Saturday, July 30, 2011

Proof that God answers prayer. The Gunwalker Plotters Double Down on Arrogance and Stupidity. So, who is really running ATF these days?

"Lord, make my enemies slow, arrogant and stupid." -- Generic prayer of freedom fighter guerrillas throughout time.

An email posted on

From: Chait, Mark R.
To: All Special Agents in Charge; All ASACS; All Directors, Industry Operations
Sent: Thu Jul 28 19:00:21 2011
Subject: FO Changes August 1

I would like to take this opportunity to announce several changes to the Field Operations (FO) command staff that will be effective August 1st. These changes were made to provide strong leadership, a more efficient span of control and provide enhanced communication and support to the field.

We have created the position of Deputy Assistant Director (DAD) for Programs and this will be Michael Boxler. DAD Boxler, who was the DAD for the Central Region divisions, will oversee the following FO programs: Fire, Explosives, Alcohol and Tobacco Programs and Training; as well as the Firearms Operations Division (FOD).

SAC Mark Potter, who has been the SAC in the Philadelphia Field Division, will be promoted to the DAD for the Western Region field divisions. He will also oversee the International Affairs Office (IAO).

SAC Ron Turk, has been the SAC in the New York Field Division, will be promoted to the DAD for the Central Region field divisions. He will also oversee the Special Operations Division (SOD).

DAD Julie Torres will remain as the DAD for the Eastern Region field divisions and will oversee the Field Management Staff (FMS). (Emphasis Supplied, MBV)

DAD Bill McMahon who has been the DAD Western Region will transfer to the DAD for Office of Professional Responsibility and Security Operations (OPRSO) (Emphasis supplied, MBV).

I would like to personally thank Mark and Ron for their leadership in their field divisions and I look forward to having them a part of the FO executive staff. I would also like to extend the same thanks to Bill for his leadership and work with the Western Region field divisions and IAO. While we will miss his guidance in FO, I know he will take the same professionalism and dedication he has shown us and direct that into his new position at OPRSO. (Emphasis supplied, MBV)

Mark and Ron are welcome additions to our FO team, and I look forward to them joining Julie, Mike and Harry McCabe.

We will have some tough and challenging times ahead of us and I believe that we will come out of this a stronger and better organization. In order to accomplish this, we must all work together and foster open communication at all levels, take a close look at the way we do business and ways to improve our ability to efficiently and safely carry out our mission. Our thought process around investigations and inspections must include the risk /reward of our plans and actions with public safety being at the forefront. We must also consider disruption, interdiction and investigation in a tiered approach with the safety of our citizens as the rule.

Your FO executive staff will continue to provide you the leadership and assistance you need in conducting your business. Our tradition, together with our ability to turn adversity into strength is exemplified through our tenacious work ethic and successful investigations and inspections. Each one of us should be proud of the work of our agency and the men and women of ATF.

Thank you,

Mark R. Chait
Assistant Director
Field Operations

“I’ve got stories to tell,” says Mark Chait. You bet your ass he does. Especially now that he seems to be the Gunwalker plotter running ATF.

Based on the above email, I think it is a fair question to ask who IS running ATF these days? Melson? I doubt it. Melson may still sit in his office, but it is evident that Gunwalker Scandal plotter Mark Chait is running things, perhaps on the instructions of, and certainly with the knowledge of, Eric Holder.

How else to explain the above?

Julie Torres, under whose leadership the Tampa office walked firearms to Honduras, is left in position to do it again.

Worse, the perjurer McMahon is made, what? Why Deputy Assistant Director for Office of Professional Responsibility and Security Operations. OPR?!? REALLY?!? And this AFTER his pitifully poor performance at the latest Gunwalker hearing where he was plainly caught in lies?

"Yes Congressman, I am a stupid, lying arrogant piece of perjuring shit. But Eric Holder likes it that way."

With these actions, Mark Chait, himself a Gunwalker plotter, is doubling his agency down on arrogance and stupidity.

Thank you, Almighty Lord, for answering our prayers.

They really ARE as arrogant and stupid as we had wanted.

LATER: Of course, the ATF agents at Clean Up don't see it that way. They are outraged. Here is the reaction of ATF agent "onesparkz" who posted the email.

Some immediate signs that the Grim Reaper is at our door:

Spoke to Dobyns. He was advised that YES, Newell was heard to say that if he had to do this all over again (Fast and Furious) he would do it exactly the same way!

ATF is trying to fire Cefalu for Lack of Candor. After Tuesday's hearings what do they intend to do to Newell?

Bill McMahon has been the 1st line supervisor for several years over John Torres, Bill Newell, George Gillett, Kelvin Crenshaw - all of whom have caused an overload of complaints by employees to ATF Internal Affairs, many criminal. Not a single act of discipline on any of them under the guidance of McMahon.

Bill McMahon was neck deep in the planning and allowing of Fast and Furious. Never upheld his duty to report. He admitted that he was not paying attention to critical wiretap documents that crossed his desk. His punishment...

On Monday McMahon will become the Deputy Assistant Director of ATF's Internal Affairs. A greater insult to the men and women of ATF at this time and place was not possible.

Read it and weep ATF:


Dedicated_Dad said...

I've seen in many .gov agencies (and others in private sector where unions also rule) a propensity for "promoting people out of the way."

Example: An office IT head who flatly refused to patch PCs/Servers in advance of a known worm -- who then brought the agency to its knees for over a week, worldwide -- was promoted a grade but moved to a branch-office in BFE where he'd never have any real responsibility again.

I've also seen a more sinister phenomenon - indirect use of blackmail tactics to get early promotion -- as in "I sure would like to be (insert position here) -- it sure would be a shame if the oversight folks found out about (insert violation here) before you had a chance to promote me!"

Is this a case of that, or something even more sinister?

Whenever these folks retire, their pensions are based on their highest (or was it LAST?) salary -- so could they be rewarding all these clown by giving them a pay-bump right before they know they'll be leaving, so as to increase their pensions?

No matter WHAT it is, it STINKS!

Anonymous said...

Here's my analysis on McMahon. He was essentially in charge of the western region (ipso facto maravilloso, in charge of Gunwalker). Main Justice knows it, and consented to his promotion.

The promotion itself was a message that DoJ intends to charge full speed ahead on its defense-shlash-deflection of Gunwalker.

But it's also the sound of a shotgun chambering a round for street agents: One of the men directly culpable for this project is now in a position to slit their throats (a la OPR). They seem to be telling their agents to be very careful what they say, and to whom.

Tvarisch said...

This promotion is for two purposes: the first is to keep him on the team, because he could obviously sink them, and the second is so he can clean house and get rid of all the incorruptible agents. I see this backfiring on them.

Dennis308 said...

Mike, it looks like more than just a few ATF Agents are reading your posts here @ SSI you've been quoted in comments in the Gun-Walker Section of Their Forums Page.

Soooo, I have a question for you guys in the Houston and Dallas Areas of Opperations.

We ALL know "Someone" has been running arms to Mexico from "YOUR" Areas. I live down here so you can't denigh it to me. Will not even ONE of you Honorable Men or Women come forward and tell the Oversight Committee what you have seen with your own eyes.

Your Management Insults and Threaten YOU with these promotions of these incompetent and corrupt managers. You owe these people No Loyalty They have BETRAYED YOU and America.

I'm asking You, Where is your Honor, Where is your Courage,
Where is your Sense of Justice.