Friday, July 22, 2011

My sincere thanks to this example of Canton's finest Officer Friendly for making our case for a well-regulated militia as a counterbalance to tyranny.

Canton OH 'Only Ones' put the lie to public pledge--not to mention their oaths.

Whenever I see a cop wearing unseasonable black gloves, I think, "gang colors."


Anonymous said...

These two cops should be arrested. It's bad enough they have no clue how real cops are supposed to behave, but to me the threats against someone already in custody amount to terrorist threats.
Where's the DHS when they are finally needed?

Longbow said...


This was discussed to exhaustion on Everyone agrees that this guy shouldn't be a cop, anywhere, ever.

The bigger problem is all the other cops, you know, those "...really good guys, who just want to do the right thing..." we keep hearing about.

In the video, his partner is fully aware of his behavior and allows it. How many other cops are working the street, facilitating shit-bags like this one?

Really good guys? Just want to do the right thing? Well, then, how about next time something like this happens, pull the shit-bag aside and say "Hey buddy, I think you got a phone call to make." And, maybe, if Officer Shit-bag does something stupid on the job, his buddies should take him back to the team room or locker room and give him some wall to wall counseling, that is, on his way to writing his resignation letter.
Maybe if good cops do that, people might believe that most cops are "Really good guys, who just want to do the right thing."

When Oscar Grant was shot by the BART cop, his partner did not say, "Hey buddy, holster your weapon and go sit in the cruiser, I think you got a statement to write..." The partner facilitated him. (Shucks! Lookie there! You just shot a fellow who was face-down on the ground while you and I were kneeling on him! Lets stand around here and watch him bleed out!)

When ever I ask, why don't cops police their own, I get the indignant reply, "What makes you think we don't?"

This video proves the point.


Anonymous said...

No thanks necessary and I'm glad you and David posted the vid. We need this type of documentation as ammunition in our fight to regain constitutional rights. Something the involved officers obviously have no respect for. Sad to say that they now appear to represent the majority of officers. I truly hope that is not the case but I fear that it is.

My read of this incident, is that the officer saw a female that he recognized as a prostitute. He then used this as "probable cause" for the stop and illegal search. The suspect in this case is a nobody average clown like me who tried to do his duty to report but was repeatedly told to shut up and he did as ordered until he could notify the officers. Then bad things happened to him which should never happen to citizen with constitutional rights.

But then a ray of sunshine, a video from inside the police department provided by unknown parties with access. You can bet that they are leaving no stone un-turned to find the leaker. You can also bet that none of this would ever have resulted in anything but minimal actions on the part of the department. But there's a s*it storm now!

Constitutional rights now seem to have a shelf life which wasn't the case when I was a cop. Cops tend to have an "us and them attitude" because of the environment in which they daily work. They have to remember that they are public servants and that 99.6% of the people (even those who carry) that they contact, are just good folks trying to get by and have some quality of life. That rule is however being replaced by the police state mentally and it does not bode well for the future.

God bless the leaker and quite the reverse to the rest of them.

Anonymous said...

Lol absolute tyranny 20 min from home. How handy!

Mark Matis said...

Agree with Longbow. There ARE NO "good cops". The ones that claim to be are merely doing their best Sergeant Schultz impression.

The stench is overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

Clearly some people have anger management problems and shouldn’t be let anywhere near a firearm, and yet we allow that situation to persist as in the case of this gentleman.

There needs to be a change in that situation, out of control personalities like the one portrayed shouldn’t be armed – whether they wear a uniform or not.

Rurik said...

Here is the local Canton news story, sent to me by a friend who lives there. Sounds like this particular guy is the problem, repeatedly, 16 times. All the other Marines I know have far better self discipline than that. Some of the comments about poor police practice are also telling. That bull needs to become a steer pronto. In this case something more than PTSD is at issue.

Female III said...

It is up to the civilian involved to make sure these cops are removed from their jobs and the city to pay restitution. This is so blatant, I'm sure even in Ohio it would be an easy win. I'm confident this Second Amendment citizen knows what to do and will take it as far as they need to take it for justice to be served and make two lawless cops wish they had never left Dunkin Donuts. Gun owners are funny that way.

Someone over at Moonbattery just posted this for California gunowners.

Anonymous said...

We hire specialists like cops and plumbers to do specialty jobs for us. But when the third plumber in a row has cashed your check and the toilet still leaks it's time consider plan B.

Robin said...

Any LEO that allows this is not a good cop. They are an accessory to a crime and should be charged as such. The "Blue Wall of Silence" should never have been erected in the first place.