Thursday, July 21, 2011

Well, I'm sure THEY'LL fess up if these are Gunwalker weapons. Houston Field Division, are you missing something?

Border Patrol Finds Bag With Assault Rifles, Ammo in Starr County.

STARR COUNTY, Texas - The ATF will be examining the serial numbers on a load of assault rifles discovered near the Rio Grande in Starr County.

Border Patrol agents working near Fronton discovered a large duffel bag hidden in some brush. Inside the bag, agents found six assault rifles, 26 magazines and 360 rounds of ammunition.

The agents turned everything over to the ATF. The ATF will now look for serial numbers on the weapons to try and track where they came from.

Authorities have not made any arrests.

Of course, Starr County is in the Houston Field Division's area of operations, so they just can't be "walked" weapons from Phoenix, can they?


Anonymous said...

Now, are these numbers going to be checked by the regular ATF or by the special double secret ATF that has clearance to the "Gunwalker" database?

Anonymous said...

Not more than half a mile from my house Mike. The weapons were probably coming BACK as it has gotten very hot in Mexico lately. We had the Mexican military moving soldiers around on their side of the river all day yesterday close to where those guns were found.

Anonymous said...

HEADLINE: ATF investigates itself. Guns go missing. ATF baffled.

Anonymous said...

"Houston, we have a problem."

Like asking the fox to guard the eggs in the henhouse.

B Woodman