what he will betray others to secure: the ego-soothing platitudes of those he considers his superiors.

Like Gollum, I pity him, I really do. I've never trusted him, and we should keep a wary eye on him, but he is a pitiable creature. He craves recognition of his humanity from the likes of Pinch Sulzberger, acknowledgement that he is one of the "elite" whose circles he is desperate to enter. In return, he is their pet "maverick", the beast they unleash when they need to attack their political enemies.

What a sad existence, a sad end, for someone who survived the horrors of a Vietnamese prison -- to lock himself into a prison of his own making, beholden to people who have nothing but contempt for him and the nation he served.

idahobob said...


How this traitor keeps getting re-elected in Arizona, completely baffles me.

They must use Diebold voting machines there.