Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Gunwalker Scandal and Mexican Presidential Politics

Jose de la Isla: The 'Fast and Furious' gun fiasco.


Anonymous said...

I notice the 'extridite the ATF" noise out of Mexico died down as soon as we signed the agreement allowing their shipping trucks to drive all around the US...

Coincidence I'm sure...

Dennis308 said...

"On July 3, Mexican authorities captured Jesus Enrique Rejon Aguilar, known as Z-7, one of the original 14 principle leaders of the extremely violent Zetas drug cartel. He disclosed his belief that the U.S. government was involved in facilitating arms to a rival criminal gang, the Gulf cartel."

More than likely it was the other way around. I have a suspicion that the Zetas are a U.S. Government Operation set up to cause Destabilization of Mexico. You have to understand that these Zetas are former Mexican Special Forces that were sent to the U.S. to receive their Training for use in Calderon's Mexican War on Mexico's Drug Cartels. There was relative peace between the cartels except against the Juarez( I don't remember the real name of the Cartel) Based between the Cartel de Gulfo (Gulf of Mexico to Falcon Lake)and the Sinaloa Cartel Between the Pacific Ocean to the Nogales Area. Since the Zetas have come into the Cartel Picture the Violence has Multiplied ten Fold if not more. So Jesus Enrique Rejon Aguilar is probably Lying just as he has been Ordered to do. I know this sounds a little crazy. BUT the Government Running Guns to The Mexican Drug Cartels sounds just a little Crazy also, Don't you think.

Remember, I LIVE down here on this Freaking Border and have done so for a number of years. I'm not the only one around here who thinks this might be true.

This could be what ties Calderon to Gun-Walker(maybe HE knew)He came and spoke before Congress about the U.S. Gun Control BEFORE Gun-Walker caused the Death of CBP Agent Brian Terry or ICE Agent Jammie Zapata.


Anonymous said...

"If I were to write a thriller in which a federal law enforcement agency knowingly allowed and even encouraged thousands of American guns to cross the border to arm Mexican drug cartels, in an effort to pad their stats to push for more gun control laws, even though innocent Mexican citizens and a U.S. Border Patrol agent were killed in the process and afterward there would be a huge cover-up that went all the way to the President, ... some reviewers would say that my plot was silly."


Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:25....you are free to go elsewhere you know.


Dedicated_Dad said...

Hey Anon 7/19@16:25 --
(1) HIS BLOG. Don't like what he posts? Blogger is FREE -- have at it!
(2) Gunwalker *SHOULD* be the thing that brings down this Usurper's regime.
Whether it WILL be remains to be seen - and is MOSTLY dependent on how much coverage it gets, how many sheep can be convinced to pause 'Idol and call their CONgressman.

No matter what, if not for Mike and David *NONE* of us would know about the biggest story since Watergate!

Beyond ALL OF THAT - to my knowledge, Gunwalker is *THE* most TREASONOUS thing our illegitimate .gov has ever done, and if there's ANY justice in the world, all involved would HANG.

Maybe you just don't grasp the seriousness of having people at the highest levels of our government conspiring to cause the murders of countless Mex *AND* **AMERICAN** Citizens, for the sole purpose of infringing on rights which our Constitution says SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!

It really doesn't GET any worse than this!

lsimm48 said...

I am absolutely sick to my stomack after reading these letters, something better be done, enough of Obama and his mobsters getting away with everything. We have to take back our Country....Look what this horrible man in the White House is doing!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I read an article a few hours ago regarding about 100 folks on the Gubmint payroll to try and discredit the "Birthers movement". Somehow I can't help but think that the idea of discrediting the "Gunwalker Information" might be right at the top of the Bamster White House wish list also. Too little, too late since the cat is out of the bag and whatever tricks the Gubmint might try, the word is out.

PacRim Jim said...

Put Mexican politicians on trial for flooding America with millions of Mexican peasants and criminals.
That is an act of war.
Mexico, be assured many Americans would deal with you very differently.

theaton said...

Anonymous 4:25, Ignoring the problem won't make it go away. Only when people speak out is there a chance for change and justice. We've ignored these types of things for far to long and look where it has gotten us. We are now at a point where the President is creating gun laws via executive order. You may want Mike, David and others to shut up but I want more people like Mike and David. I even want louder more open speech.

I may agree that nothing will happen to those involved in the "walking" but if we don't speak out, we have no grounds for our Declaration of Independence authority to "change or abolish."

Ashrak said...

Hey Kurt, I was thinking it might be Holder himself, so scared that he has skidmarked his gnomish underpants, trying one last ditch effort at finding a way out.

Attempted guilt trip while begging for mercy....fits his MO.

Col Bat Guano said...

Regarding anon at 7/19/11 16:25, I know there are regular readers of this blog that probably resent the living hell out of newcomers like me and other newbies that now have this site bookmarked. However Vanderboegh and Codrea are on the cutting edge of probably the biggest potential criminal conspiracy within the federal government EVER. Nixon killed no one with Watergate. While Janet Reno murdered 40 or so Davidians, Eric Holder has topped that crime and then some once you add in the Mexican body count. Vanderboegh and Codrea are this story's Woodward and Bernstein. As the legacy media bows and pays homage to their King, turnabout and run dutifully to their propaganda mills, these two guys are the ones I now turn to for the facts about this amazing and downright frightening story. Our federal government has reached a new level of callousness I thought only third world toilet dictators had. Appears Marco Rubio may be more right then he thinks in his assessment of this regime and it's man-child leader.

Sources that care about America are talking to Vanderboegh and Codrea and I thank God every day these two guys are on this story. I regret the resentment my prescence and others here on this site may be causing to the charter III-pers, but this site and Codrea's are two of the few that can be believed anymore.

Ashrak said...

Interesting article here. I suspect we will see more like it as the days advance.


"STARR COUNTY - The ATF will be examining the serial numbers on a load of assault rifles discovered near the Rio Grande in Starr County.

Border Patrol agents working near Fronton discovered a large duffel bag hidden in some brush. Inside the bag, agents found six assault rifles, 26 magazines and 360 rounds of ammunition.

The agents turned everything over to the ATF. The ATF will now look for serial numbers on the weapons to try and track where they came from.

Authorities have not made any arrests"

Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger said...

Anon 4:25, as others have pointed out, you can go elsewhere. Hell, you can start your own self-absorbed blog.

But tell me: By what right do you try to tell Mike what to write and post about? Are you paying his bills?

I happen to think Gunwalker is important; and for far more than just the obvious 2A implications. That's why Mike (and David Codrea) are at the top of my morning bookmarks.

Yeah, I like a lot of the other stuff Mike writes about...

But this is important.

Anonymous said...

this is the only way I know to post this here.


this story gets wierder by the hour.

Anonymous said...

Is Anon @ 4/19 14:25 a sock-puppet of Chris Byrne's? If so, by accusing others of being "self absorbed," he's REALLY projecting.